MLB Thursday Weather: Will Rain or Runs Reign Supreme in Cincinnati?

MLB Thursday Weather: Will Rain or Runs Reign Supreme in Cincinnati? article feature image

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Great American Ballpark.

  • Only eight MLB games are on the board Thursday, but there's a legitimate chance that Braves-Reds (6:40 p.m. ET) gets rained out.
  • If Braves-Reds does get in, the Weather Rating of 65 in Cincinnati is the best of the day.

We have the lightest sports slate in a long while, as just eight baseball games throughout the day are accompanied by two NHL playoff games and one NBA playoff game.

There’s probably soccer or something else going on, but who wants to watch that? Oh yeah, there’s also the NFL Draft, which sort of counts. You can bet on it, so we will count it.

Anywho, I have some weather to report!

Highest Weather Ratings

  • Braves at Reds: 65
  • Indians at Astros: 59

Weather Ratings are a proprietary number created by FantasyLabs, which are on a 0-100 scale, with 100 being the best hitting atmosphere and 0 being the best pitching atmosphere. Weather Rating takes into account temperature, wind speed, wind direction, stadium elevation, humidity and atmospheric pressure. 

Great American Ballpark is a sneaky good hitter’s park. Last year, its home run park factor led the league and has ranked in the top 10 every year this decade. Though it’s not mentioned along with Coors Field and Globe Life Park in Arlington, perhaps it should be.

Tonight, the ball should theoretically by flying well, but it may not have the chance. The Braves-Reds over/under has risen from 8.5 to 9 since opening just in case they do play. More on the rain at the bottom of the article.

Houston ended up closing its roof last night as I expected, but there’s no chance of rain tonight with the Indians in town. It’ll still be warm (around 80 degrees) so perhaps the roof will be closed again to get the fans more comfortable.

This over/under opened at 7.5 this morning and remains there. Check this site for any updates on the roof.

Lowest Weather Ratings

  • Rangers at Mariners: 19
  • Tigers at Red Sox: 24

Seattle is boasting typical crappy Seattle weather — overcast, high-50s temperatures and a breeze blowing in from left. Not horrendous, but quite poor for hitting. A large percentage of early dollars on the under have caused this total to drop from 9 to 8.5 since opening.

Boston’s not much better, and will actually be about 5 degrees cooler than Seattle with a right-to-left breeze. With it being a better hitting ballpark than T-Mobile Park, the over/under opened up one run higher at 10, but has also dropped a half-run.

Inclement Weather

  • Diamondbacks at Pirates
  • Braves at Reds

The baseball slate kicks off in Pittsburgh at 12:35 p.m. ET, but there’s a chance we have to wait. There’ll be light rain in the area throughout the day, with a 50% chance of precipitation overall. Waiting several hours to play probably isn’t a wise idea either, as the forecast gets a bit worse at night. Nevertheless, they should be able to find a few hours to play during the day.

Meanwhile, the 65 Weather Rating in Cincy has a legit chance of being spoiled. There’s between an 80%-100% chance of rain from 6:40 (scheduled first pitch) until about 4 a.m … not sure if they want to wait that long to play.

The rain, which will be heavy at times, may also be accompanied by lightning. If the current forecast holds up, it will be quite difficult for the Braves at Reds to get this in tonight.

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