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BetMGM Bonus Code ACTIONMLB Unlocks $1,000 for Wednesday UCL, MLB

BetMGM Bonus Code ACTIONMLB Unlocks $1,000 for Wednesday UCL, MLB article feature image

BetMGM bonus code ACTIONMLB will activate a $1,000 risk-free bet for any bet on Wednesday, including afternoon Champions League action, this weekend’s golf tournament and daily MLB games.

This offer is not available for new users in New York, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi.

Here’s how the bonus works at BetMGM.

Understanding Bonuses at BetMGM Sportsbook

So what’s a free bet vs. a risk-free bet? This terminology may be confusing if you’re new to legal sports betting.

A free bet is just what it sounds like.

Let’s say you bet the Angels at +130 against the Guardians with a $10 free bet. If L.A. wins, you’ll pocket $13, but not that $10 free bet back. If it loses, you end up with nothing.

Risk-free bets or “bet insurance” is where it gets a bit more confusing.

Here’s how that works:

  • If you win: If your risk-free bet wins, you keep the winnings, and it becomes real cash you can withdraw.
  • If you lose: You get a free bet equal to that amount.

The “catch” is that to get a $1,000 free bet, you have to deposit and wager the full $1,000. If you deposit $300, you’ll get a $300 risk-free bet. You also have to make your first bet $1,000 — you don’t get to choose which of your first 10 bets gets the risk-free treatment.

Let’s use that Angels example from above. Say you deposit $100 and bet L.A. at +130 to beat Cleveland.

  • If the Angels win: You keep the original $100, plus the $130 from winning the bet at +120.
  • If the Angels lose:  You get a $100 free bet back.
  • If that next free bet wins: You keep the winnings but not the $100.
  • If that next free bet loses: You end up with nothing.

If you’re new to sports betting, check out our 12 tips for beginners or how to read American odds.

How to Sign Up at BetMGM

Signing up at BetMGM takes a few minutes. No shady wire transfers, no Moneygram or crypto deposits to offshore sportsbooks.

  1. Use BetMGM bonus code ACTIONMLB at checkout
  2. Enter all your signup information (name, address, etc.)
  3. Deposit: you can use a bank account transfer, credit card, or PayPal
  4. Make your first NFL bet of $10 or more to qualify for the bonus!

You may have difficulty using certain credit cards with sportsbooks, so bank account transfer is often more reliable.

Here’s our review of BetMGM and how to sign-up:

How to Use Your Free Bets at BetMGM

The best way to use any free bets is on longshots. The higher the line, the more expected value you get over time.

But we understand most bettors don’t want to use big risk-free bets on longshots at +800, so +250 to +450 can be an excellent sweet spot.

Here are a few ways to use that bonus on Tuesday:

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