British boxing great Chris Eubank has chimed in on the Mayweather-McGregor debate, saying Conor McGregor should not be discounted against Floyd Mayweather.

The reason? Because he’s Irish.

Speaking ahead of the Las Vegas superfight, former middleweight and super middleweight world champion Eubank said Mayweather may have bitten off more than he can chew with the Irish UFC lightweight champion.

“What everyone who knows about boxing is missing, what they’re not thinking about, what is so obvious, everyone is forgetting that he is an Irishman,” he explained.

“An Irishman has a spirit that cannot… They are special people.

“I’m not bumping them up, I’m not Irish, I’m just saying my observations of this, this people, they are amazing.

“I’m not talking about Conor McGregor, I’m not talking about an MMA fighter, I’m talking about an Irishman. An Irishman is always to be respected.

“It’s likely, it is possible, that Mayweather Jr. has actually taken his eye off the target.

"What is he fighting? You’re not fighting an MMA fighter. You’re not fighting a guy who’s maybe limited in professional boxing. You’re fighting an Irishman."

Eubank may be a quirky character, but behind his eccentric exterior he’s speaking from a position of experience, having lost his super middleweight world title to Steve Collins – an Irishman – whose unbreakable belief and fighting spirit proved too much for Eubank when they met back in 1995.

And he says McGregor’s own Irish spirit may be enough to prevail and shock the world on August 26.

"It is enough. How do I know? I lived this.

"Experience gives you a knowledge that puts you in a position of council.

"This fight is a very interesting fight, not because of ability, but because of spirit."

Then he breaks into song. Because he’s Chris Eubank.


Mayweather-McGregor: Odds and props

From Bovada

-600: Floyd Mayweather to win
+400: Conor McGregor to win

+600: McGregor to win inside four rounds

-260: Over 4.99 million PPV buys
+180: Under 4.99 million PPV buys

+160: Yes (Fight goes the distance)
-230: No (Fight does not go the distance)

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