Rockies Among Public’s Favorite Remaining Wednesday Bets

Rockies Among Public’s Favorite Remaining Wednesday Bets article feature image

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With today’s high number of day games, two of the public’s favorite bets — the Nationals and Yankees — are already underway. There are still plenty of lopsided games remaining, though.

Using our public bets and money percentage data, we’re able to locate the next three games getting hammered by the public.

Los Angeles Dodgers (-129) at Arizona Diamondbacks

3:40 p.m. ET

Getting 71% of bets, the Dodgers are one of only three remaining teams above the 70%-mark. They’ve also received 77% of moneyline dollars, but their line has remained essentially the same all day.

Why the public loves LA: It’s going to take more than a 2-4 start for the public to fall off the Dodgers’ bandwagon. In fact, their two-game losing streak is probably being looked at in a positive way by bettors who see no way that they can get swept in a three-game series.


Cleveland Indians (-140) at Los Angeles Angels

4:07 p.m. ET

Cleveland is the most popular public bet remaining today, getting 77% of bets and 80% of money. Despite that, they’ve fallen from -155 to -140 this afternoon in Los Angeles.

Why the public loves Cleveland: By a similar mindset to the one above, the public is likely looking at last night’s 13-2 loss as reason to get behind Cleveland today. I mean, how could a 102-win team not bounce back after just giving up 13 runs…right?

Colorado Rockies (-124) at San Diego Padres

10:10 p.m. ET

The latest start on tonight’s board, this is the last of the three games with a team over 70%. Colorado has attracted three of every four bets on this game and 72% of dollars, but their line drop of -128 to -124 is due only to sportsbooks reducing overall game juice approaching the start time.

Why the public loves Colorado: You know the drill by now. After losing 8-4 to an inferior Padres team, bettors are expecting a bounceback from a Colorado team that won 87 games last season.

Photo: Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado