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2018 Gambling Olympics: Bales and Jennings Side Bet on Rock-Paper-Scissors and Racquetball

2018 Gambling Olympics: Bales and Jennings Side Bet on Rock-Paper-Scissors and Racquetball article feature image


  • The inaugural Gambling Olympics takes place in Las Vegas on July 9-10.
  • The buy-in is $2,500, but there could be significantly more than that wagered in side action.
  • Jonathan Bales and Peter Jennings have negotiated a deal involving Rock-Paper-Scissors as well as racquetball and the pull-up challenge.

The 2018 Gambling Olympics is a two-day, 12-person contest taking place in Las Vegas on July 9-10. The buy-in is $2,500, and the winner gets $10,000.

Before, during and after the Gambling Olympics, we will provide extensive coverage via participant profiles, event breakdowns and live in-person analysis. Be sure to follow all the action in the Gambling Olympics section of the site.


A Side Bet With CSURAM88

Before the Gambling Olympics officially begin on Monday, July 9, some of us will be in Vegas participating in preliminary events, such as a pull-up challenge and racquetball (RB).

Although the buy-in for the Main Event is $2,500, we anticipate the majority of big action will be side bets, and I just booked a couple more with Peter Jennings. As I mentioned on the “Buffet with Chad & Scooch,” I’m fine with taking significant action when I think I have an edge, which I do with Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS). has created odds for the Gambling Olympics, and I opened as a heavy +175 favorite in that event.

Reminder: If you want to put some action on the Gambling Olympics, you can.

I’ll give a free 12-month @FantasyLabs subscription to whoever makes the most correct bets in the @ActionNetworkHQ Gambling Olympics. Must RT this and send number of winners (with screenshots) by end of day July 11.

— Jonathan Bales (@BalesFootball) June 28, 2018

Pete and I negotiated on Slack. Here’s our intermittent 40-minute conversation. Time well spent.

Bales & CSURAM88 Negotiation

jonathan.bales [1:20 PM]
Anyone want RPS bet and I’ll give +110?
Has to be large number of throws

peter.jennings [1:21 PM]
I’ll take +125

jonathan.bales [1:23 PM]
No chance 125…110 is already generous for a game of chance
will do +112 in RPS best of 101

peter.jennings [1:34 PM]
no interest

jonathan.bales [1:35 PM]
maybe levi will take the free money
he should given he’s been smashing me

peter.jennings [1:39 PM]
ill take +110 if you play me even in racquetball bales

jonathan.bales [1:41 PM]
that’s ludicrous
you were talking a couple months ago about shutting me out

peter.jennings [1:42 PM]
I barely beat levitan and you are beating him now
I got way worse

jonathan.bales [1:42 PM]
I’m not regularly beating him…just sometimes. and you got “way worse” after you had gotten better
you’re a clear favorite and presumably win almost all the time

peter.jennings [1:43 PM]
how do you know I am a clear favorite?

jonathan.bales [1:43 PM]
whereas you can easily beat me in RPS
I mean I saw you play and you talked about improving

peter.jennings [1:43 PM]
you guys have both played a lot

jonathan.bales [1:43 PM]
not recently
the only thing I am better at now is conditioning

adam.levitan [1:44 PM]
I don’t think playing against each other actually helps us much. We are both so bad, it’s almost a different game

peter.jennings [1:44 PM]
uh huh
Levi you almost beat me

adam.levitan [1:44 PM]
I played another guy once and he was clearly legit. Just smoked me. He was like 45 years old

jonathan.bales [1:44 PM]
yeah if we were playing much better players it would be useful

adam.levitan [1:44 PM]
Biggest issue is we generate zero winners off serve. It’s so hard to overcome

peter.jennings [1:44 PM]
I dont play anyone good

jonathan.bales [1:45 PM]
I wouldn’t even take +4 pts peter

peter.jennings [1:45 PM]
couldnt even get stokely
man you guys are impossible
just want to fleece me!

jonathan.bales [1:45 PM]
i’ll do even in RB if I can get an actual good bet…RPS is a joke and you’re prob profitable at 110

peter.jennings [1:46 PM]
no chance Im profitable you are too good

jonathan.bales [1:46 PM]
come on you know it’s barely skillful and RB is all skill

peter.jennings [1:48 PM]
ok how about this
full unit (you choose unit) even match RB and RPS and I will give you half a unit on shutting you out even money in RB
thats very fair and you get so much equity in the RPS and half unit of not being shut out
one game to 15 is shut out

jonathan.bales [1:51 PM]
so much equity in RPS lol

peter.jennings [1:51 PM]
match would be three sets

jonathan.bales [1:51 PM]
you just need to shut me out in one of first two?

peter.jennings [1:51 PM]
we could say shut out on the first one
just one chance

jonathan.bales [1:52 PM]
oh I see….the problem is RPS I have like 55% equity and RB I have like 5%

peter.jennings [1:52 PM]
60% and you probably have 30-40% on full match
and at least 95% in half unit on getting one point in first set

jonathan.bales [1:52 PM]
how do we determine serve

peter.jennings [1:53 PM]
RPS best of one for serve

jonathan.bales [1:54 PM]
do you have an additional racket?

peter.jennings [1:55 PM]

jonathan.bales [1:56 PM]
I will do best of 101 for the RPS but I want the throws to be when I decide, whether it is within one second or takes one minute. Best of seven for serve in RB. And 0.6 units on the shutout bet since I won’t have my racket and I need a power racket.

peter.jennings [1:56 PM]
I’ll give you all of that but only .5 units on shutout

jonathan.bales [1:56 PM]
and I will do whatever you want up to $3k per unit
will do 0.5 units if I can start up 1-0 in the RPS best of seven

peter.jennings [1:59 PM]
how about this whoever wins pull-up bet changes unit from .5 to .6
.6 if I win
.5 if you win

jonathan.bales [2:00 PM]
okay fair enough
booked for whatever amount you choose

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