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Barstool Sportsbook Promo Code Nets $1,000 for Sunday Night Football

Barstool Sportsbook Promo Code Nets $1,000 for Sunday Night Football article feature image

Barstool Sportsbook promo code ACTION1000 will unlock a $1,000 risk-free bet for any NFL game on Sunday, including Packers vs. Bears for Sunday Night Football.

You can use the risk-free bet on any sport, and on a single bet or parlay — just use ACTION1000 at checkout to claim the offer.

So how does the risk-free bet work? We’ll dive in below.

How Does a Risk-Free Bet Work?

The different sportsbook promotions all sounds similar, but work a little differently.

Here’s how Barstool’s risk-free bet works — then we’ll run through a real NFL example for Sunday.

  • Sign up using promo code ACTION1000
  • Deposit at least $10
  • If your first bet wins, you keep the winnings and your deposit
  • If it loses, you’ll get refunded in bonus cash (aka free bets) equal to that first wager

Let’s dive into an example from Saturday’s college football slate.

Say you deposit $200 and bet it all on Jaguars moneyline against the Colts at +140.

  • If the Jags win, you win $280, and keep the original $200.
  • If the Jags lose, you’ll get $200 in bonus cash.
  • If your bonus cash bets win, you keep the profit, but not the bonus cash.
  • If your bonus cash bets lose, you end up with nothing.

Pretend the Jags do lose your risk-free bet, and you get that $200 back. You put it all on Seahawks +350 against the 49ers.

  • If the Seahawks win, you’ll, you profit $700 but don’t keep the $200 in free bets.
  • If they lose, you end up with nothing.

Other things to know: You must use your bonus cash within 30 days, or it will be revoked. And you cannot wager on anything longer than -200 odds, or else your bonus cash won’t convert to real cash (but you want to use your free bets on longshots, anyway). That means a -150 bet is OK, but -300 isn’t.

How to Sign Up at Barstool

It’s simple to sign up at Barstool Sportsbook.

  • Follow this link
  • Input all your accurate information (name, address, last four of SSN)
  • Use promo code ACTION1000 at checkout
  • Deposit using bank account, credit card or PayPal
  • Make your first bet, risk-free, up to $1,000

Barstool’s promo code bonus offer is available in 13 states — Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. Users can still sign up and bet if they’re traveling to a different state where Barstool operates this weekend.

How to Use Your Risk-Free Bets

The optimal ways to use your risk-free bets, mathematically anyway, is on plus-money wagers. That’s because you’re getting much more expected value from +250 or +500 wagers — the higher the line, the more value.

But not everyone wants to squander their big free bets on longshots, even if it’s mathematically optimal.

Here are a few ways to use your risk-free bet at Barstool Sportsbook on Sunday’s NFL slate.

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