Marky’s Monday Forecast: Will Rain Wash Out Mets-Yankees Subway Series Makeup Game?

Marky’s Monday Forecast: Will Rain Wash Out Mets-Yankees Subway Series Makeup Game? article feature image

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Jacob deGrom

  • The Mets and Yankees will both be starting their aces in the Bronx tonight, but a chance of rain could spoil the fun.
  • The game in Texas features the highest Weather Rating, but it will be a bit cooler than most summer nights in Arlington.

We have a helluva game on tap tonight in the Bronx, as the Mets take the subway to Yankee Stadium. I doubt they actually take the subway, though … all a bunch of marketing hogswallop.

The king of bad luck, Jacob deGrom, is set to face Luis Severino in a battle of the aces. There’s just one problem — it might rain (wide-mouthed emoji with teeth showing).

Our Weather Rating distills the hitter-friendliness for a particular game into one number. It is a proprietary Fantasy Labs model and shown on a scale of 0 to 100. The Weather Rating does not account for potential rainouts; rather, it simply examines all relevant atmospheric conditions (temperature, altitude, wind speed, humidity, and so on) to determine how batted-ball distance will be impacted.

Highest Weather Ratings

  • Diamondbacks at Rangers: 64
  • Blue Jays at Royals: 61
  • Giants at Dodgers: 57

The Diamondbacks have made the trip from one hot state to another. However, Texas will be uncharacteristically cool tonight. Temps at first pitch will be in the mid-80s and dip into the 70s by the end of the night. With Zack Greinke facing Bartolo Colon, the total opened at 10, but has since dropped to 9.5. I can’t be certain, but I reckon the unseasonably cool weather, along with a breeze blowing in, had something to do with it.

Two subpar blue-uniformed teams face off in Kansas City, where winds will be blowing out to left/left-center. Something called S. Reid-Foley is pitching for Toronto, while Brad Keller goes for the Royals. Nearly 70% of bets and dollars are on the over (9), and rising juice suggests it may go up to 9.5.

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Los Angeles also features a pitcher’s duel as Clayton Kershaw faces off against rival southpaw Madison Bumgarner. Neither is pitching like they were a couple of years ago, but that hasn’t stopped 68% of bettors from taking under 7. With a breeze out to center and balmy temperatures, they may want to reconsider.

Lowest Weather Ratings

  • Mariners at Athletics: 37
  • Indians at Reds: 49
  • White Sox at Tigers: 49

Two more lefties will be dueling up north in Oakland, where the hot Mariners and Athletics squads play a crucial series. Very standard weather in Oakland will bring temperatures right around 60 with a breeze blowing out. The total has remained at 8 since opening.

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Like I mentioned, the Subway Series and the two aces involved will need to dodge some chances of rain. They’re not alone, though.

  • Mets at Yankees: This game is a double doozy because it has the highest chance of rain and two stud pitchers. According to, which is you know … part of the government, the most likely time for showers/storms is 8 p.m. ET, but there’s a decent chance at precipitation at any given time during the game. I recommend checking the Doppler right before contests start before starting either of the pitchers.
  • Blue Jays at Royals: Kansas City has a threat of pop-up storms, but they’re likely to take place later in the game. Breathe a sigh of relief, S. Reid-Foley fans.
  • Diamondbacks at Rangers: Texas also has a chance of storms throughout the game. There will be storms in the area before the game, but the chances of precipitation in the 7-10 p.m. window drop way down before bumping back up later in the night.

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