Bad Beat Alert: Nationals’ Bats Come to Life to Brutalize Under Bettors

Bad Beat Alert: Nationals’ Bats Come to Life to Brutalize Under Bettors article feature image

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports. Washington Nationals right fielder Adam Eaton (2) is greeted at home by pinch hitter Mark Reynolds (14) after hitting a two run home run in the eighth inning against the New York Mets at Citi Field.

  • The Washington Nationals had scored ZERO runs in the first two games of their series vs. the New York Mets.
  • Washington led 1-0 heading into the 8th, but finally came back to life with 8 runs in the inning to cash over (8.5) tickets.
  • They added 6 more runs in the 9th to ultimately win the game 15-0.

Alright, I’ll just go ahead and say it: The Nationals suck. They’ve officially wasted the Bryce Harper era and have been playing some ugly baseball as of late.

I’m talking Rocky Dennis ugly.

They had been shut out in three straight games, two of which came at the hands of the Mets. The Mets! Not exactly a World Series contender themselves.

Through five innings, the scoreboard read 0-0, meaning the Nationals had just four innings to do something if they didn’t want to be shutout for an entire series. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but I’m guessing series shutouts don’t happen often.

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They finally managed to score one run in the sixth on an RBI grounder — quite impressive, eh? Though it gave them the lead, I doubt anyone was arguing that they had busted out of their collective slump.

That all changed in the top of the eighth inning and the Nationals’ resurgence didn’t come without casualties. The Nats were scoring runs in the fashion LeBron thought he was going to win championships in Miami.

Not five, not six, not seven … you get the picture. They put up a whopping eight runs that inning, which just happened to be the exact number needed to go over the total of 8.5.

Little would it matter, though, as they weren’t done. To add insult to injury as they say, the Nationals scored six more times in the 9th. I suppose under bettors would rather have the score end up at 15-0 than 9-0.

Score through 7 innings: 1-0
Final score: 15-0

If they had spread out those runs over their previous three shutouts, they could have won every game with runs to spare. Not sure why they didn’t opt for that route — stupid, stupid, stupid.

Savor this game while you can, Nats fans, as you will once again be a terrible team in about a year’s time.

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