Monday NBA Betting Guide: Boston, Cleveland Break out the Brooms

May 07, 2018 08:50 AM EDT

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The Process, which can essentially be summed up as sucking for many moons and building up a treasure trove of great draft picks, is on its last legs of this season. There’s a new process, though. Trade your best player for a superstar, sign another star, have one break his ankle in the first quarter of the season, have the other get an infected knee and then have a coach who balled at DePauw play chess while the opposing coach plays checkers.


Then we have Toronto. Poor Toronto. The Raptors play so terribly against LeBron in the playoffs that they decided to bench their best player in the fourth quarter to mix things up, only to get buzzer-beaten by the King himself.

Can we take out the brooms and get to sweeping, or will the 76ers or Raptors live to play another game? — Mark Gallant

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Boston Leads 3-0

6 p.m. ET | TNT

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What I’m watching for: Joel Embiid has been a mess in this series. You can argue about who the better player for Philly is, Embiid or Ben Simmons, but Embiid is definitely the tipping point for the Sixers. If he plays to his potential, he can bend a defense, break it to his will. But in this series, he’s made too many mistakes. It’s testament to his talent that he’s still averaging 24 points and 15 rebounds.

However, Aron Baynes has held his own against him. With Baynes guarding him, Embiid has shot 45% and is averaging 14 points per game on 13 shots, according to’s matchup stats.

If the Sixers are going to get back into this series, Embiid has to live up to all that talk. He has to absolutely dominate his matchups and force either Baynes or Al Horford off the floor with foul trouble. He’s young; his inexperience hurts. But the Sixers are going to need a legendary Embiid performance when he’s been just ordinary-good so far in this series, or the Process is going home. — Matt Moore

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