Joffe: Baseball Sucks Way Less When It Wins You Money

Joffe: Baseball Sucks Way Less When It Wins You Money article feature image
  • Joffe's having a huge summer and is +24.59 units over the last 30 days.
  • Betting on baseball has given her a newfound appreciation for the sport.
  • She's also hooked on "live betting."

When the World Cup started, I wasn’t particularly excited.

Soccer really wasn’t my thing. I didn’t know a whole lot about it, and the U.S. wasn’t in it, so why should I care?

But friggin’ Chad Millman is a persistent SOB. He busted my ass about writing soccer content, I relented, and the joke was on me because I ended up getting addicted to watching World Cup games. For a full month, Harry Kane was my crack. That’s where I’m at with baseball these days.

As I’ve said before, baseball wasn’t my sport growing up. The past few years, I’ve done a few DraftKings contests that piqued my interest, but I never actively bet on baseball despite the summer being so incredibly, ridiculously, annoying slow.

That’s all changed this baseball season. I’m finding myself getting irritated when I have to wait for the 7:05 EST start times.


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Part of this newfound enjoyment for America’s pastime is finding what I think is an edge to betting it. Don’t get me wrong, betting is fun regardless, but it’s way more fun when you’re winning, and I’ve had a pretty decent summer (knock on wood).

Huge shout out to Bet Labs for helping me find this aforementioned edge (which I’d tell you about, but I’d have to kill you). I’m the opposite of embarrassed to say that I check it first thing every morning and that I’ve even woken up in the middle of the night to check, which makes no sense, but don’t judge me.

The truth is, I’m now actually truly excited to watch baseball, and I owe that entirely to betting.

The amount you bet isn’t even that relevant, either. My betting units have gotten bigger the more comfortable I’ve gotten with betting, but just having something on a game makes it infinitely more fun to watch.

Things don’t always go as planned though, and I don’t hide my disdain very well.

Thankfully that game ended up OK for me in the end, but it was a rough ride. Oh, and live betting? I am HOOKED.

I haven’t mastered (or even come close to mastering), the art of live betting, but it’s a real-life thrill ride. And I do it all from the comfort of my own personal sportsbook (aka my house where I may or may not have a nephew who I can sometimes talk into bringing me a beer or two).

When betting goes wrong it’s still entertaining, and when it goes right, well … it was a more-than-one-cigarette kinda night the other day, if you know what I’m sayin’. Thank you Mets for not cunceling da saeson just yet!

P.S. Go Dodgers #ITFDB

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