NHL Injury Report

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TeamRight ArrowNamePositionStatusInjuryUpdateUpdated
Anaheim DucksBrendan GuhleDOutLower BodyGuhle is out with lower body10/11/19 11:48 PM
Anaheim DucksOndrej KaseFQuestionableUndisclosed Kase is questionable with undisclosed 10/3/19 10:15 PM
Anaheim DucksChad JohnsonGOutplaced on IRJohnson is out with head3/13/19 5:21 PM
Anaheim DucksTroy TerryFOut for seasonLegTerry is out for season with leg4/3/19 12:51 PM
Arizona CoyotesKyle CapobiancoDOut for seasonLower BodyCapobianco is out for season with lower body3/13/19 5:22 PM
Arizona CoyotesNiklas HjalmarssonDOutLower BodyHjalmarsson is out with lower body10/15/19 12:48 AM
Arizona CoyotesJordan OesterleDQuestionableLower BodyOesterle is questionable with lower body10/16/19 4:00 PM
Arizona CoyotesDarcy KuemperGProbablelikely starting ThursdayKuemper is probable with eye4/4/19 9:12 PM
Arizona CoyotesNick SchmaltzFOut for seasonout of seasonSchmaltz is out for season with knee3/13/19 5:22 PM
Boston BruinsCharlie McAvoyDOutSuspensionMcavoy is out with suspension5/7/19 11:57 PM
Boston BruinsDavid KrejciFOutUpper BodyKrejci is out with upper body10/16/19 4:15 PM
Boston BruinsJake DeBruskFProbable DeBrusk is probable with lower body4/13/19 2:42 PM
Boston BruinsKevan MillerDOutKneeMiller is out with knee10/1/19 6:27 PM
Boston BruinsJohn MooreDOutShoulderMoore is out with shoulder10/2/19 2:33 AM
Boston BruinsNoel AcciariFQuestionable Acciari is questionable with upper body5/13/19 6:27 PM
Buffalo SabresZach BogosianDOutHipBogosian is out with hip10/2/19 2:42 AM
Buffalo SabresMatt HunwickDOut for seasonNeckHunwick is out for season with neck10/2/19 2:36 AM
Buffalo SabresBrandon MontourDOutHandMontour is out with hand10/1/19 6:27 PM
Buffalo SabresConor ShearyFQuestionable Sheary is questionable with upper body10/16/19 3:09 AM
Buffalo SabresMarco ScandellaDOut for seasonLower BodyScandella is out for season with lower body4/3/19 12:54 PM
Calgary FlamesSean MonahanFQuestionableIllnessSean Monahan (illness) is questionable Saturday (4/6) vs. Edmonton 4/6/19 5:42 PM
Calgary FlamesMikael BacklundFProbableLower BodyBacklund is probable with lower body10/2/19 7:21 PM
Calgary FlamesJuuso ValimakiDOutKneeValimaki is out with knee10/2/19 2:30 AM
Carolina HurricanesTrevor van RiemsdykDOutShouldervan Riemsdyk is out with shoulder10/11/19 7:18 PM
Carolina HurricanesPetr MrazekGQuestionableQuestionable for East FinalsMrazek is questionable with lower body5/4/19 5:36 PM
Carolina HurricanesMicheal FerlandFProbableUpper BodyFerland is probable with upper body5/9/19 5:27 PM
Carolina HurricanesJordan MartinookFOutout 6-8 weeksMartinook is out with core10/10/19 2:36 PM
Carolina HurricanesMax McCormickFOutUndisclosed McCormick is out with undisclosed 10/1/19 8:36 PM
Chicago BlackhawksJohn QuennevilleFOutHipQuenneville is out with hip10/2/19 2:33 AM
Colorado AvalancheMikko RantanenFQuestionableQ for Game 1Rantanen is questionable with upper body4/7/19 12:42 PM
Colorado AvalancheIan ColeDOutHipCole is out with hip10/10/19 5:24 PM
Colorado AvalancheJ.T. CompherFProbable Compher is probable with lower body10/16/19 4:48 PM
Colorado AvalancheMatt NietoFProbableLower BodyNieto is probable with lower body3/26/19 7:51 PM
Colorado AvalancheMatt CalvertFOutUpper BodyCalvert is out with upper body5/7/19 2:24 AM
Columbus Blue JacketsBrandon DubinskyFOutWristDubinsky is out with wrist10/1/19 6:36 PM
Columbus Blue JacketsMarkus NutivaaraDOut Nutivaara is out with upper body5/4/19 9:30 PM
Columbus Blue JacketsRiley NashFQuestionableUndisclosed Nash is questionable with undisclosed 5/3/19 12:24 PM
Dallas StarsMartin HanzalFOut for season Hanzal is out for season with back10/2/19 2:24 PM
Dallas StarsStephen JohnsDOutHeadJohns is out with head10/1/19 8:36 PM
Dallas StarsValeri NichushkinFOutIllnessNichushkin is out with illness4/6/19 10:18 PM
Dallas StarsBlake ComeauFOutLower BodyComeau is out with lower body10/4/19 12:30 PM
Dallas StarsTaylor FedunDOutPersonalFedun is out with personal3/19/19 5:03 PM
Dallas StarsCorey PerryFQuestionableFootPerry is questionable with foot10/16/19 3:09 AM
Detroit Red WingsLibor SulakDDoubtfulIllnessSulak is doubtful with illness3/21/19 12:48 PM
Detroit Red WingsJonathan EricssonDOutUndisclosed Ericsson is out with undisclosed 10/5/19 8:12 PM
Detroit Red WingsTrevor DaleyDProbableLower BodyDaley is probable with lower body10/15/19 8:39 PM
Detroit Red WingsDanny DeKeyserDQuestionableUpper BodyDeKeyser is questionable with upper body10/16/19 3:09 AM
Detroit Red WingsAndreas AthanasiouFQuestionable Athanasiou is questionable with undisclosed 10/8/19 2:57 PM
Edmonton OilersOscar KlefbomDProbableUndisclosed Klefbom is probable with undisclosed 3/13/19 5:21 PM
Edmonton OilersTomas JurcoFOutUndisclosed Jurco is out with undisclosed 10/1/19 8:30 PM
Edmonton OilersAdam LarssonDOutFootLarsson is out with foot10/3/19 6:39 PM
Edmonton OilersRiley SheahanFProbableConcussionSheahan is probable with concussion10/8/19 4:00 PM
Edmonton OilersJoakim NygardFOutRibsNygard is out with ribs10/16/19 5:03 PM
Florida PanthersDenis MalginFOutout indefMalgin is out with undisclosed 3/19/19 4:48 PM
Florida PanthersMark PysykDOutPersonalPysyk is out with personal3/25/19 11:06 PM
Los Angeles KingsAustin WagnerFProbableLower BodyWagner is probable with lower body3/13/19 6:36 PM
Los Angeles KingsDerek ForbortDOutBackForbort is out with back10/2/19 2:42 AM
Los Angeles KingsIlya KovalchukFOutnot travellingKovalchuk is out with coach's decision3/25/19 5:48 PM
Minnesota WildMats ZuccarelloFOutLower BodyZuccarello is out with lower body10/15/19 12:45 AM
Minnesota WildGreg PaterynDOutGroinPateryn is out with groin10/1/19 6:27 PM
Minnesota WildMathew DumbaDOutfew more weeksDumba is out with pectoral3/13/19 5:21 PM
Montreal CanadiensNoah JuulsenDOutHeadJuulsen is out with head10/1/19 8:36 PM
Montreal CanadiensNick CousinsFOutBackCousins is out with back10/15/19 3:42 PM
Nashville PredatorsRocco GrimaldiFProbableLower BodyGrimaldi is probable with lower body10/15/19 8:39 PM
Nashville PredatorsDan HamhuisDProbableLegHamhuis is probable with leg3/30/19 9:06 PM
New Jersey DevilsTaylor HallFOutKneeHall is out with knee3/13/19 5:21 PM
New Jersey DevilsAndy GreeneDOutUpper BodyGreene is out with upper body10/10/19 9:57 PM
New Jersey DevilsNico HischierFOutUpper BodyHischier is out with upper body10/16/19 5:27 PM
New York IslandersNoah DobsonDOutUndisclosed Dobson is out with undisclosed 10/4/19 6:45 PM
New York IslandersCasey CizikasFOut Cizikas is out with leg10/16/19 4:48 PM
New York IslandersAndrew LaddFOutKneeLadd is out with knee10/2/19 2:39 AM
New York IslandersJordan EberleFDoubtfulLegEberle is doubtful with leg10/15/19 4:48 PM
New York RangersPavel BuchnevichFQuestionableConcussionBuchnevich is questionable with concussion4/3/19 4:09 PM
Ottawa SenatorsCody CeciDDoubtful Ceci is doubtful with upper body3/25/19 7:45 PM
Ottawa SenatorsRudolfs BalcersFOutLower BodyBalcers is out with lower body10/2/19 2:54 AM
Ottawa SenatorsArtem AnisimovFOutLower BodyAnisimov is out with lower body10/14/19 5:30 PM
Ottawa SenatorsZack SmithFQuestionableBackSmith is questionable with back3/30/19 3:36 PM
Philadelphia FlyersTyler PitlickFOutWristPitlick is out with wrist10/2/19 7:21 PM
Philadelphia FlyersNolan PatrickFDoubtfulHeadPatrick is doubtful with head10/2/19 2:39 AM
Pittsburgh PenguinsPatric HornqvistFQuestionable Hornqvist is questionable with lower body10/10/19 3:18 PM
Pittsburgh PenguinsNick BjugstadFQuestionableUndisclosed Bjugstad is questionable with undisclosed 10/6/19 1:24 PM
Pittsburgh PenguinsEvgeni MalkinFOutLower BodyEvgeni Malkin (lower body) is out indefinitely10/7/19 6:06 PM
Pittsburgh PenguinsAlex GalchenyukFQuestionabled2dGalchenyuk is questionable with undisclosed 10/9/19 6:42 PM
Pittsburgh PenguinsOlli MaattaDProbableShoulderMaatta is probable with shoulder3/29/19 1:09 PM
Pittsburgh PenguinsJared McCannFQuestionableLower BodyMcCann is questionable with lower body10/16/19 4:00 PM
Pittsburgh PenguinsZachary Aston-ReeseFQuestionableUpper BodyAston-Reese is questionable with upper body4/9/19 7:39 PM
Pittsburgh PenguinsBrian DumoulinDQuestionableLower BodyDumoulin is questionable with lower body4/9/19 7:39 PM
San Jose SharksJacob MiddletonDOutUpper BodyMiddleton is out with upper body10/16/19 4:03 PM
San Jose SharksMarcus SorensenFQuestionableUpper BodySorensen is questionable with upper body10/16/19 4:03 PM
San Jose SharksTim HeedDOutUpper BodyHeed is out with upper body10/7/19 7:51 PM
San Jose SharksLogan CoutureFQuestionablemissed Thurs with fluCouture is questionable with illness3/22/19 12:33 PM
San Jose SharksDalton ProutDOutUpper BodyProut is out with upper body10/4/19 9:33 PM
San Jose SharksJoonas DonskoiFProbable Donskoi is probable with undisclosed 5/20/19 5:36 PM
San Jose SharksMarc-Edouard VlasicDProbableLower BodyVlasic is probable with lower body4/18/19 5:39 PM
St. Louis BluesVince DunnDQuestionableFace Dunn is questionable with face 6/2/19 1:00 PM
St. Louis BluesRobert ThomasFOutUpper BodyThomas is out with upper body10/5/19 4:27 PM
Tampa Bay LightningAlex KillornFQuestionable Killorn is questionable with undisclosed 4/16/19 4:21 PM
Tampa Bay LightningCedric PaquetteFOutIRPaquette is out with arm10/3/19 5:24 PM
Tampa Bay LightningRyan CallahanFProbableProbable Game 3Callahan is probable with undisclosed 4/14/19 3:39 PM
Toronto Maple LeafsKasperi KapanenFProbableshould play TueKapanen is probable with concussion3/19/19 12:39 AM
Toronto Maple LeafsTravis DermottDOutShoulderDermott is out with shoulder10/2/19 2:36 AM
Toronto Maple LeafsZach HymanFOutKneeHyman is out with knee10/2/19 2:57 AM
Vancouver CanucksJacob MarkstromGOutPersonalMarkstrom is out with personal10/15/19 12:48 AM
Vancouver CanucksOscar FantenbergDOutIllnessFantenberg is out with illness10/16/19 3:09 AM
Vancouver CanucksRyan SpoonerFProbableUndisclosed Spooner is probable with undisclosed 3/28/19 6:24 PM
Vancouver CanucksTyler MotteFProbableUpper BodyMotte is probable with upper body10/15/19 6:30 PM
Vancouver CanucksGuillaume BriseboisDOutout a few daysBrisebois is out with undisclosed 3/25/19 12:15 AM
Vancouver CanucksChristopher TanevDOutAnkleTanev is out with ankle3/18/19 10:42 PM
Vancouver CanucksAntoine RousselFOutKneeRoussel is out with knee10/2/19 2:36 AM
Vegas Golden KnightsMax PaciorettyFOutLegPacioretty is out with leg3/25/19 11:54 PM
Vegas Golden KnightsNate SchmidtDOutLower BodySchmidt is out with lower body10/3/19 10:15 PM
Vegas Golden KnightsMalcolm SubbanGOutLower BodySubban is out with lower body10/13/19 2:21 PM
Vegas Golden KnightsPierre-Edouard BellemareFProbable Bellemare is probable with undisclosed 3/26/19 3:18 PM
Vegas Golden KnightsMarc-Andre FleuryGProbableLower BodyMarc-Andre Fleury (lower body) is upgraded to probable Thursday (4/4) vs. Arizona4/3/19 12:21 PM
Vegas Golden KnightsAlex TuchFOutUndisclosed Tuch is out with undisclosed 10/1/19 6:36 PM
Washington CapitalsCarl HagelinFProbableIllnessHagelin is probable with illness3/23/19 3:24 PM
Washington CapitalsBrett ConnollyFProbableIllnessConnolly is probable with illness4/1/19 10:51 PM
Winnipeg JetsSami NikuDOutGroinNiku is out with groin10/1/19 8:36 PM
Winnipeg JetsDustin ByfuglienDOutSuspensionByfuglien is out with suspension10/2/19 3:36 PM
Winnipeg JetsJoe MorrowDProbableLower BodyMorrow is probable with lower body3/20/19 6:36 PM
Winnipeg JetsBryan LittleFOutConcussionLittle is out with concussion10/2/19 3:15 PM
Winnipeg JetsNathan BeaulieuDOutOut at least 4 weeksBeaulieu is out with upper body10/1/19 6:24 PM
Winnipeg JetsMark LetestuFOutUndisclosed Letestu is out with undisclosed 10/15/19 4:39 PM
Winnipeg JetsAnthony BitettoDQuestionableLower BodyBitetto is questionable with lower body10/16/19 3:09 AM
UnsignedJosh AndersonDOutoutAnderson is out with upper body10/11/19 7:15 PM
UnsignedDerek MacKenzieFOut for seasontechnically retired alreadyMacKenzie is out for season with shoulder3/13/19 5:21 PM
UnsignedMichal KempnyDOutHamstringKempny is out with hamstring10/1/19 6:33 PM
UnsignedJustin FalkDOutConcussionFalk is out with concussion3/13/19 5:21 PM
UnsignedMason MarchmentFOutUndisclosed Marchment is out with undisclosed 10/1/19 8:33 PM
UnsignedPatrick EavesFOut for seasonIllnessEaves is out for season with illness10/2/19 3:18 PM
UnsignedRyan KeslerFOut for seasonHipKesler is out for season with hip10/2/19 2:57 PM
UnsignedDylan Larkin-DUPFProbableUndisclosed Dylan Larkin (undisclosed) is upgraded to probable Saturday (10/5) at Nashville10/3/19 4:39 PM