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Five Holiday Gift Ideas for the Sports Fan & Bettor in Your Life

Five Holiday Gift Ideas for the Sports Fan & Bettor in Your Life article feature image

David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images. Pictured: A fan dressed as Santa Claus

The holiday season is officially upon us! The next few weeks are not only about spending time with family and friends (likely virtually), but also a magnificent time to be a sports fan (and bettor).

The NFL is steamrolling toward the playoffs, college football bowl season gets underway Dec. 19 and the NBA is right on its heels with a Dec. 22 start.

So, what do you get for that special sports bettor in your life (or yourself), especially when tickets to live events may not be available due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Here are five holiday gift ideas for the sports fanatic, especially those who like a little action to spice up the holidays as well.

2020 Holiday Gift Ideas for Sports Fans & Bettors

1. An Action PRO subscription

You may not know what a sports bettor needs to help make the smartest bets possible, but we do!

Lock in an annual Action PRO subscription for your loved one and gift him or her access to all of the tools, data and analysis needed to make 2021 a winning sports betting year!

The betting tools used by the pros

Best bets & signals for every game

Projections from proven pros

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2. Portable smart phone charger

While you may not be going to casinos in the near future, this is my must-have whenever visiting Las Vegas.

In fact, with mobile betting now available in these 10 states, a portable charger can be even more useful than ever before.

Whether sitting at a sportsbook, in a restaurant or frankly anywhere with cell service, one of the most frustrating experiences is trying to do research and locking in your bets while your battery flirts with 0%.

Make sure your loved one will never experience sports betting FOMO due to battery life ever again!

3. Darren Rovell Cameo

Did you know that for just $35 you can have Darren Rovell, Twitter’s favorite punching bag, record a custom video for you and your loved one?

This is a man who recently ate dog food as a punishment for losing a bet as part of his “Fade Rovell” series, so get creative!

For those of you who are new here….

Yes, I do pay off my FadeRovell + @pointsbetusa bets.

Yes, I did eat dog food.

And yes, I do have video*

*Also threw up on and off camera.

Love you, @bakermayfield!

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) December 8, 2020

4. Streaming Device

Let’s face it — we’re all stuck at home right now, so the weekend trips to Buffalo Wild Wings to immerse yourself in as many simultaneous games as possible isn’t an option.

However, creating your own sports bar at home, even temporarily, can help simulate the experience.

Grab your loved one a streaming device, my preference is a Roku, and BAM!, you have multiple televisions showing betting sweats all at once.

An added bonus: streaming devices make it easy to broadcast The Action Network’s wildly popular betting shows, “The Gimme,” starring Jason Sobel, Peter Jennings and Amanda Rose, and “Convince Me,” with Chad Millman, Sean Koerner, Matthew Freedman, Chris Raybon and Katie Richcreek, right to your television screen.

5. Whiskey

Hello whiskey, my old friend …

Winter season is whiskey season (assuming you or your loved one is at least 21 years old). There’s nothing I enjoy more than setting up my in-home sports bar (with streaming devices, of course) and sweating out bets in front of the fireplace with whiskey in hand.

And by no means have I ever been described as a “classy fella,” so I’m not breaking the bank on my whiskey either.

My favorite affordable bottle is Jameson Caskmakes Stout Edition, which goes for $24.99 at Total Wine.

And if your loved one hasn’t yet developed a taste for whiskey, go for Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, which is also less than $30 per bottle.

It’s a little sweet with a hint of peanut butter, the perfect flavor combination to wash away that bitter bad beat aftertaste.

The betting tools used by the pros

Best bets & signals for every game

Projections from proven pros

Profitable betting system picks

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