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BetMGM Bonus Code ACTION Unlocks $1,000 for Colts vs. Broncos

BetMGM Bonus Code ACTION Unlocks $1,000 for Colts vs. Broncos article feature image
  • BetMGM bonus codes ACTION and ACTIONYARD each unlock a different offer for NFL Week 5, including Thursday Night Football between the Colts and Broncos.
  • We'll explain each offer below, and explain how free bets and risk-free bets work at BetMGM.

There are two different BetMGM bonus codes available for Colts vs. Broncos. ACTION or ACTIONYARD each activate a different sign-up offer, depending on which state you’re in.

ACTIONYARD (IL, KS, LA only) gets you $200 in free bets if Indianapolis or Denver throws for 1+ yard. Bonus code ACTION gets you a $1,000 risk-free bet.

Here are the offer details when signing up at “The King of Sportsbooks.” We’ll get into how each offer works below.

BetMGM Bonus Code Details

States AZ, CO, DC, IA, IN, MI, NJ, TN, VA, WV & WY IL, LA, KS
Offer $1000 risk-free bet Bet $10, get $200 in free bets
For New users New users

Signing up at BetMGM takes just a few minutes.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click here to signup.
  2. Enter your personal info
  3. Use BetMGM bonus code ACTION or ACTIONYARD at checkout
  4. Deposit with your bank account, credit card, or PayPal — at least $10, or you won’t get the full bonus.

Offer No. 1: Risk-Free Bet

Risk-free bets and free bets initially work a little differently.

  • If you win your first bet at BetMGM: You keep the initial bet and any profits, and you’re free to withdraw the cash or continue betting it.
  • If you lose your first bet at BetMGM: You’ll get your initial bet back in free bets — equal to whatever you put in.

But you need to actually deposit $1,000 to get the $1,000 risk-free bet. You can’t bet $100, lose, and get $1,000 in free bets back.

Here’s a real example.

Let’s say you bet $200 on AC Milan to beat Chelsea in Champions League action on Wednesday afternoon. They’re priced around +350.

  • If AC Milan wins, you profit $700 ($200 x 3.5) and keep the original $200. You’ll have $900 in your account to withdraw or continue betting.
  • If AC Milan loses or draws (because in soccer there are three-way moneylines), you get $200 back in free bets.

We’ll explain free bets next.

Offer No. 2: Free Bets

BetMGM will give out a variety of free bets, including when you sign up. Maybe you used bonus code ACTIONYARD, or maybe you lost your first risk-free bet.

Here’s how free bets work:

  • If your free bet wins, you keep the winnings.
  • If your free bet loses, you end up with nothing.

Free bets are divided into smaller increments on BetMGM, so you don’t have to wager them all at once.

Pretend your first bet that you made with $200 loses. You now have $200 in free bets.

Then Thursday, you put it on the Colts to beat the Broncos at +160.

  • If the Colts win, you’ll have $320 in your account. You don’t keep the $200 in free bets.
  • If the Colts lose, you end up with nothing.

That’s why these offers aren’t truly risk-free. You can lose some or all of your deposit.

How to Use Your BetMGM Free Bets

The bigger the line, the more expected value you get over time, so you want to make plus-money wagers with free bets.

Minus-money wagers may seem safer, but it is best to take advantage of opportunity and wage on plus-money. The best way to use any free bets is on longshots.

Here’s a play on Wednesday Champions League action from Anthony Dabbundo.

I originally wanted to bet Chelsea at -120 or better here, but the market has moved off of injuries toward the Blues pretty steep. Chelsea is the better side and is at home, but that’s more reflected in the current price at -140 on the three-way moneyline.

Given Milan’s injuries and the continued solidity of Chelsea’s defense, it’s hard to see how Milan will consistently create big scoring chances. The attack is fourth in Italy in non-penalty xG created but is now missing a couple key pieces in supplementing the attack.

Last season, Chelsea hosted Juventus — also viewed by the market at the time as one of the top teams in Italy — and was a -180 moneyline favorite. Chelsea have regressed since then and aren’t the same dominant team, but the gap between the Premier League and Serie A only seems to be widening.

The Blues’ press-and-possess style isn’t something that Milan sees particularly often in Italy, a league that doesn’t feature the same level of pressing intensity as the PL.

Milan’s defense has conceded the second fewest xGA in Italy though, and Chelsea’s attack hasn’t been consistent at all this season. My projections only forecast 2.31 goals, and I like Under 2.5 at -110.

The Pick: Under 2.5 (-110)

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