2018 Gambling Olympics: Poker Pros Joey Ingram & Matt Brown Bet on Tournament After Busting Out

Jul 10, 2018 12:45 AM EDT

The Highlights

  • Poker pros Joey Ingram and Matt Brown were the first players ousted of the Day 1 poker tournament in the $2,500 Gambling Olympics.
  • To keep some skin in the game, they did a $100 draft of the 10 remaining players in the tournament.
  • 2017 WSOP Main Event winner Blumstein took down the Poker challenge, giving Brown the victory.

What happens when you bust out of one of the Gambling Olympics events you were expected to dominate?

If you’re Joey Ingram and Matt Brown, you just bet on the event.


Ingram and Brown are both Las Vegas residents who play poker at a high level, but they were the first two Gambling Olympics participants ousted from the Day 1 poker tournament.

Instead of sulking, they decided to bet each other with a fantasy-style snake draft: Whoever has the winner on his team gets a $100.

Here’s footage of their draft.

Brown’s Team

Ingram’s Team

Brown had a strong draft, especially with the selections of Adams and Blumstein. Adams is a poker pro and was the chip leader when selected, and Blumstein is the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event winner.

It’s not a surprise that the final players left in the game were Adams and Blumstein, with the WSOP winner emerging victorious.

With his victory in the Poker challenge, Blumstein jumped to first in the individual standings.

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