Wednesday MLB Sharp Report: Pros Betting Mariners-Angels, 2 Totals


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Guillermo Heredia (center) celebrates with Dee Gordon

Jul 11, 2018, 10:40 AM EDT
  • Professionals are again betting on the under in Reds-Indians with the wind blowing in from center.
  • The total in Cardinals-White Sox has moved a half-run despite pretty even action on both the over and under.
  • Sharp bettors are fading trendy public play in Mariners-Angels

It’s been one step forward and one step back for the wiseguys so far this week. On Monday the sharps went 2-0, but yesterday they were able to cash only one of their four plays (Blue Jays +117).

The killer was an epically bad beat in Cleveland. Wiseguys got down on the Under 8.5 and the Tribe took a 4-0 lead into the top of the ninth, only to surrender seven runs to the Reds (all with two outs), losing 7-4. Instead of a 2-2 day with slight plus money profit, sharps finished 1-3, losing nearly 2 units. No time to lament heartbreaking losses. As always, wiseguys are onto the next.

After analyzing Wednesday’s 15-game MLB slate using Sports Insights’ Sportsbook Insider Pro betting tools, I’ve pinpointed three MLB bets that professionals are focusing on, starting at 7:10 p.m., 8:10 p.m. and 10:07 p.m. ET.

Betting Terms to Know

Steam Move: Sudden, drastic and uniform line movement across the market caused by an overload of sharp action from respected players.

Reverse Line Movement: When the betting line moves in the opposite direction of the betting percentages. It’s a top smart money indicator.

Juice: The tax or commission that bettors must pay the sportsbook in order for them to accept your wager.

Full Sports Betting Glossary

Data as of 2:15 p.m. ET. All bets risking one unit, not to win one unit. All plays Listed Pitcher, not Action.

Cincinnati Reds at Cleveland Indians Under 9

7:10 p.m. ET

Sharps are looking to avenge their brutal bad beat last night by getting even tonight. Currently 70% of bets are taking the Over, but it accounts for only 53% of dollars, indicating predominantly Average Joe Over money.

Despite the heavy over betting, the juice has moved from 9 Under -110 to 9 Under -116, indicating the books have liability on the under with the next move likely down to 8.5.

model helps you find edges when betting moneylines and over/unders for the full game
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