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Caesars Kansas Promo Code Gives Users $1,250 On the House

Caesars Kansas Promo Code Gives Users $1,250 On the House article feature image

New Caesars Sportsbook users can get up to a $1,250 on-the-house bet when they sign up now that Kansas sports betting is live.

Enter promo code ACTION4FULL while signing up to claim your bonus.

Understanding Bonuses

If you’re new to the legal online sports betting world and haven’t done it in another state, you might be a bit confused about the on-the-house bet.

Here’s how it works.

  • If your first bet wins, you keep the winnings and it’s real cash.
  • But if you lose, you’re given a free bet back that’s equal to the amount of that first losing bet.

The “catch” is that in order to get a $1,250 free bet, you have to deposit and wager the full $1,250. If you deposit $100, you’ll get a $100 free bet.

Let’s say you deposited $200 and bet $200 on Purdue to beat Penn State on Thursday night at around +140.

  • If Purdue wins: You keep the original $200, plus the $280 from winning the bet at +240.
  • If Purdue loses:  You get a $200 free bet back.
  • If that $200 free bet wins: You keep the winnings but not the $200.
  • If that $200 free bet loses: You end up with nothing.

If you’re totally new to sports betting, check out our 12 tips for beginners, or how to read American odds.

How to Sign Up at Caesars

Signing up is easy. Just input all your real info — name, address, email, etc. Even if you live outside of Kansas but are in the state, you’re allowed to sign up with your address in your home state and bet while inside the Kansas border. If you don’t use your real info, Caesars can’t verify your account.

  1. Enter code ACTION4FULL (or use this link)
  2. Enter all your signup information (name, address, etc.)
  3. Make your first deposit (bank account, credit card, PayPal)
  4. Place your first bet

Some credit card companies will reject deposits at real-money sportsbooks, so bank account transfer is sometimes more reliable.

If you’ve never used Caesars or any other sportsbook before, here’s a video on how to get started and when you should use Caesars.


How to Use Your Bonus

The best way to use any free bets is on plus-money wagers. The higher the line, the more expected value you’re getting over time. Most bettors don’t want to use big risk-free bets on longshots at +1000, so +300 to +500 can be a good sweet spot.

Here are a few ways to use your new free bets on Thursday and this weekend, with college football kicking off in full force.

Mike Calabrese’s Group of 5 parlay: Our G5 expert is back with a three-team college football parlay at +600.

US Open Women’s Draw: A handful of underdogs are live on Thursday, including qualifier Linda Fruhvirtova.

Pitt vs. West Virginia in the Backyard Brawl: Our expert is laying the points with the favorite in this reboot of a classic college football rivalry.

Purdue moneyline vs. Penn State: We’re kicking off CFB season in a big way with a moneyline play on pesky home underdog Purdue.

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