The Action Network Colleges Podcast: College Football Week 5 Review, Week 6 Sneak Peek

Oct 01, 2018 4:18 PM EDT

After a “survive and advance” weekend of college football, Stuckey and Collin Wilson review their best and worst calls of Week 5. Tennessee State and Notre Dame earned praise, while Penn State, San Jose State and Louisville left gamblers baffled by late-game choices. Later, the guys check their infamous hotline messages, fret about Clemson, preview the midweek games and discuss an updated futures market.

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Turkeys of the Week (2:45)
Hotline Highlights (5:15)
Best Calls (21:15)
Bet Regret (25:15)
3 and Out (39:15)
Midweek Madness (42:30)

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