The Masters Mega Guide

Betting, DFS Outlook on Every Player


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The Masters. Augusta National. It’s the most perfect week of the year for golf fans everywhere.

So, of course, we had to do things big. And that means putting out a comprehensive guide that hits everything you need to know before betting the Masters: current odds, DFS pricing, and handy analysis on all 87 players in the field. Yep, even those 250,000-to-1 longshots you’ve never heard of.

And should you want to put down a few wagers, we’ll tell you the best way to do so for each golfer, according to our metrics. This does not mean every player is a good bet; rather, if you want to bet on a player, we’ll simply show you the most efficient way to do so. Not all players have a positive ROI bet based on our data, and, conversely, some players’ odds to win and finish top 5/top 20 all have positive expected value. Again, the point is to provide analysis and data on each golfer, and when you find some you want to throw some darts on, we’ll help you analyze how to do so.

Which brings us to the model that powers this bad boy. Action Network golf guru Colin Davy built this sucker from the ground up, and it takes into account all the relevant metrics for a player: Overall strokes per round, adjusted for playing conditions and strength of field, plus player history at Augusta and weather conditions. The golfers here are ranked from best to worst here, meaning the numbers would favor the No. 1 player over the No. 2 player and so forth.

That’s enough preamble. Good luck!