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BetMGM Online Casino Bonus Code & Review September 2022


BetMGM Casino Bonus Code & Registration Process

BetMGM Casino Bonus Code Key Takeaways for September 2022

BetMGM Casino Bonus Code: ACTIONCASINO
BetMGM Casino Deposit Bonus and Free Bet: 100% deposit match up to $1,000 plus $25 on the house. Join BetMGM casino today and get $25 free! No deposit is required.
BetMGM Available Legal States: NJ, PA, MI, WV
BetMGM Casino Games Offered: Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Live Dealer Games and More
Promo Last Verified: September 2022

Most people will be familiar with the MGM Grand as one of the premier brick-and-mortar casinos on the Las Vegas strip. Now, in BetMGM, the company has brought its entertaining gaming experience to players' fingertips via the Web and smartphones for convenient and enjoyable gambling in five U.S. states and counting. It even incorporates its iconic golden lion logo on the app's representative tile for mobile screens.

BetMGM is one of the most robust online casino apps on the market — it's like walking onto the gaming floor of a real-life MGM casino without moving an inch. Whether players are looking to try their luck at poker, slots or table games, BetMGM is a top place to play for bettors of all levels of experience and expertise.

Read on for our full review, which covers everything players need and want to know about BetMGM's online casino and why it's one of the most highly regarded platforms in the market today. We've also compared BetMGM head-to-head with casino competitors like Caesars Online Casino and Golden Nugget.

With a 100% deposit match up to $1,000 plus $25 on the house (called "FREEPLAY"), players can hit the ground running with BetMGM. Just create a new account and decide which game to use your FREEPLAY funds on. This no deposit bonus is essential because it is reassuring for players to know that they can start playing without committing to making a deposit. Let's face it: You need funds to have fun. BetMGM allows players to test its product out first in hopes that they'll want to continue playing after building a bankroll. Need help with budgeting that initial BetMGM bonus for a new player? We've got some helpful strategies on bankroll management and a betting odds calculator when you're ready.

With fierce competition within the industry, bonus codes and promos are paramount in grabbing new players and gaining sign-ups. It's rare to find other online casinos offering a no-deposit bonus as high as $25. This offer certainly does the trick for us. But is the BetMGM casino bonus legit?

BetMGM Online Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

The bonus codes sound great, but we know "free" can come with strings. We doubled checked the requirements for new BetMGM Casino players and found:

✅ $25 is Free! But there are "Playthrough Requirements."

You'll need to play BetMGM Casino games to match that amount within X days to "free up" the real money amount — making it withdrawable. You'll need to play to $25 worth of points via BetMGM's loyalty program for our bonus code ACTION. This is a "1x Playthrough."

✅ Deposit Matching is Real.

New players that deposit will receive a 100% match up to $1,000. BetMGM starts matching deposits at $10 if you're spending conservatively. The important terms? Add that deposit within five days of creating your account and using the bonus code ACTION.

Promotions for Existing BetMGM Users

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Ongoing BetMGM Offers

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How to Sign Up at BetMGM Casino

Ready to claim that sweet FREEPLAY Cash? It'll just take a minute to sign up:

Step 1. Click here to visit BetMGM and select your state. Click "Register" in the top right corner.

Step 2. Enter your personal details:

  • Full Name 
  • Select a Unique User ID
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Create a Secure Password
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN 
  • Phone Number
  • Home Address

Step 3. Set Security Questions.

Step 4. Confirm your age and eligibility (must be 21+ years old, and not a casino employee). That's it!

How to Use the BetMGM Casino Bonus Code

Are you ready to power up your first bet with BetMGM's welcome bonus? Here are the steps to maximize value.

Claim a BetMGM bonus on the web with these steps:

First. Navigate to the BetMGM website from one of our links

Second. Make your first deposit (above $10), activating the offer with the bonus code ACTION

Third. BetMGM will match your first deposit, reflected in your account balance — up to $600

Fourth. After your initial wager settles, your free bets will be accessible.

To claim a BetMGM Casino Bonus Code on the mobile app:

The process is the same, but you start in the Google Play or Apple App store to download the BetMGM mobile casino app.

Where can you claim BetMGM's Casino Bonuses? Only in states where online casinos are legal. BetMGM online casino is available to play in five U.S. states, and its online poker product is legal in six. Nevada is the outlier: It allows online poker but not online casinos, so BetMGM isn't able to bring its virtual table games and slots to Sin City ... yet. To follow the legalization process of online sportsbooks, casinos and poker alike, view our legalization tracker.

Below we've noted the type of online wagering options (casino, sportsbooks and poker) BetMGM has available in each state, along with some hand-picked localized reviews from the Apple App Store and Google Play. It's important to note that BetMGM's casino product differs a little state-to-state, so looking at reviews on a local level is crucial.

Unique BetMGM Feature: State Switcher For Traveling

Recently, BetMGM merged several state-specific mobile applications into one unified app. Its new state switcher is a handy function that allows players to select the state they're in for seamless playing when on the go (between regulated locations, of course). However, users will need to create another account for the new state to place bets after switching states. Not so smooth at first.

Additionally, you can only use your funds in whichever state you deposited those funds. Example: If you deposited funds into your New Jersey state account, those funds would not be available when you switch to Pennsylvania and create or log into your PA BetMGM account. We think BetMGM could message this restriction more clearly for users who may log in to different state accounts and worry money is missing.

When we tested toggling states, we were logged out automatically. While in New Jersey, our N.J. account could not log in to Colorado until creating a new CO-based account. However, we could view now-defaulted Colorado odds. BetMGM says it's currently working on unifying accounts, which should be available soon.

  BetMGM Casino Pennsylvania

Casino, Sportsbook, Poker available — PA Online Casino live 2020
BetMGM Casino PA is licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB).
- “Best casino app. This and their sister company [Borgata] is the only place I deal with!!! I have tried every app available in Pennsylvania.”
- “I made my first deposit of $25, but the app placed me in Michigan while I was located in Pennsylvania.” 

BetMGM Casino New Jersey

Casino, Sportsbook, Poker available — NJ Online Casino live 2013
BetMGM Casino NJ is partnered with Borgata Casino in Atlantic City and licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJ DGE)
- “Great surprise bonuses! Lots of games to choose from. LOVE IT.”
- “When you play with real money, you expect the site to work properly - this doesn’t! When it crashes and you log back in, suddenly you’re not in New Jersey!!?! “

BetMGM Casino Michigan

Casino, Poker available — MI Online Casino live 2022
BetMGM Casino MI operates with the license of the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit with the approval of the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB)

- “I have all the online casino apps available and nobody is doing it like MGM. They have the best games for casino out of all the apps.”

- “Way too often it will say I can’t play because I’m not located in the right area, when I have sat in the same spot the whole time, IN THE RIGHT STATE, Michigan!”

BetMGM Casino West Virginia

Casino, Sportsbook, Poker available — WV Online Casino live 2019
BetMGM Casino WV is partnered with The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs and licensed by the West Virginia Lottery Commission 

- “No better Online Sportsbook/Casino in West Virginia. Great promotions in both and Three times the amount of games in the casino than anywhere else. BetMGM rules the Mountain State.”

☆ - “Fast payouts but terrible location monitoring. It keeps kicking me off saying I’m out of state when I haven’t moved a muscle.” 

BetMGM Casino Delaware

Casino, Poker available — Casino live 2012

-  “I have used this app for several months with zero issues. You win some, you lose some. It's fun to play from home. Another perk is that the cashouts are lightning fast.”

☆ - Worst customer support ever - somehow they manage to never take responsibility for any kind of issue you might have. Otherwise they'll just throw some generic, pre-typed, troubleshooting instructions at you that pertain to nothing you mentioned.”

BetMGM Nevada

No Casino — Poker, Sportsbook available 

-I'm so glad I found this application I have fun all day all night long I could be having a horrible day let me go on a play some slots a smile to go right on my face keep up the good work”

☆ - They have issues with customer service. Games lose connection which is loss of money...”

A common theme in the U.S. is that users struggle with being accurately located even when in a state where BetMGM Casino offerings are legal. Importantly, if a player is not physically located in a legal state, they can access their account but cannot play games or place bets. As with all online wagering products available, the regulations vary a lot state-to-state.

Frequently, sources of geolocation problems from BetMGM players are poor WiFi, VPN usage, living near a state border (making it hard to verify), or new devices for a previously registered account. BetMGM offers details on some common geolocation issues and troubleshooting tips in their "help" resources for players.


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No promotions available. Try selecting a different location.

BetMGM Mobile Casino App Screenshots

BetMGM Mobile App & Website Experience

BetMGM Casino App Review 

To compete in today's online casino market, a company must provide players with an app that is simple, easy to navigate, bug-free, and, of course, entertaining. Our testing of BetMGM's online casino app was completed on iPhone X and iPhone 12 models in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and with what we could see in California, with MacBook Pro and P.C. testing on web in follow up. Overall, the experience was very positive. 

As in most areas these days, it's helpful to read genuine product reviews from real customers when deciding between similar options. So with that in mind, we read through the hundreds of reviews on the Google Play and Apple App store to identify themes and common issues the broader population experienced. We hope to make sure new players are aware of the BetMGM Casino app's pros and cons.

Apple App Store Reviews

Download Apple App — 4.7/5 with 41.3K ratings in September 2022

Apple reviews are higher on average than Google Play, but we've noticed many complaints and praise throughout the platforms.

iOS User Negatives with BetMGM

  • Wrong location. Users frequently complained about location accuracy issues, sometimes booting them from in the middle of a game, preventing play at all.
  • Logging in. Users cited being signed in and signed out, often related to depositing activity or duration of play, even if they were active.
  • Customer support. Users were frustrated with delays in response to their emails, as well as chats getting disconnected. It often took follow-up to get an issue resolved.

iOS User Positives at BetMGM Casino

  • Fantastic variety & value. Users raved about the range of choices, particularly for slots, noting that the offering was ever-growing. Additionally, Reviewers noted the promotions and player bonuses as being the best for casino lovers.
  • Quality. There's a realistic look and feel to the casino games users referenced. Many referenced that this was a step ahead of other online casinos.
  • Winning & trust. Users noted they'd referred friends, coworkers, and family — and folks were winning money.

 Google Play BetMGM Casino Reviews

Download Google Play Store App — 4.4/5 with 7.23K ratings in September 2022

Like Apple, Google users gave high ratings for choices and gameplay, yet many were disappointed with technical issues and service.

Android User Negatives

  • Geolocation. Users on Google play cited location issues, but on an even grander scale. Some solutions users cited need to regularly delete and reinstall the app to be appropriately identified and played.
  • Customer support. Many customers found communication delays frustrating or C.S. solutions were not much better than their own, such as suggesting deleting and re-downloading the app. Getting a hold of a "real person" was an issue.

Android User Positives

  • Selection. Like Apple users, Android users raved about the selection of games and were impressed by the number of choices.
  • Quality. Again the quality was referenced, with descriptors like "most awesome" noting that BetMGM was "the top casino."

BetMGM Casino Web

An online casino site must operate quickly and intuitively. For the most part, BetMGM does so when used on a desktop or laptop computer and rates highly vs. the competition.

Web Experience: BetMGM Casino is an Experience to See!

Category: Web Experience

Comparison: BetMGM to Caesars

Measured: Core Web Vitals, PageSpeed, First Input Delay

A speedy, reliable experience is critical for online casino games, where seconds matter and site responsiveness can mean winning or losing. Neither casino passed Google's Core Web Vitals' assessment, but BetMGM scored a 77 — leaps and bounds above Caesars Casino's 2 for PageSpeed. We checked again, and Caesars did jump up to a 15. Better, but not by a lot. Importantly for casino players, BetMGM had a great "First Input Delay" score — 28ms and 91% of pages in the good territory. This means when users tap or play, the site responds quickly and reliably.

Online casinos must hook users by replicating the real-life casino experience as closely as possible in a digital format to stand apart from competitors. BetMGM rates well in this area by surfacing the information players need quickly and intuitively.

 Live Gaming Navigation: BetMGM Casino Navigates with Ease.

Category: Live Game Navigation

Comparison: BetMGM to Caesars

Measured: Click Depth, Design Friction

We love that both casinos have invested in offering live dealer experiences, making them feel authentic and of high quality. However, BetMGM has Caesars beat on a critical detail: selecting a table. Caesars showcases a picture of a beautiful dealer and a table number, but it requires the user to click into a game to scope key game details. BetMGM, meanwhile, shows players a real-time view of how many open seats are at each table. The number of players in a game impacts the flow, and we appreciate that BetMGM makes information available as part of a player's upfront table selection process.

Naturally, issues will arise, technical or otherwise. Users must be confident that an online casino will solve their problems. Unfortunately, BetMGM didn't score so well for us here. 

Customer Service Support: BetMGM Customer Support is a Work in Progress.

Category: Customer Service Support

Comparison: BetMGM to Caesars

Measured: Time-to-response, time-to-resolution, number of C.S. touchpoints, number of communications to resolve an issue

We had hit-or-miss support with BetMGM Customer Service. Sometimes, it takes a few tries to get to the right person to solve a problem because a representative would misunderstand and close out a ticket without a proper solution. Caesars makes support easily accessible with a customer service widget and rapid response time (a few seconds to initiate a dialogue).

Overall, the BetMGM online casino has a leg up on competitors due to its well-rounded and solid playing experience on the Web. It generally performs in a way players will be pleased with.

BetMGM Online Casino Game Selection

Make no mistake: If there's one area where BetMGM thrives, it's in the diversity and the sheer number of games it offers. If anything, players may feel bombarded with the amount to choose from, but they should be able to find games that fit their playing style and personal interests in no time.

Table Games

Players can choose from a wide variety of popular table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker, and more, with multiple variations of each. You can always start with the No. 1 choice, Premium Blackjack Pro. Live dealer games simulate a real-life casino experience between 8-6 a.m. daily.

  Live Dealer Availability: BetMGM Casino Live Dealers Aren't Available at all Hours

Category: Live Dealer Availability

Comparison: BetMGM vs. Golden Nugget

Measured: Total Hours Live Dealer Offering Available per day and week

Live Game availability Golden Nugget has live games running 24/7. There are two hours a day where BetMGM Dealers log off. We'll forgive them, but Golden Nugget wins for consistent availability. Learn more about our Golden Nugget Casino bonus!

Virtual Blackjack

No Minimum Bet. Players can wager whatever they are comfortable with risking.

Easy Math. The game does the math by quickly adding cards, which players will rarely find at actual casinos.

No Dealer Communication. The downside, however, is that there is zero communication with the dealers, something players may enjoy when at a real table.

Many players that become frustrated over losing "to a computer" in Virtual Blackjack have noted a tendency to gravitate toward Live Blackjack to play with a human dealer.

Live Blackjack

Social Interaction. The fun here is that the dealer is an actual human being. This includes a new dealer rotation and machine shuffle, just like when at a physical casino.

Higher minimums. There is a $50 minimum bet, which may be a bit steep for new players testing the waters in online casinos.

Quick Decision Making. A 13-second time limit is allotted to place bets and make game decisions. Some players may feel this is a little too speedy for them, especially first-timers or amateurs.

There generally are plenty of seats and tables available on the game's menu, so finding a spot is not a problem. Overall, BetMGM's Live Blackjack experience very closely simulates playing at an actual casino, rating as one of the best Blackjack games available by any online casino. We give it an A+.

Live Game Diversity: Expanding Live Games Should be on the BetMGM Roadmap

Category: Live Game Diversity

Comparison: BetMGM vs. William Hill

Measured: Count of Unique Game Names

While the quality and attention to detail BetMGM offers in its live gaming are unsurpassed, William Hill provides a broader range of games. Some of these were brand new to us — Sic Bo? 3 Card Brag? BetMGM has the classics nailed, but if we're ever looking to branch out into new live casino experiences, William Hill is the place to go.

Slot Games

BetMGM offers new players a $5 bonus when wagering $50 on slots. The only issue is, which one to play? There are more than 500 slot options (!), almost too many to choose from as if the MGM took an entire floor of slot machines and put them all right in front of your face.

Still, there's a lot of spice and fun variety from the different reel counts, scatter symbols, and more. Players are offered classics like 'Wheel of Fortune' and the Wild West, along with themes such as dragons, pirates, fruit, and even sushi.

Our BetMGM Slot Takeaways:

Too Many Choices. An overwhelming amount of slot game options (>500), many with animated tiles to select.

Unclear Outcomes. We played ten different slot games and didn't win. Or, if we did win, it was not clear.

Exciting Upside. Our favorite slot was the MGM Grand Millions, with five reels and 243 ways to win during the main game. There are even more (1,024!) through the free 'Bonus Spins' feature, all while the "progressive jackpot" grows. When we last checked, the "progressive jackpot" was almost $3 million and growing!

READ MORE: The Most Popular Legal Online Slot Games

Game Winners: BetMGM Could Make Wins More Obvious!

Category: Game Winners

Comparison: BetMGM Casino vs. Golden Nugget

Measured: Clarity on outcome messaging across game types, available information about recent winners

We saw progressive mega jackpots come and go without fanfare with BetMGM, and when playing slots, we had a hard time telling if we won or lost a game at all. Conversely, Golden Nugget celebrates its winners! There were five winners within the last two days with jackpots from $8K-$40K, with the games they won highlighted in top-of-screen banners on the Web. We love the transparency and were inspired to play some new games (Chicken Fox 5x Skillstar sounds interesting...) with recent winners.

Casino Roulette

BetMGM offers 12 types of roulette games with different twists, including lightning rounds and even live play. However, in all of a player's choices, the object of roulette stays the same: bet correctly on where the ball will land.

BetMGM Roulette had some positives for Action players:

 Simple Intuitive Play. We found roulette to be one of the more accessible games to play in the BetMGM portfolio. It's as simple as clicking the chip amount and clicking where to put them.

Realistic Interactions. The actions of rolling dice, adding chips, and making bets are just as fun and engaging digitally as they are in real life.

Clear Outcomes. After rolling, the game tells players if they won or lost and then takes them to the previous screen to add chips to their bet to visualize what was won.

Be aware that you will be prompted to the deposit screen as you continue placing bets that exceed your funds. If you don't wish to make a deposit, the game is cleared and restarted.

New Casino Games

BetMGM is committed to giving casino players what they want, which means bringing new choices in regularly. New games are state-specific with their availability, but each legal state had new games to offer. In just one "New Games" screen, we can see a range of options – Leprechauns to Sports, Whales to NASCAR Racing. Where else would you find all that but BetMGM Casino?

Exclusive Casino Games

Want a unique gaming experience? BetMGM has also gone to lengths to offer games no other casinos can. BetMGM Michigan offered more than 500 exclusive slots, including Dazzling Sun (fruit-themed reels) and Galacticos (space and gemstones).

However, what we found most memorable were the table game experiences, like BetMGM Blackjack Pro and BetMGM Roulette Pro. The live experience has been meticulously curated.

Additionally, the MGM Grand Millions and its progressive jackpot are exclusive as well. 

Exclusive Game Offerings: BetMGM Casino has Exclusives Covered

Category: Exclusive Games

Comparison: BetMGM vs. Golden Nugget

Measured: Exclusive Game Count per legal state

Not only has BetMGM created a brand so formidable we remember games like the "MGM Millions," but it has gone out of its way to building an arsenal of choices from slots to table classics you can't get anywhere else. We found BetMGM had 2.5x the exclusive offerings Golden Nugget did and growing. 

No matter what type of games a player prefers, they won't have any trouble finding it. Well, they might be due to the overload of options, but not because BetMGM doesn't offer it.

Most Popular Games

If you're not sure where to start, go with what's popular! Here's a list of BetMGM's most popular online casino game types of 2020, ranked:

1) Bingo. Remember this game? A card with a grid consisting of numbers and letters, fill out a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row to win. It's probably been a while since you last participated in a bingo game, but even more of a reason to give it a shot. A significant benefit here is that BetMGM offers many types of bingo games, so it's easy to find one to try. Gambling in its most simple form.

2) Blackjack. The best thing about playing Blackjack online vs. a real casino might be that you can play at your own pace. Another added benefit: Fewer distractions and more privacy than an actual casino, which many players appreciate. Popular Blackjack titles include Premium Blackjack Pro, Multi-Hand Blackjack and Vegas Downtown Blackjack.

3) Poker. Since the "poker boom" of the early 2000s, games and prize money for real and online casinos have been growing. What players enjoy about online poker is mixing things up with different poker game variations, whether a daily or occasional player. Casino Hold'Em Poker and Double Double Bonus Poker ranked at the top of most played.

4) Roulette. Players flocked to this game in 2020 for the diverse options and pace of play. Black & Yellow Roulette and American Roulette Pro were the most popular games, with American and European styles offered.

5) Online Slots. This type of game is where BetMGM shines with the most themes offered of any game category. Play a few spins in the jungle of the "Jumanji" movie franchise, then switch over to space to see if you can hit a bonus among the planets of Galacticos. More slots with themes players may recognize Guns N Roses, Monopoly Big Spin and Wheel Of Fortune. Popular slots: Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, Jumanji. Something growing in popularity online are slot tournaments, which generally offer higher winnings than regular play slots. The benefits of online slot tourneys are a more flexible buy-in, usually for a few cents per spin.

BetMGM Online Casino Cashiering

BetMGM allows players to deposit funds with ease directly from a bank account or preferred credit/debit card. Choose from:

  • VIP Preferred
  • VISA/MasterCard
  • Discover
  • PayPal (Learn about other top online casinos that accept PayPal)
  • Bank Account Bill Pay
  • PayWithMyBank Online Banking
  • BetMGM Prepaid Play+
  • M life Rewards MasterCard

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Here's how to withdraw cash from your BetMGM account in a few simple steps:

  • Ensure that you are signed in on the Web or mobile app
  • Navigate to the My Account button (top right corner)
  • Next, click on Cashier Page and select the Withdrawal tab
  • Select a preferred method of withdrawal and enter the amount
  • Hit the withdraw button!

Like most online casinos, there are more options, and it's faster to deposit than to withdraw. This can be frustrating for users but is also a savvy business decision to keep us coming back. FYI: BetMGM does have a minimum withdrawal amount of $20 for both its sportsbook and online casino.

READ MORE: Which Online Casinos Have Instant Withdrawals?

Other BetMGM Benefits

A major benefit of signing up to play at the BetMGM Online Casino is that all players are automatically enrolled in the award-winning loyalty program of MGM Resorts, M life Rewards. iRewards also allow players to turn points into perks, with the ability to redeem them for bonuses, cash or world-class experiences like comped rooms, discounted dining, VIP seating at sportsbooks and more at all MGM family properties (MGM Grand in Detroit, MGM Grand, Bellagio and ARIA in Las Vegas, Borgata in New Jersey, MGM National Harbor in Maryland and Beau Rivage in Mississippi).

The potential to turn online winnings into real-life experiences is something we found very appealing from BetMGM. M life Rewards allows players to be involved with one of the most extraordinary resorts in the world. 

There's more than hotel discounts and lifestyle perks with Mlife — there are also perks just for the players like:

  • Extended expiration for points
  • Special tournaments
  • Ability to convert Points to FREEPLAY
  • Bonuses on Playing Slots up to 40%

The extent and availability of the perks are tier-based, depending on points a player has accumulated:

BetMGM Tier Points Required
Sapphire up to 24,999
Pearl 25,000
Gold 75,000
Platinum 200,000
Noir By Exclusive Invitation Only

BetMGM's rewards program is extensive and unique due to the nature of its global brand. For more information, they've carefully detailed the program here.

BetMGM Casino Bonus Code Review Summary

  • 9.1

    BetMGM Casino Bonus Code Overall Score

    Action Network's BetMGM Online Casino Summary

    Our final thoughts on BetMGM’s online casino bonuses and casino offers:

    • Best Casino for Option-Seekers. Players simply will not find a greater selection of games (especially slots) at any other online casino. 
    • Tech Experience Solid All Around. The gameplay was pretty smooth both on the web and via mobile app, and of the quality you would expect from a respected casino like MGM.
    • The Live Dealer Experience is World-Class. The Live Dealer Blackjack provided us the most entertainment as it felt the closest to being at an actual table, yet in the comfort of our own space.
    • Customer Support Can Be Improved. Technical issues (or lack of clear messaging to set expectations with the app) were disappointing and disrupting, and customer service can be hit or miss.

    Getting a bonus without having to deposit makes it a no-brainer to try BetMGM Casino. The no deposit bonus of $25 is unmatched and should be enticing enough for players to give BetMGM's entertaining and engaging product a shot. Use the BetMGM Online Casino bonus code ACTIONCASINO to get started.

Steve Petrella is a senior editor for The Action Network covering college football, among other things. He’s a Penn State grad now based in Atlanta who enjoys great punting, clock-killing drives and turnovers in the red zone.

More from Steve Petrella

BetMGM Casino Bonus Code News

BetMGM Online Casino FAQ
What is BetMGM Casino?

MGM Casino is an online casino accessible on any browser or via a mobile app that offers a wide range of popular slots and other casino games, including Live Dealer options in select states.

Is it legal to bet and play casino games on BetMGM Casino?

BetMGM Casino is a fully legal, regulated online casino operating in four states: Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Where can you legally play online Casino games with BetMGM?

Currently you can play BetMGM Casino online in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The offerings are different from state to state.

Do I have to be a resident of one of the states where it’s legal to gamble online?

No, you just need to physically be inside the state border and at least 21 years old. BetMGM uses GPS to confirm your location.

Are the BetMGM online casino games the same state by state?

No, the offerings differ from state to state due to different rules and regulations.

Can I disable my location software and use BetMGM Casino?

No, it is illegal to disable geolocation software while playing/betting on Casino games online. If the geolocation software is disabled or tampered with, your connection will be closed. The same goes for crossing state lines; if you enter a new state, your connection will be closed. 

Is my credit/debit card information safe if I use it for online gambling?

Yes, absolutely. All credit/debit card information is stored on a secure server that is protected by all the latest security measures.

Are BetMGM Casino games fair?

Yes, BetMGM games are independently tested to make sure that they are fair, that they operate correctly, and that the outcomes are not predictable.

What if I get disconnected during a game?

If you get disconnected during a game, all you have to do is log out and back in. This should take to you the game you were playing. If that doesn’t work, simply open the game manually and you will be able to pick up where you left off.

How do I put money in my BetMGM Casino account?

BetMGM offers a variety of ways to deposit money into your BetMGM account. These include PayPal, credit/debit cards, eCheck, ACH, BetMGM Play+, Skrill, and cash at a casino cage.

Do I need to use an app to play BetMGM Casino?

There is a dedicated BetMGM app that is available for Android and iPhone users to make playing on the go easy. You can visit BetMGM Casino from any web browser, as well. There are a few differences between the desktop site and mobile apps, but you can make deposits and request withdrawals on both with ease.

How will I receive my funds if I win?

BetMGM accepts withdrawals via ACH, eCheck, Skrill, BetMGM Play+ card, PayPal, check by mail, or cash at the casino cage.

Can I play with a live dealer at BetMGM Casino online?

Currently Live Dealer availability is limited and only available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with the expectation that the Live Dealer option will be available in Michigan by the end of the year. As more states are nearing legalized online casinos, BetMGM anticipates more offerings for live dealers in the future for online casino play.

Are there promotions at BetMGM casino?

Yes, BetMGM offers some great promos.They have an incredible welcome offer for new players, giving $25 on the house and a 100% deposit match up to $1,000. This means that if you deposit $1,000 into your account on sign up, you’ll end up with $2,000 in your account plus the extra $25. In addition to this promo, they offer a range of fun promos for current players that change all the time.

If I am a resident of one of the states where it is legal to play BetMGM Casino online, can I still play if I visit another state?

You need to physically be inside a state’s boundaries where it is legal to play BetMGM Casino, whether you are a resident of that state or not.

What kinds of games are available at BetMGM Casino online?

BetMGM Casino offers a wide and diverse array of online casino games to play. They offer more than 300 video slots, including progressive jackpot slots. They also offer table games, some with Live Dealers in select states.

What are some of the featured game suppliers at BetMGM Casino?

With the MGM namesake, you know that BetMGM works with the top tier gaming studios. You’ll find new releases and classics alike from NetEnt, Everi, IGT, Evolution, Konami, Ainsworth, Big Time Gaming, and many others.

Is there a rewards program with BetMGM Casino?

Yes! Once you start your game play with BetMGM Casino you’ll be instantly enrolled in their M life Rewards program. As you collect points, you can use them online but also at any brick-and-mortar MGM Resort locations. There are five different levels, starting at Sapphire and working up to Pearl, Gold, and Platinum. The top level is called Noir and is by invitation only. With each new level, you’ll receive new perks and rewards, such as access to better regular bonuses.