October Football Madness Betting Contest: Koerner vs. Stuckey Championship Showdown

October Football Madness Betting Contest: Koerner vs. Stuckey Championship Showdown article feature image
  • Welcome to the finals of Month 2 of our first of many internal monthly football betting contests.
  • Sixteen started off in the bracket and two now remain.
  • Three picks (sides or totals) are required each weekend, including at least one from NFL and NCAA.

The finals have arrived!

Sean Koerner and myself advanced to the championship match, but it wasn’t pretty. I got help from Ken Barkley’s brutal Cincinnati loss against Temple, while Koerner won via the margin of cover tiebreaker.

Take a look at the updated bracket below before we get into the matchups and bets for this month’s final round.

For those unfamiliar with the format or looking for a refresher, please refer to the rules below for our monthly 16-team single-elimination betting bracket contest.


  • Each person must submit three weekend picks by Friday each week.
  • They can only be sides or totals — based on the lines set each Wednesday.
  • One pick must be from the NFL, one from NCAA and the third from either.
  • You get +1 for a win, -1 for a loss and 0 for a push.
  • Each head-to-head winner advances to the next weekend.
  • In the event of a tie, the person with the greatest margin of cover advances.
  • Side action is encouraged.

*Each month, I will hold a random contest on Twitter to select two members who will receive a free entry into our monthly betting contest. A risk-free shot at glory and a nice little prize if you can’t make it through the 16-team bracket unscathed.

Now, let’s take a look at the championship and third place matchups and selections. The record listed in parentheses next to each participant represents his lifetime contest record.

Stuckey (East Coast) vs. Sean Koerner (West Coast)

For all of the glory

Stuckey (14-7): Penn State-Iowa Under 52, Ravens -2.5, Broncos +10
Koerner (10-5): Wisconsin-Northwestern Under 53.5, Penn State -5, Lions -2.5

Looks like this could might be decided in the Big Ten on Saturday.

Travis Reed (Missouri) vs. Locky (Richmond)

Bronze medal match

Reed (5-4):  Texas A&M +1.5, Jets +7.5, Broncos +10
Locky (7-4-1): Southern Miss -8, Boise -8, Broncos +10,

With each picking the Broncos, this will come down to one pick on Saturday and another on Sunday.