The 250-1 Longshot Golfer to Watch at The Travelers Championship

The 250-1 Longshot Golfer to Watch at The Travelers Championship article feature image

Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured Dylan Meyer.

PGA Tour newcomer Dylan Meyer is gaining steam as a relative unknown with potential to make noise at the Travelers Championship this week.

Drew “The Sleeze” Stoltz, Peter Jennings, Bryan Mears and Colin Davy discuss his odds and eyewear on the latest episode of The Action Network Golf Podcast. Check out the conversation and listen to the full episode below (discussion begins at the 36:13 mark).

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The dialogue has been condensed for this story.

Sleeze: This week I’m going back to my roots. Back to the weeds where I dig out names from the dirt and they just pop on leaderboards like I’m friggin’ David Copperfield. Colin is gonna feel me on this one: Dylan Meyer. Big-time collegiate guy, made a lot of noise on the amateur circuit and actually, two years ago I believe, he beat Aaron Wise head-to-head in the semifinals of the NCAA Championship. This kid comes out for the first time as a pro and top-20s it at Shinnecock. Shoots 71, 69 Friday-Saturday. Nobody knows about him yet because he just turned pro. So, Dylan Meyer, step up. You are the Super Sleezy Pick of the Week. Wear this badge with honor my friend. You’ve earned it, but a lot of pressure on you. Make Daddy proud. Let’s go.

Bryan: Man, I love that one. Pete, I think Sleeze has had four Super Sneaky Sleezy Picks of the Week and two of the four haven’t even had data in our models.


Sleeze: Last week was miserable, I had to pick a tour winner. That’s not fun. I like to get super sneaky, get my hands dirty, dig into the crates, find those diamonds in the rough.

Colin: You found the one young Illinois golfer who I can’t say a bad thing on or even have a condescending remark. Goddammit, how did you pull this off? This is 8-level Chess.

Peter: I like the specs that he rocks too.

Sleeze: Yeah he’s got rec specs for golf. It doesn’t get more gangster than that. This dude is awesome. Top 20 by the way first event as a pro at Shinnecock? That doesn’t happen by accident. This kid has a lot of game.

Bryan: To be fair, Sleeze. … Jason Sobel, Action Network writer and friend of the pod, he wrote about T.J. Vogel after you talked about him on the pod. You are swaying the masses.

Sleeze: Watch this kid. Keep your eye on him. Keep all four eyes on him.

Peter: I’m going with Meyer 250-1. I am in on this kid.

Sleeze: There ya go! That is value. That is the definition of value.

Peter: What’s his projected ownership?


Bryan: Well it just went from 1% to like 25% because anyone who listens to this is gonnna have to get all-in on him.

Peter: How much money is too much to risk on him winning it 250-1?

Sleeze: There’s no amount too big.

Peter: It won’t even let me bet 100 dollars! Oh my gosh. Dude, I can’t even get money down on this guy.

Bryan: It’s because they know. All right, is he your pick? Our listeners have got stuff to do.

Peter: All right we’re ready to go. I’ve got $40 down. That’s the max I was allowed to bet on him. $40 to win $10,000. I’ll try to find some more ways to get money down on him.

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