Marky’s Forecast: Rain a Factor in NL East

Marky’s Forecast: Rain a Factor in NL East article feature image

The Highlights

  • Three NL East games may feature rain delays.
  • Marky provides emojis to express his thoughts on the aforementioned games.
  • We look at the best and worst weather for the rest of the slate.

In my last forecast I made a weatherman’s promise: no rain. Well, I’m now officially untrustworthy because there wasn’t just a drizzle, there wasn’t just a rain delay … there was a full blown rainout. Not a good look for your boy.


Tonight, I’m promising rain! At least one drop will fall at an MLB game tonight, take it to the bank. There are three games where rain is expected and all three are in NL East parks.

I’ve taken a deep dive, though. I’m a full-blown meteorologist, so of course I’m going to have up-to-the-second* precipitation chances for you.


You may have noticed my thoughts: smirk, sad and, once again, sad. Since this will likely confuse you, here are actual thoughts with words.

New York: Despite having the highest chance of rain, this forecast doesn’t worry me too much. A slug of just rain, with no accompanying thunderstorms, is expected to leave the area some time between 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET. This will open up a large window to get the game in.

Philly: This one worries me the most. First off, we are dealing with thunderstorms. If there is lightning in the area, that’s definitely going to cause at least a delay. Based on’s futurecast Doppler, there is a second line of rain that could come through around 10 p.m. ET or so. If there is a rain delay of decent length during the game, this chance for late rain could be the nail in the coffin. I would be careful with this one.

D.C.: Like Philadelphia, the Washington, D.C. area is expected to see thunderstorms at points during the evening. This may not come as a shocker to some folks who have looked at a map before. Our nation’s capital a severe thunderstorm watch in place until 9 p.m. ET, which Philadelphia does not. Once again, there is some risk involved with this game, but the Nationals offense, which has a Vegas implied total of 5.0 runs, may be worth it.

None of these six teams is throwing a stud pitcher, so I expect all of their ownerships to be quite low.

Outside of these three games, the weather across the league isn’t offering too many noteworthy stories. The highest weather rating of the day is in Texas, where temps in the mid-80s are triggering a weather rating of 69. The wind is also blowing in at nearly 10 mph, but that hasn’t stopped more than 80% of bettors from taking the over, which currently sits at 9.5.

The worst two ratings are in Chicago, where two games are being played. Temps in the mid 50s and swirling breezes that aren’t blowing out have triggered weather ratings below 20 for each game. Historically, weather ratings below 20 have led to a DraftKings plus/minus of -0.51 for hitters and +0.89 for pitchers.

The total in the White Sox game, where Kevin Gausman and James Shields face off, has gone from 9 to 8.5 since opening, while the total at Wrigley, where Tyler Chatwood will duel Trevor Bauer, has remained at 7.5.

Check back tomorrow for what looks like a day with some beautiful weather. Might even offer a promise of nice weather if you’re lucky.