NFL Injury Report

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TeamRight ArrowNamePositionStatusInjuryUpdateUpdated
Arizona CardinalsChad WilliamsWRQuestionableLower BodyWilliams is questionable with lower body8/3/19 2:51 PM
Arizona CardinalsJustin PughGOutShoulderPugh is out with shoulder8/5/19 6:18 PM
Arizona CardinalsD.J. Swearinger Sr.FSDoubtfulSorenessSwearinger is doubtful with soreness8/5/19 7:00 PM
Arizona CardinalsAndy IsabellaWRDoubtfulKneeIsabella is doubtful with knee8/5/19 7:00 PM
Atlanta FalconsJulio JonesWROutFootJones is out with foot7/31/19 1:54 PM
Atlanta FalconsDuke RileyOLBQuestionableGroinRiley is questionable with groin7/31/19 1:54 PM
Atlanta FalconsKaleb McGaryTOutCardiac ablation procedureMcGary is out with heart8/3/19 2:51 PM
Atlanta FalconsCalvin RidleyWRQuestionableHamstringRidley is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 2:51 PM
Atlanta FalconsRa'Shede HagemanDTQuestionableGroinHageman is questionable with groin8/3/19 2:54 PM
Atlanta FalconsMarcus GreenRBQuestionableHamstringGreen is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 2:54 PM
Atlanta FalconsJ.J. WilcoxSSOut for seasonKneeWilcox is out for season with knee8/3/19 4:15 PM
Atlanta FalconsMichael BennettDTOutAnkleBennett is out with ankle8/3/19 4:15 PM
Atlanta FalconsFoyesade OluokunMLBQuestionableObliqueOluokun is questionable with oblique8/6/19 2:36 PM
Atlanta FalconsJames CarpenterGOutQuadCarpenter is out with quad8/6/19 3:06 PM
Atlanta FalconsKurt BenkertQBOut for seasonToeBenkert is out for season with toe8/6/19 10:39 PM
Baltimore RavensRobert Griffin IIIQBOutThumbGriffin is out with thumb8/3/19 2:54 PM
Buffalo BillsJerry HughesDEQuestionableAnkleHughes is questionable with ankle8/3/19 3:00 PM
Buffalo BillsMicah HydeSSQuestionableNeckHyde is questionable with neck8/3/19 3:00 PM
Buffalo BillsMitch MorseCQuestionableConcussionMorse is questionable with concussion8/3/19 3:00 PM
Buffalo BillsQuinton SpainGQuestionableFootSpain is questionable with foot8/3/19 3:00 PM
Buffalo BillsRobert ThomasDTQuestionableKneeThomas is questionable with knee8/3/19 3:03 PM
Buffalo BillsTyler KroftTEOutFootKroft is out with foot8/3/19 5:42 PM
Buffalo BillsLaAdrian WaddleTOutQuadWaddle is out with quad8/5/19 3:48 PM
Buffalo BillsJason CroomTEQuestionableHamstringCroom is questionable with hamstring8/6/19 1:27 AM
Buffalo BillsE.J. GainesCBOutGroinGaines is out with groin8/6/19 2:30 PM
Buffalo BillsLeSean McCoyRBOutRestMcCoy is out with rest8/7/19 9:45 PM
Carolina PanthersChris HoganWRQuestionableBackHogan is questionable with back8/3/19 3:03 PM
Carolina PanthersDorian JohnsonGOutUndisclosed Johnson is out with undisclosed 8/3/19 4:33 PM
Carolina PanthersRashaan GauldenFSQuestionableBackGaulden is questionable with back8/3/19 4:33 PM
Carolina PanthersBrandon ChubbOLBOutKneeChubb is out with knee8/3/19 4:33 PM
Carolina PanthersKevon SeymourCBDoubtfulHamstringSeymour is doubtful with hamstring8/5/19 4:42 PM
Carolina PanthersLuke KuechlyMLBOutRestKuechly is out with rest8/6/19 4:57 PM
Carolina PanthersCam NewtonQBOutRestNewton is out with rest8/6/19 4:57 PM
Chicago BearsAdam ShaheenTEQuestionableBackShaheen is questionable with back8/3/19 3:03 PM
Chicago BearsRiley RidleyWRQuestionableHamstringRidley is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:03 PM
Chicago BearsAlex BarsTQuestionableKneeBars is questionable with knee8/3/19 4:33 PM
Chicago BearsTrey BurtonTEDoubtfulHerniaBurton is doubtful with hernia8/5/19 6:36 PM
Cincinnati BengalsA.J. GreenWROutAnkleBengals confirm A.J. Green expected to miss a couple of games.7/30/19 9:03 PM
Cincinnati BengalsJustin EvansTOutUndisclosed Evans is out with undisclosed 8/7/19 9:51 PM
Cincinnati BengalsNiles ScottNTOut for seasonFootScott is out for season with foot8/8/19 4:15 PM
Cincinnati BengalsGeno AtkinsDTOutRestAtkins is out with rest8/8/19 5:21 PM
Cincinnati BengalsGiovani BernardRBOutHamstringBernard is out with hamstring8/8/19 5:21 PM
Cincinnati BengalsTyler EifertTEOutRestEifert is out with rest8/8/19 5:21 PM
Cincinnati BengalsCarl LawsonDEOutRestLawson is out with rest8/8/19 5:21 PM
Cincinnati BengalsJoe MixonRBOutRestMixon is out with rest8/8/19 5:21 PM
Cincinnati BengalsJohn RossWRDoubtfulHamstringRoss is doubtful with hamstring8/8/19 5:21 PM
Cleveland BrownsSheldon RichardsonDTQuestionableAbdomenRichardson is questionable with abdomen8/3/19 3:06 PM
Cleveland BrownsOlivier VernonDEQuestionableHamstringVernon is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:06 PM
Cleveland BrownsSeth DeValveTEQuestionableConcussionDeValve is questionable with concussion8/3/19 3:06 PM
Cleveland BrownsGenard AveryOLBQuestionableAnkleAvery is questionable with ankle8/3/19 3:06 PM
Cleveland BrownsTavierre ThomasCBQuestionableHamstringThomas is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:06 PM
Cleveland BrownsDonnie LewisDBQuestionableFootLewis is questionable with foot8/3/19 3:06 PM
Cleveland BrownsDemetrius HarrisTEQuestionableConcussionHarris is questionable with concussion8/3/19 3:09 PM
Cleveland BrownsDamion RatleyWRQuestionableHamstringRatley is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:09 PM
Cleveland BrownsTrayone GrayRBQuestionableCalfGray is questionable with calf8/3/19 3:09 PM
Cleveland BrownsPhillip GainesCBQuestionableNeckGaines is questionable with neck8/4/19 4:09 PM
Cleveland BrownsAdarius TaylorMLBQuestionableConcussionTaylor is questionable with concussion8/4/19 4:09 PM
Cleveland BrownsBrian PriceDTQuestionableConcussionPrice is questionable with concussion8/4/19 4:09 PM
Cleveland BrownsLarry OgunjobiDTQuestionableGroinOgunjobi is questionable with groin8/5/19 9:15 PM
Cleveland BrownsMyles GarrettDEQuestionableKneeGarrett is questionable with knee8/5/19 9:15 PM
Cleveland BrownsOdell Beckham Jr.WRQuestionableRestBeckham is questionable with rest8/7/19 8:21 PM
Cleveland BrownsJarvis LandryWRQuestionableRestLandry is questionable with rest8/7/19 8:21 PM
Dallas CowboysDemarcus LawrenceDEOutShoulderLawrence is out with shoulder8/3/19 3:15 PM
Dallas CowboysSean LeeILBQuestionableKneeLee is questionable with knee8/3/19 3:15 PM
Dallas CowboysRico GathersTEQuestionableAnkleGathers is questionable with ankle8/3/19 3:15 PM
Dallas CowboysAndrew DowellLBOutHamstringDowell is out with hamstring8/3/19 4:39 PM
Dallas CowboysCody WichmannGQuestionableCalfWichmann is questionable with calf8/4/19 4:09 PM
Dallas CowboysAmari CooperWRQuestionableHeelCooper is questionable with heel8/6/19 10:36 PM
Dallas CowboysZack MartinGOutBackMartin is out with back8/7/19 7:42 PM
Dallas CowboysLance Lenoir Jr.WROutKneeLenoir is out with knee8/7/19 8:30 PM
Denver BroncosTodd DavisILBQuestionableCalfDavis is questionable with calf7/31/19 2:09 PM
Denver BroncosJa'Wuan JamesTQuestionableLower BodyJames is questionable with lower body7/31/19 2:09 PM
Denver BroncosJake RodgersTQuestionableCalfRodgers is questionable with calf7/31/19 2:09 PM
Denver BroncosJake ButtTEDoubtfulKneeButt is doubtful with knee7/31/19 2:09 PM
Denver BroncosDaeSean HamiltonWRQuestionableHamstringHamilton is questionable with hamstring7/31/19 2:09 PM
Denver BroncosJohnathan HowardWRQuestionableAnkleHoward is questionable with ankle8/3/19 3:15 PM
Denver BroncosAlijah HolderDBQuestionableShoulderHolder is questionable with shoulder8/3/19 4:39 PM
Denver BroncosBilly WinnDEOutTricepsWinn is out with triceps8/3/19 6:54 PM
Denver BroncosRiver CracraftWRQuestionableObliqueCracraft is questionable with oblique8/4/19 3:51 PM
Denver BroncosBryce CallahanCBOutFootCallahan is out with foot8/6/19 5:18 PM
Denver BroncosJosey JewellILBOutSideJewell is out with side8/6/19 5:18 PM
Denver BroncosJoe JonesILBOutArmJones is out with arm8/6/19 12:51 AM
Denver BroncosJeff HeuermanTEQuestionableShoulderHeuerman is questionable with shoulder8/6/19 5:21 PM
Denver BroncosAndy JanovichFBOutPectoralJanovich is out with pectoral8/9/19 8:57 PM
Denver BroncosAustin FortTEOut for seasonKneeFort is out for season with knee8/9/19 9:00 PM
Detroit LionsDa'Shawn HandDEQuestionableArmHand is questionable with arm8/3/19 4:42 PM
Detroit LionsAustin BryantLBQuestionableArmBryant is questionable with arm8/3/19 4:42 PM
Detroit LionsTeez TaborCBQuestionableUndisclosed Tabor is questionable with undisclosed 8/4/19 3:57 PM
Detroit LionsJarrad DavisMLBQuestionableUndisclosed Davis is questionable with undisclosed 8/6/19 2:42 PM
Green Bay PackersMason CrosbyKQuestionableCalfCrosby is questionable with calf8/3/19 3:36 PM
Green Bay PackersJason SpriggsTQuestionableBackSpriggs is questionable with back8/3/19 3:36 PM
Green Bay PackersFadol BrownDEQuestionableCalfBrown is questionable with calf8/3/19 3:36 PM
Green Bay PackersKendall DonnersonOLBQuestionableHamstringDonnerson is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:36 PM
Green Bay PackersJavien HamiltonDBQuestionableHamstringHamilton is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:36 PM
Green Bay PackersAaron JonesRBQuestionableHamstringJones is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:39 PM
Green Bay PackersJamaal WilliamsRBQuestionableHamstringWilliams is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:39 PM
Green Bay PackersJosh JacksonCBQuestionableHamstringJackson is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:39 PM
Green Bay PackersGreg RobertsDEOutAbdomenRoberts is out with abdomen8/3/19 5:42 PM
Green Bay PackersKevin KingCBQuestionableHamstringKing is questionable with hamstring8/4/19 4:33 PM
Green Bay PackersCorey LinsleyCQuestionableBicepsLinsley is questionable with biceps8/5/19 3:42 PM
Green Bay PackersCurtis BoltonLBQuestionableGroinBolton is questionable with groin8/5/19 3:42 PM
Green Bay PackersAaron RodgersQBDoubtfulRestRodgers is doubtful with rest8/5/19 5:57 PM
Green Bay PackersTrevor DavisWRQuestionableStingerDavis is questionable with stinger8/6/19 4:57 PM
Green Bay PackersTra CarsonRBQuestionableNeckCarson is questionable with neck8/6/19 4:57 PM
Green Bay PackersJace SternbergerTEQuestionableConcussionSternberger is questionable with concussion8/6/19 4:57 PM
Green Bay PackersPreston SmithOLBQuestionableBackSmith is questionable with back8/7/19 2:12 PM
Houston TexansJordan ThomasTEQuestionableHamstringThomas is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:42 PM
Houston TexansJ.J. WattDEDoubtfulRestWatt is doubtful with rest8/5/19 5:30 PM
Houston TexansAJ McCarronQBOutThumbMcCarron is out with thumb8/7/19 3:51 PM
Indianapolis ColtsJack DoyleTEQuestionableObliqueDoyle is questionable with oblique8/3/19 3:48 PM
Indianapolis ColtsRoss TravisTEQuestionableHamstringTravis is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 4:45 PM
Indianapolis ColtsPenny HartWRQuestionableHamstringHart is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 4:45 PM
Indianapolis ColtsBraden SmithGQuestionableGroinSmith is questionable with groin8/3/19 4:45 PM
Indianapolis ColtsRyan KellyCQuestionableShoulderKelly is questionable with shoulder8/3/19 8:21 PM
Indianapolis ColtsBen BanoguLBQuestionableBackBanogu is questionable with back8/3/19 8:27 PM
Indianapolis ColtsSpencer WareRBOutAnkleWare is out with ankle8/3/19 8:57 PM
Indianapolis ColtsAndrew LuckQBOutCalfLuck is out with calf8/5/19 4:03 PM
Indianapolis ColtsJabaal SheardDEOutKneeSheard is out with knee8/6/19 10:39 PM
Indianapolis ColtsSteve IshmaelWROut for seasonKneeIshmael is out for season with knee8/7/19 1:15 PM
Indianapolis ColtsJordan WilkinsRBDoubtfulUndisclosed Wilkins is doubtful with undisclosed 8/8/19 8:30 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsA.J. BouyeCBQuestionableHamstringBouye is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 4:54 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsThomas RawlsRBQuestionableHamstringRawls is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 4:54 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsTaj McGowanRBOutKneeMcGowan is out with knee8/3/19 4:54 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsMichael ColubialeTEOutConcussionColubiale is out with concussion8/3/19 4:54 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsQuincy WilliamsLBOutKneeWilliams is out with knee8/3/19 4:54 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsJames OnwualuOLBOut for seasonUndisclosed Onwualu is out for season with undisclosed 8/6/19 10:48 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsJosh OliverTEOutHamstringOliver is out with hamstring8/8/19 5:24 PM
Kansas City ChiefsKeith ReaserCBOut for seasonAchillesReaser is out for season with achilles8/3/19 3:48 PM
Kansas City ChiefsMitchell SchwartzTQuestionableBackSchwartz is questionable with back8/3/19 3:48 PM
Kansas City ChiefsDamien WilliamsRBQuestionableHamstringWilliams is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 3:48 PM
Kansas City ChiefsGehrig DieterWRQuestionableBackDieter is questionable with back8/3/19 3:51 PM
Kansas City ChiefsJordan LucasCBQuestionableHamstringLucas is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 4:57 PM
Kansas City ChiefsDamien WilsonOLBQuestionableKneeWilson is questionable with knee8/3/19 4:12 PM
Kansas City ChiefsAlex OkaforDEQuestionableHipOkafor is questionable with hip8/5/19 3:57 PM
Kansas City ChiefsFrank ClarkDEQuestionableWristClark is questionable with wrist8/5/19 4:36 PM
Los Angeles ChargersMelvin Gordon IIIRBOutHoldoutGordon is out with personal8/3/19 3:51 PM
Los Angeles ChargersVirgil GreenTEQuestionableUndisclosed Green is questionable with undisclosed 8/3/19 3:54 PM
Los Angeles ChargersRussell OkungTOutPulmonary embolismOkung is out with heart8/3/19 3:54 PM
Los Angeles ChargersJaylen WatkinsSSQuestionableKneeWatkins is questionable with knee8/3/19 3:54 PM
Los Angeles ChargersPhilip RiversQBDoubtfulRestRivers is doubtful with rest8/6/19 10:45 PM
Los Angeles ChargersNasir AdderleyDBOutHamstringAdderley is out with hamstring8/6/19 10:45 PM
Los Angeles ChargersJerry TilleryDTOutShoulderTillery is out with shoulder8/6/19 10:45 PM
Los Angeles ChargersTravis BenjaminWRQuestionableUndisclosed Benjamin is questionable with undisclosed 8/6/19 10:48 PM
Los Angeles ChargersAndre PattonWRQuestionableUndisclosed Patton is questionable with undisclosed 8/6/19 10:48 PM
Los Angeles RamsBrandin CooksWRQuestionableHamstringCooks is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 5:00 PM
Los Angeles RamsCooper KuppWRQuestionableKneeKupp is questionable with knee8/3/19 5:00 PM
Los Angeles RamsJustin LawlerOLBOutFootLawler is out with foot8/6/19 10:45 PM
Miami DolphinsClive WalfordTEQuestionableUndisclosed Walford is questionable with undisclosed 8/3/19 5:00 PM
Miami DolphinsVincent TaylorDTOut for seasonFootTaylor is out for season with foot8/3/19 4:18 PM
Miami DolphinsMike HullMLBOut for seasonUndisclosed Hull is out for season with undisclosed 8/5/19 8:30 PM
Miami DolphinsKiko AlonsoOLBDoubtfulUndisclosed Alonso is doubtful with undisclosed 8/6/19 10:36 PM
Miami DolphinsReshad JonesFSDoubtfulFootJones is doubtful with foot8/6/19 10:36 PM
Miami DolphinsJakeem GrantWRDoubtfulHamstringGrant is doubtful with hamstring8/6/19 10:36 PM
Miami DolphinsEric RoweCBDoubtfulUndisclosed Rowe is doubtful with undisclosed 8/6/19 10:36 PM
Minnesota VikingsAviante CollinsTQuestionableLegCollins is questionable with leg8/3/19 3:57 PM
Minnesota VikingsJeff BadetWRQuestionableGroinBadet is questionable with groin8/3/19 5:03 PM
Minnesota VikingsAlexander MattisonRBQuestionableUndisclosed Mattison is questionable with undisclosed 8/7/19 3:54 PM
New England PatriotsJulian EdelmanWROutFingerEdelman is out with finger8/3/19 4:00 PM
New England PatriotsDemaryius ThomasWROutAchillesThomas is out with achilles8/3/19 4:00 PM
New England PatriotsCameron MeredithWROutKneeMeredith is out with knee8/3/19 4:00 PM
New England PatriotsLance KendricksTEQuestionableUndisclosed Kendricks is questionable with undisclosed 8/3/19 5:06 PM
New England PatriotsTom BradyQBDoubtfulRestBrady is doubtful with rest8/7/19 2:36 PM
New Orleans SaintsJavorius AllenRBOutUndisclosed Allen is out with undisclosed 8/3/19 3:57 PM
New Orleans SaintsEmmanuel ButlerWRQuestionableCalfButler is questionable with calf8/3/19 3:57 PM
New York GiantsBrittan GoldenWRQuestionableGroinGolden is questionable with groin8/3/19 4:00 PM
New York GiantsSterling ShepardWRQuestionableThumbShepard is questionable with thumb8/3/19 4:00 PM
New York GiantsB.J. GoodsonILBQuestionableHamstringGoodson is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 4:00 PM
New York GiantsHenre' ToliverCBQuestionableAnkleToliver is questionable with ankle8/3/19 4:00 PM
New York GiantsDarius SlaytonWRQuestionableHamstringSlayton is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 4:00 PM
New York GiantsSam BealCBQuestionableHamstringBeal is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 4:00 PM
New York GiantsCorey ColemanWROut for seasonKneeColeman is out for season with knee8/3/19 4:21 PM
New York GiantsGrant HaleyCBQuestionableShoulderHaley is questionable with shoulder8/3/19 5:09 PM
New York GiantsChad WheelerTQuestionableBackWheeler is questionable with back8/6/19 10:42 PM
New York JetsKelvin BeachumTQuestionableAnkleBeachum is questionable with ankle8/3/19 4:03 PM
New York JetsBrent QvaleTQuestionableKneeQvale is questionable with knee8/3/19 4:03 PM
New York JetsDaniel BrownTEQuestionableHamstringBrown is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 4:03 PM
New York JetsTy MontgomeryRBQuestionableAnkleMontgomery is questionable with ankle8/3/19 4:03 PM
New York JetsToa LobendahnCOutUndisclosed Lobendahn is out with undisclosed 8/3/19 5:12 PM
New York JetsBilal PowellRBQuestionableNeckPowell is questionable with neck8/3/19 4:21 PM
New York JetsLeonard WilliamsDTOutHipWilliams is out with hip8/6/19 4:54 PM
New York JetsMarcus MayeFSOutShoulderMaye is out with shoulder8/6/19 4:54 PM
New York JetsQuincy EnunwaWRQuestionableGroinEnunwa is questionable with groin8/6/19 2:30 PM
New York JetsLe'Veon BellRBDoubtfulRestBell is doubtful with rest8/7/19 8:36 PM
Oakland RaidersPaul ButlerTEQuestionableHipButler is questionable with hip8/3/19 4:03 PM
Oakland RaidersDenver KirklandGQuestionableUndisclosed Kirkland is questionable with undisclosed 8/3/19 5:12 PM
Oakland RaidersGabe WrightDTQuestionableKneeWright is questionable with knee8/3/19 5:12 PM
Oakland RaidersEddie VanderdoesDTQuestionableConcussionVanderdoes is questionable with concussion8/3/19 5:12 PM
Oakland RaidersDarren WallerTEQuestionableShoulderWaller is questionable with shoulder8/3/19 5:45 PM
Oakland RaidersQuinton BellDEQuestionableUndisclosed Bell is questionable with undisclosed 8/3/19 5:15 PM
Oakland RaidersAntonio BrownWROutFootBrown is out with foot8/7/19 1:24 PM
Oakland RaidersJalen RichardRBQuestionableUndisclosed Richard is questionable with undisclosed 8/8/19 5:27 PM
Philadelphia EaglesRichard RodgersTEQuestionableAnkleRodgers is questionable with ankle8/3/19 4:06 PM
Philadelphia EaglesPaul WorrilowOLBDoubtfulKneeWorrilow is doubtful with knee8/3/19 4:06 PM
Philadelphia EaglesJalen MillsCBQuestionableFootMills is questionable with foot8/3/19 4:06 PM
Philadelphia EaglesMack HollinsWRQuestionableHipHollins is questionable with hip8/3/19 4:06 PM
Philadelphia EaglesNigel BradhamOLBQuestionableHandBradham is questionable with hand8/3/19 5:15 PM
Philadelphia EaglesFletcher CoxDTQuestionableFootCox is questionable with foot8/3/19 5:15 PM
Philadelphia EaglesDerek BarnettDEQuestionableShoulderBarnett is questionable with shoulder8/3/19 5:15 PM
Philadelphia EaglesCre'von LeBlancCBOutUndisclosed LeBlanc is out with undisclosed 8/3/19 5:42 PM
Philadelphia EaglesKamu Grugier-HillOLBOutKneeGrugier-Hill is out with knee8/4/19 3:48 PM
Philadelphia EaglesShelton GibsonWRQuestionableAnkleGibson is questionable with ankle8/5/19 4:54 PM
Philadelphia EaglesBoston ScottRBQuestionableAnkleScott is questionable with ankle8/5/19 4:54 PM
Philadelphia EaglesJoe OstmanDEOut for seasonKneeOstman is out for season with knee8/6/19 2:39 PM
Philadelphia EaglesCasey TuckerTQuestionableConcussionTucker is questionable with concussion8/6/19 2:39 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersDonte MoncriefWRQuestionableFingerMoncrief is questionable with finger8/3/19 3:03 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersSean DavisFSQuestionableFingerDavis is questionable with finger8/3/19 4:06 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersJohnny HoltonWRQuestionableHamstringHolton is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 4:06 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersHerb WatersCBQuestionableUndisclosed Waters is questionable with undisclosed 8/3/19 5:18 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersRyan SwitzerWRQuestionableQuadSwitzer is questionable with quad8/3/19 5:18 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersAlex MyresDBQuestionableIllnessMyres is questionable with illness8/3/19 5:18 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersDiontae JohnsonWRQuestionableHipJohnson is questionable with hip8/3/19 6:51 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersT.J. WattOLBOutHamstringWatt is out with hamstring8/3/19 7:21 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersSutton SmithLBQuestionableSideSmith is questionable with side8/6/19 10:39 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersBen RoethlisbergerQBOutRestRoethlisberger is out with rest8/7/19 3:15 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersJoe HadenCBQuestionableLegHaden is questionable with leg8/7/19 8:12 PM
San Francisco 49ersKapron Lewis-MooreDTQuestionableGroinLewis-Moore is questionable with groin8/3/19 4:06 PM
San Francisco 49ersWeston RichburgCQuestionableKneeRichburg is questionable with knee8/3/19 4:06 PM
San Francisco 49ersDeForest BucknerDTQuestionableToeBuckner is questionable with toe8/3/19 4:06 PM
San Francisco 49ersAhkello WitherspoonCBQuestionableGluteWitherspoon is questionable with glute8/3/19 4:06 PM
San Francisco 49ersDee FordOLBQuestionableKneeFord is questionable with knee8/3/19 4:09 PM
San Francisco 49ersKyle JuszczykFBQuestionableFootJuszczyk is questionable with foot8/3/19 4:09 PM
San Francisco 49ersJoshua GarnettGQuestionableFingerGarnett is questionable with finger8/3/19 4:09 PM
San Francisco 49ersJeff Wilson Jr.RBQuestionableCalfWilson is questionable with calf8/3/19 4:09 PM
San Francisco 49ersDre GreenlawLBQuestionableHandGreenlaw is questionable with hand8/3/19 4:09 PM
San Francisco 49ersJimmy GaroppoloQBOutRestGaroppolo is out with rest8/6/19 10:48 PM
San Francisco 49ersMalcolm SmithOLBQuestionableHamstringSmith is questionable with hamstring8/7/19 5:03 PM
San Francisco 49ersK'Waun WilliamsCBQuestionableKneeWilliams is questionable with knee8/7/19 5:03 PM
San Francisco 49ersRonald Blair IIIDEQuestionableKneeBlair is questionable with knee8/7/19 5:03 PM
San Francisco 49ersJamell Garcia-WilliamsDEQuestionableConcussionGarcia-Williams is questionable with concussion8/7/19 5:03 PM
San Francisco 49ersMarquise GoodwinWRQuestionableLegGoodwin is questionable with leg8/7/19 8:09 PM
San Francisco 49ersJason VerrettCBOutAnkleVerrett is out with ankle8/8/19 4:18 PM
San Francisco 49ersNick BosaDEOutAnkleBosa is out with ankle8/8/19 4:18 PM
San Francisco 49ersJerick McKinnonRBOutKneeMcKinnon is out with knee8/8/19 7:39 PM
Seattle SeahawksMike IupatiGQuestionableFootIupati is questionable with foot8/3/19 4:09 PM
Seattle SeahawksL.J. CollierDEOutAnkleCollier is out with ankle8/3/19 4:09 PM
Seattle SeahawksEd DicksonTEOutKneeDickson is out with knee8/5/19 7:57 PM
Seattle SeahawksBobby WagnerMLBOutLower BodyWagner is out with lower body8/5/19 7:57 PM
Seattle SeahawksRasheem GreenDEQuestionableElbowGreen is questionable with elbow8/5/19 8:06 PM
Seattle SeahawksWill DisslyTEOutKneeDissly is out with knee8/7/19 7:45 PM
Seattle SeahawksRussell WilsonQBOutRestWilson is out with rest8/7/19 7:36 PM
Seattle SeahawksC.J. ProsiseRBOutHipProsise is out with hip8/7/19 7:51 PM
Seattle SeahawksJ.D. McKissicWRQuestionableUndisclosed McKissic is questionable with undisclosed 8/7/19 8:00 PM
Seattle SeahawksDelano HillFSOutUndisclosed Hill is out with undisclosed 8/7/19 8:00 PM
Seattle SeahawksJacob HollisterTEOutGroinHollister is out with groin8/7/19 8:00 PM
Seattle SeahawksTravis HomerRBOutUndisclosed Homer is out with undisclosed 8/7/19 8:00 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersOrion StewartSOutKneeStewart is out with knee8/3/19 5:36 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDavid KenneyLBOutFootKenney is out with foot8/3/19 5:36 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersLavonte DavidOLBOutKneeDavid is out with knee8/5/19 3:51 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBruce AndersonRBQuestionableUndisclosed Anderson is questionable with undisclosed 8/6/19 10:51 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMichael LiedtkeGOut for seasonShoulderLiedtke is out for season with shoulder8/7/19 3:24 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersScott OrndoffTEOutUndisclosed Orndoff is out with undisclosed 8/7/19 9:48 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJack CichyOLBOutKneeCichy is out with knee8/7/19 9:48 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersD'Cota DixonDBOutUndisclosed Dixon is out with undisclosed 8/7/19 9:48 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersNick FitzgeraldQBOutUndisclosed Fitzgerald is out with undisclosed 8/7/19 9:48 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersK.J. BrentWROutUndisclosed Brent is out with undisclosed 8/7/19 9:51 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersVita VeaDTOutLegVea is out with leg8/7/19 9:51 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersScott MillerWROutHamstringMiller is out with hamstring8/7/19 9:51 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersAnthony NelsonLBOutKneeNelson is out with knee8/7/19 9:51 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJamel DeanDBOutHipDean is out with hip8/7/19 9:51 PM
Tennessee TitansDerrick HenryRBQuestionableAnkleHenry is questionable with ankle8/3/19 4:09 PM
Tennessee TitansCam BatsonWROutUndisclosed Batson is out with undisclosed 8/3/19 4:09 PM
Tennessee TitansDavid FluellenRBQuestionableAnkleFluellen is questionable with ankle8/3/19 5:36 PM
Tennessee TitansRyan SuccopKDoubtfulUndisclosed Succop is doubtful with undisclosed 8/5/19 9:15 PM
Washington RedskinsZach VigilILBQuestionableThighVigil is questionable with thigh3/13/19 5:21 PM
Washington RedskinsRyan AndersonOLBOutHamstringAnderson is out with hamstring3/13/19 5:22 PM
Washington RedskinsReuben FosterOLBOut for seasonKneeFoster is out for season with knee8/3/19 4:24 PM
Washington RedskinsMarcus Smith IIDEQuestionableHamstringSmith is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 5:39 PM
Washington RedskinsCassanova McKinzyOLBQuestionableLegMcKinzy is questionable with leg8/3/19 5:39 PM
Washington RedskinsCasey DunnCQuestionableUndisclosed Dunn is questionable with undisclosed 8/3/19 5:39 PM
Washington RedskinsMontez SweatLBQuestionableCalfSweat is questionable with calf8/3/19 5:48 PM
Washington RedskinsAdonis AlexanderCBDoubtfulGroinAlexander is doubtful with groin8/4/19 3:57 PM
Washington RedskinsAdrian PetersonRBQuestionableAnklePeterson is questionable with ankle8/5/19 4:39 PM
Washington RedskinsDerrius GuiceRBQuestionableKneeGuice is questionable with knee8/6/19 5:18 PM
Washington RedskinsJordan BrailfordLBQuestionableGroinBrailford is questionable with groin8/6/19 10:39 PM
UnsignedGreedy WilliamsOut for seasonPersonalWilliams is out for season with personal3/13/19 5:26 PM
UnsignedBranden OliverRBOutNoneOliver is out3/13/19 5:20 PM
UnsignedJeremy KerleyWROutReleasedBills release WR Jeremy Kerley. 3/13/19 5:20 PM
UnsignedKaelin ClayWRQuestionableAnkleClay is questionable with ankle3/13/19 5:20 PM
UnsignedMalcolm MitchellWRQuestionableKneeMitchell is questionable with knee3/13/19 5:21 PM
UnsignedEzekiel ElliottRBOutHoldoutElliott is out with personal8/3/19 3:15 PM
UnsignedTrent WilliamsTOutHoldoutWilliams is out with personal8/3/19 4:09 PM
UnsignedDamarcus LodgeQuestionableHamstringLodge is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 5:36 PM
UnsignedBrent CelekTEOutBackCelek is out with back8/3/19 5:42 PM
UnsignedJadeveon ClowneyOLBOutRestClowney is out with rest8/5/19 8:27 PM
UnsignedRodney AndersonOutKneeAnderson is out with knee8/8/19 5:21 PM