CBB Sharp Report: Pros Betting Iowa State-Kansas State, 2 Other Saturday Games

CBB Sharp Report: Pros Betting Iowa State-Kansas State, 2 Other Saturday Games article feature image

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Xavier Sneed (20) and Zoran Talley (23)

  • Saturday's college basketball slate has drawn sharp bettors to a few games in particular, including Iowa State-Kansas State and West Virginia-Kansas.
  • Sports Insights' Bet Signals help reveal which way the smart money is going in those, plus another more under-the-radar matchup.

Today’s college hoops headlines will be stolen by the likes of Maryland-Michigan and Tennessee-Kentucky. Sharps, however, are looking elsewhere for value.

They’ve targeted three spreads in particular on Saturday, including an under-the-radar Southern Conference matchup, as well as a couple more intriguing Big 12 spots.

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The Citadel @ Western Carolina

2 p.m. ET | ESPN+

Sharp angle: Western Carolina (moved from +1 to pick’em)

Oddsmakers weren’t quite on the same page with this opener, as this game was released anywhere from Citadel -1.5 to Western Carolina -1. If one thing is clear, though, it’s that Western Carolina shouldn’t be an underdog — at least according to sharps.

Both teams are struggling pretty mightily this season. Their conference records are within a half-game, but The Citadel have the slight edge at 3-10 compared to Western Carolina’s 3-11. Overall, though, Western Carolina is just 6-21 to Citadel’s 11-13.

That’s probably why 71% of bettors are on The Citadel this afternoon.

Despite that backing, however, most books aren’t moving this line toward the Bulldogs. Three Sports Insights Signals — triggered when sharp action causes market-wide line movement — have shown on Western Carolina, preventing oddsmakers from shading the line toward the popular side.

It’s worth noting, though, that all three signals came at +1, so there doesn’t look to be any value at the current number in the eyes of sharps, for now. If the line does find it’s way back to +1, I’d expect wiseguys to pounce on Western Carolina once again.

Iowa State @ Kansas State

4 p.m. ET | ESPN2

Sharp angle: Iowa State (line has remained +2.5)

Considering it’s sitting at the same number it opened, it’s tough to make much of this line movement at first glance. That’s not to suggest that sharps haven’t played a role in shaping it, though.

Kansas State is getting 60% of bets in what should be one of the most heavily bet games tonight, and while most books opened at KSU -2.5, and almost all were up to -3, or even -3.5, last night into this morning.

That number was too high according to wiseguys. Two SI Bet Signals were triggered on Iowa State — one at +3.5 and one at +3 — to bring the line back to its opener, even with the public heavy on the Wildcats.

As was the case with Western Carolina, it still hasn’t been made clear whether sharps see value in the current number.

West Virginia @ Kansas

4 p.m. ET | ESPN

Sharp angle: West Virginia (moved from +14.5 to +14)

Of teams playing in today’s more heavily bet games, West Virginia is looking like it might close as the least popular. Only 24% of bettors are taking the points with the Mountaineers this afternoon.

Still, oddsmakers have dropped this line from its opener of KU -14.5 to -14 — and even -13.5 at a few books — as sharps have been among that minority on West Virginia.

That minority, however, has driven an impressive 55% of actual money being wagered on the matchup, meaning West Virginia is attracting much bigger bets — ones more likely to be made by sharps.

Confirming that indication has been an SI Bet Signal on the Mountaineers at +14, meaning wiseguys see value at a number still widely available.