Marky’s Wednesday MLB Forecast: Stormy Weather Shifts East

Marky’s Wednesday MLB Forecast: Stormy Weather Shifts East article feature image

The Highlights

  • Coors leads the way as always, but it isn’t as Coorsy as you may think.
  • Zero games have subpar hitting conditions.
  • Rainy conditions move east and should cause delays.

Today’s split slate is halfway done, but seven games remain this evening. And even though the number of games is low, there’s some interesting weather on the horizon that is making my life as a meteorologist tough as ever.


Let’s dive into the Weather Ratings and Doppler radar … which is highly active this evening.

Highest Weather Ratings

  • Mets at Rockies: 76
  • Rangers at Royals: 72
  • Orioles at Nationals: 68

Coors Field is the highest on tonight’s slate as always, but it isn’t the highest of the day as Cincinnati’s matinee registered an 80. The temperature will be in the mid-70s with wind blowing in from right field, and the total has remained at 11.5 since opening.

The game in Kansas City will feature two great names on the mound: Austin Bibens-Dirkx and Jakob Junis. The streak of good hitting weather will continue, with balmy temps and wind blowing out to right. Like Coors, there’s no movement on the total to report.

The final game in the nation’s capital has legit rain threats, but good hitting weather if they can play. The wind will be lightly blowing out to center, and the total has gone from 9 to 9.5 behind more than 80% of dollars on the over.

Lowest Weather Ratings


The lowest rating is the standard 50 for the indoor game in Houston between the Rays and Astros. Every other game tonight has a rating of 64 or higher.


The weather system that has been plaguing the middle of the country for the past couple of days has moved east and has a good chance to affect some games closer to the Atlantic tonight.

Brewers at Pirates

This game is looking pretty woof-worthy. There’s a flash-flood warning that will last until 10 p.m. ET and so could some potentially strong thunderstorms. These storms have been slowly moving through the area all day and could still be lingering up until midnight. Beat writers have been posting cryptic tweets all day, and it sounds like there’s a slight chance they call the game ahead of time.

Orioles at Nationals

The same batch of storms will be making its way toward Washington D.C., but they will probably a little more scattered. The future radar shows a potential blanket over Pittburgh but spottier storms over Washington. This could be a game in which rain delays affect starting pitchers, but a full on postponement is less likely.

Mariners at Yankees

Some storms will move north to the Big Apple, but it should take a while to happen. Some steady rain is expected throughout the night, but it may not start until 9 p.m. ET or so. Starting pitchers shouldn’t be affected at all, and I’ll be shocked if the game is postponed.