Moose Tracks: Marshall at Florida Atlantic -6

Moose Tracks: Marshall at Florida Atlantic -6 article feature image

You get off of work at 5 pm ET on Friday, and notice there is action kicking off in an hour between Florida Atlantic (-6) and Marshall. You decide to back the favorite, and get home just in time for the kick.

You have a few drinks, and the game has a few swings. Then, Florida Atlantic makes their move for you. Leading 23-16 early in the fourth quarter, FAU intercepts a Marshall pass in Thundering Herd territory. The Owls would capitalize shortly thereafter, extending their lead to 30-16 with ten minutes left in regulation. You now feel great, and know this is going to be an epic weekend.

On the ensuing Marshall possession, you watch the Herd convert on two fourth downs, and get three total first downs via FAU penalties. Frustrating, but Marshall now faced their third 4th down of the drive – a 4th and 10 from the FAU 15-yard line with five minutes remaining. A stop essentially locks up a cover and you are off to the races this weekend.

Brutal. You take an extra long swig of your beer, but you are still in a good position to cash your -6.5 ticket.

However, things get a little dicier after Marshall forces a three and out. You need to avoid a game tying touchdown drive. The FAU defense steps up, forcing Marshall into a 4th and 6 with three minutes remaining. This is it. For the cover. They can’t convert another 4th down, right?

You scream "Knock it down!" While that wasn’t the smartest strategic play, you breathe a sigh of relief. FAU now has the ball near midfield with a seven-point lead with 2:30 left. Your bet looks great. You start browsing over the Saturday college football card, feeling as if you are going to win every bet this weekend.

With Marshall out of timeouts, Lane Kiffin calls for three knees. Math is apparently not part of the Florida Atlantic curriculum, since you can not run 2:30 off of the clock with three knees. You can only burn two minutes (forty seconds * three downs) plus whatever time comes off of the clock during those three plays. Considering they were simple kneels, they didn’t run much time off of the clock in between downs. FAU calls a timeout with fourteen seconds remaining – facing a 4th and 29 from their own 24-yard line.

Devastating. You can’t believe it. Right in the gut. Night ruined. In a moment of pure bitterness, you root for Lane Kiffin to now lose the game outright – which could have happened as a result of the horrendous clock management – while also praying for the failed lateral scoop and score.

Of course not. To top it all off, you see Lane Kiffin rubbing it in on twitter.

Now, you stare blankly at the Saturday college football card, feeling as if you are destined to lose every bet this weekend.

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