Marky’s Forecast: Friday’s Slate Littered with Great Hitting Conditions

Marky’s Forecast: Friday’s Slate Littered with Great Hitting Conditions article feature image

The Highlights

  • Bring your gloves to the bleachers tonight because there are going to be some long balls
  • Ten of tonight’s 14 games feature above-average hitting conditions
  • Three West Coast games will be pitcher-friendly and are offering some of tonight’s lowest totals

It’s Fridee and Marky is about to va a la playa. A mi me gusta bailar.

What a strange video…

Anyway, the point I’m driving at here is that it’s a nice day. When it’s nice in Ipswich, MA, it’s nice everywhere.


According to FantasyLabs‘ Weather Rating, 10 of tonight’s 14 games will feature above average hitting conditions. Two of these will be excellent conditions … can you guess which two? I’ll give you a hint: one is played halfway between the ocean and space, while the other is played under the blistering hot Texas sun.

Cincinnati (Sal Romano) at Colorado (Jon Gray)

Weather Rating: 94
Total: 11.5

I mean, if you couldn’t guess this one you should see if your local loony bin has any vacancies. With temperatures at first pitch expected to be about 90 degrees, the ball will have no trouble piercing through the thin, smoky Denver air. Though a surprising 60% of bets are on the under at the time of publication, the total has risen from 11 to 11.5 since opening.

Kansas City (Eric Skoglund) at Texas (Mike Minor)

Weather Rating: 82
Total: 9.5

My hint, which used the word Texas between the words hot and sun, should have given away the fact that I was referring to the Texas Rangers game. The thermometer should read above 90 for the first hour, but this game also features winds blowing in from right field. Though 70% of bets are on the over, the total has dropped from 10 to 9.5.

Here are the next five nicest games for hitters, four of which have seen the total rise since opening.

  • 69: Mets (Syndergaard) at Brewers (Guerra), total from 7.5 to 8
  • 69: White Sox (Lopez) at Tigers (Fiers), total 9
  • 67: Braves (Teheran) at Red Sox (Rodriguez), total 9.5 to 10
  • 66: Angels (Heaney) at Yankees (Severino), total 8 to 8.5
  • 63: Cardinals (Gant) at Pirates (Musgrove), total 8.5 to 9

There are three games with significantly subpar hitting conditions, all of which take place on the West Coast.

Arizona (Patrick Corbin) at Oakland (Sean Manaea)

Weather Rating: 19
Total: 7.5

This southpaw matchup could turn into a full blown pitcher’s duel with the state of the atmosphere in Oakland. The temperature will be right around 60 degrees with a bit of a sea breeze blowing out to right.

Minnesota (Fernando Romero) at Seattle (James Paxton)

Weather Rating: 28
Total: 7

This game is tied for the lowest total of the night with the Max Scherzer vs. Miami game. We have one of the better pitchers in the league this season in James Paxton facing off against a promising young gun in Fernando Romero. Even though oddsmakers set the bar low with a total of 7, 65% of bettors are taking the under.

San Diego (Clayton Richard) at Los Angeles (Ross Stripling)

Weather Rating: 29
Total: 7.5

Not a ton to say about this game, which features some standard LA nighttime conditions and two offenses that are scoring a combined eight runs per game. As of 10 a.m. ET, the juice on the under is -125 and the under is receiving more than 80% of dollars, so don’t be surprised if it drops from 7.5 to 7.