BlackJack Fletcher Taking On All Comers in Stanley Cup Side Action

BlackJack Fletcher Taking On All Comers in Stanley Cup Side Action article feature image

Pictured: Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury (29) celebrates with left wing Pierre-Edouard Bellemare (41) Credit: Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Highlights

    • BlackJack Fletcher loves the Vegas Golden Knights
    • BlackJack is looking for as much Stanley Cup Final action as possible from fellow employees of The Action Network
    • TAN’s Michael Leboff and Matt Mitchell happily obliged, taking the Washington Capitals to win the Cup

Find someone who looks at you the way BlackJack Fletcher looks at the Vegas Golden Knights. It’s no secret that BlackJack is a big fan of Las Vegas, as well as their hockey team, which has padded his pockets all season long.


BlackJack is going back to the well one final time and riling up all the action he can in The Action Network’s Side Action Slack channel:

BlackJack Fletcher (Sports bettor/Renaissance man): “I’m all over Vegas in this series. They’re younger, deeper, faster and overall better than DC. Also could be Ovechkin and the Caps’ boogeyman wasn’t the Penguins, but Marc-Andre Fleury who happens to be in net for the Golden Knights. Knights in five.

If anyone wants the Caps in the series I’m taking that bet.”

MIchael Leboff (Betting Editor/Islanders apologist): “I’m chasing all the money the Knights cost me by ruining my 50-1 Winnipeg future. My heart is in smithereens. I’m happy to take it at evens.”

BlackJack: “I’m sorry for that but you just compounded a loss my friend. $50 straight-up bet? Done. Who else wants to disappoint me by taking DC?”

Matt Mitchell (Audio Producer): “BlackJack, the line is Caps +115 for the series. If you give me that, I’ll put down the $50. Hell, I’ll even go +110 because you have a kind face.”

BlackJack: “I won’t lose out on $50 because of $5. Fine you got +110. Just be aware I’m going to enjoy taking your money most because you asked for the extra $5 here.”

Mitchell: “As a Mariners fan, I’ve watched disgusting expansion teams like the Marlins and Diamondbacks win championships with relative ease. And as a Bills fan, I watched literally every other NFL team (including an expansion Texans team) make the playoffs during their recent 17-year drought. I’m taking BlackJack’s bet (and soon his money) to stand up for the virtue of fan base due-paying.

I look forward to the five extra McDoubles that juice will buy.”

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