Tour Championship Betting Guide: Is This the Year to Bet the Favorites?

Sep 19, 2018 8:15 PM EDT
  • The usual favorites on the PGA tour have not won the past four events heading into the Tour Championship.
  • Justin Rose (+750), Dustin Johnson (+800) and Rory McIlroy (+900) are at the top-3 favorites to win.
  • Longshot Aaron Wise (+6600) could be in play for a top-10 finish.

For a three-year stretch, the FedEx Cup Playoffs were a stage where stars shined.

That seemed to change a year ago at this event, when Xander Schauffele won the Tour Championship at +8000.

Put that win alongside the two Bryson DeChambeau wins, and Keegan Bradley‘s triumph a couple weeks ago and we’ve had four straight events without anyone near the top of the betting odds winning.

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This year, it’s been a combination of things. DeChambeau was a prospect who many figured could make into the game’s elite class. That time is now, and the days of betting him at +6600 are probably gone.

We’ve also seen some indifferent form from many of the stars outside of Justin Rose. Just looking at this week’s 30-person season finale, Rose, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy are at the top of the betting.

The Favorites

Rose is the favorite on Bovada at +750, DJ is next in line at +800 and Rory checks in at +900. Among this trio, I’d lean toward Rory. He won the Tour Championship before in 2016 and finished tied for second in 2014. He’s just as likely for me to take this down as Rose.


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Bill Streicher, USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Billy Horschel

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