Over the past couple of days, I’ve told you why Kentucky is overvalued, how Duke should be part of any complex futures positions you’re taking and I talked a lot about different ways of playing the market.

So now, I’m going to do something really simple. I’m going to tell you the one team I’m going to bet on to win the title, and how I will be doing it in an unconventional way.


I’m selecting this team for a combination of factors. Its metrics are really strong, top 50 in adjusted offensive efficiency and top five in adjusted defensive efficiency. In a lot of ways, this team fits the profile of what a champion looks like historically. It is the equal of many teams being priced much lower in the market on paper.

It has a star player, but also other options in crunch time who are trustworthy. This team is athletic and it doesn’t turn the ball over. It is very well-coached.

The team is Texas Tech, and it is currently about 27-1 to win the title.

But we can get so much more than 27-1, and that’s the best part.

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