The Daily Sweat: Plenty of Basketball and a Bit of Motors, Clubs and Fists

The Daily Sweat: Plenty of Basketball and a Bit of Motors, Clubs and Fists article feature image

Jerome Miron – USA TODAY Sports

For today’s Daily Sweat, we have huge slates for both NBA and college hoops, a little Daytona 500 action, another golf tournament coming up and some buyback on the biggest Barstool boxing match this weekend.

NBA Guide

With 12 NBA games on the night, our NBA crew has nuggets you need to know for every game.


We ain’t talking Sega and we ain’t talking Phil Collins. With the Genesis Open teeing off tomorrow, our native golf aficionados break down the field.

Kentucky vs. Auburn

Our college hoops addicts dive deep into perhaps the biggest game of the evening.

Wake and Rake

There was one game that the early risers took advantage of, but they didn’t stop after PJ’s morning analysis.

Trendy Faders

John Ewing brings a pro Bet Labs system to the table that will help you fade with fashion in college hoops tonight.

Straight Cash Homie

Though it’s not the most popular game by a long shot, one college team is getting enough dollars to move the line a good deal in their favor.

Speaking of Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr…

Maybe you don’t bet normally bet on NASCAR, but PJ found one proposition where oddsmakers have fallen asleep at the wheel for the Daytona 500.

Betting on a Blockhead

Barstool’s second Rough N Rowdy amateur boxing bout takes place this weekend and the line is finally moving back towards Smitty.

Photo via Jerome Miron – USA TODAY Sports