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The Monday Forecast with Marky the Meteorologist

A measly seven games are on the baseball board tonight, but all seven are played in the great outdoors. That’s where I come in.

Not all of the games have an interesting weather story, in fact, only a couple do. Let’s take a look at the two games in which weather should play the biggest factor.


First off, leave your umbrellas in the umbrella can thing in your breezeway or whatever you may have. There will not be rain tonight. You can leave those winter coats home, too, as the temps for all seven games are expected to be above 60 degrees.

One game where you’ll want to bring one of those spritzy water bottles with the fan attached to the end is in Texas.

Temps are expected to be above 90 degrees, and although winds will be blowing in from right field, it is still going to have the best conditions for hitters by a longshot.

This game boasts a FantasyLabs weather rating of 58, and though that is only slightly above average, it is 26 points higher than the next best game, which is in St. Louis where the Cardinals will be hosting the Twinkies. Per the FantasyLabs trends tool, hitters have averaged a DraftKings plus/minus of +0.25 in games with at least a decent weather rating, which is a range that I just made up between 55 and 70. Conversely, pitchers have averaged a -0.56 in that same range.

The Tigers and Rangers are tied for the highest total of the night at 9.5 along with the Mets and Reds (Homer Bailey alert). This total has not moved up to 10 at any point despite about 60% of bets on the over.

The worst hitting conditions of the day will be in Oakland, where the weather rating is reading a measly 21. Despite the wind blowing out, the ball does not like to fly out there by the Pacific Ocean. I don’t know what causes it, perhaps the sea breeze, but it’s tough to hit dongs out in Oakland unless you got that natural power like Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Jason Giambi or Miguel Tejada.

When the weather rating is 21 or lower, hitters have averaged a plus/minus of -0.47, while pitchers are up almost a full point at +0.84.

Check back tomorrow, where there will once again be weather, as is generally the case.

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