Case Keenum Not Expected to Return as Minnesota’s Starting Quarterback

Case Keenum Not Expected to Return as Minnesota’s Starting Quarterback article feature image

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Generally, a team that has three starting quarterbacks basically doesn’t have one. Just ask the Cleveland Browns.

However, the Vikings were an anomaly this season. With Teddy Bridgewater still recovering from his knee injury and Sam Bradford getting injured per usual, they were forced to rely on their third-string quarterback, Case Keenum.

Most folks were not expecting much out of the journeyman backup, but he far exceeded everyone’s expectations. I doubt even Mom and Pop Keenum expected him to put up nearly a 100 passer rating.

With the Vikings’ season coming to an end, sportsbooks were forced to do two things.

A.) Remove any potential Super Bowl props involving the Vikings old lady super fan

B.) Create odds on the next Vikings QB:

  • Teddy Bridgewater +150
  • Any other player +175
  • Case Keenum +200
  • Sam Bradford +500
  • 2018 Draft Pick +1000

With Bridgewater, Bradford, and Keenum all set to become free agents, the Vikings now have an interesting and complicated situation on their hands.

The favorite to return as their starter is their young, franchise QB who still has more to prove. After promising rookie and sophomore seasons, he was forced to miss essentially two entire seasons recovering from a torn ACL. Still just 25-years-old, Bridgewater is a good gamble for the future and probably won’t command a large contract due to the uncertainty following such a major injury.

Oddly enough, the field has better odds than Keenum at +175. In my mind, it would make sense for them to sign one of the three they already have, but what the hell do I know? Other upcoming free agents include Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees (fat chance,) Jimmy Garoppolo (fat chance,) and basically a bunch of backups. They could also make a trade, with Tyrod Taylor being the most available option on the market. Or lastly, they could start Kyle Sloter, the fourth QB on their depth chart.

Poor Keenum pulls the year of his career out of his keester, but only has about a 33% chance of returning, according to oddsmakers. There’s a good chance he will fetch the highest price on the open market, though, so Minnesota may want to let another team overpay for a guy who only has one year of solid play. Of course, they could also use their franchise tag on him while they either wait to see if Bridgewater is legit or wait for a better situation to make itself available next year. If not, there are plenty of teams looking for a QB and given the few solid options on the market, someone will definitely give Keenum too much money.

Unfortunately for Bradford, I think the gravy train has made its final stop. This man has made over $100 million in his life to put up mediocre stats and get hurt. He’s’ never even played a snap in the playoffs. Talk about a hack.

Last but not least, you have a draft pick. There’s a chance they draft a QB, but my guess is they sign Bridgewater, a lowly backup like Brandon Weeden or Matt Barkley, and keep Sloter or bring in another chump from the streets as the third stringer.

Photo via Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports