Moose Club Week 10 football bad beats: It’s never under until it’s over

Moose Club Week 10 football bad beats: It’s never under until it’s over article feature image

Bad news, folks. We may be in for a long winter of bad beats after the disappointing results from the moose hunting season in New Hampshire this year.


The term "Moose" has been used for years within the sports betting world to reference a bad beat. It originated within some of the old school gambling forums over 15 years ago and has stuck ever since.

Each Tuesday, I will highlight the 10 biggest mooses from the football weekend from my perspective (I can’t see everything). If you had the misfortune of betting on four or more of the 10 I selected, you will be inducted into the "Sports Action Moose Club", get some gear and potentially win some cash (see the bottom of the article for details).

Let’s get into the top 10 bad beats of week 10…

10. Packers/Lions Under 43

There is a reason I wait until after Monday Night Football to publish this list each week.

Detroit led 17-3 at the end of the third quarter; under backers simply needed to avoid a 24-plus point fourth quarter. It didn’t start off well, as the teams combined for 17 points in the first seven minutes. However, the under looked as if it would cash after the Packers held the Lions to a field goal with under two minutes left in regulation.

Trailing 30-10 with 1:30 left, Green Bay took over at their own 25-yard line without any timeouts. Facing a prevent defense, Brett Hundley drove the Packers into the red zone in just five plays, setting up a first and 10 from the Lions’ 12-yard line with four seconds remaining. Under backers just needed to avoid a touchdown on this play. Detroit gets the stop!

Hold on, though… This is the NFL. Always look for a flag prior to celebrating. Yep, a flag.

Pass interference in the endzone. As a result, Green Bay gets one untimed down from the 1-yard line with no time on the clock. You can watch below to see what inevitably happened next that led to the 30-17 final.

Twenty total points in the first 45 minutes, and 27 points in the final 15. Moose.

9. Michigan/Minnesota Under 40.5

Kicking a field goal down 33-7 with 1:30 left on fourth and 4 from the 5-yard line just to ruin the nights of under backers everywhere?

You’re better than that, Fleck. At least let the players on the field decide the outcome of the total. It would’ve given us all some real drama in a game that didn’t have much. Minnesota made the chip shot field goal, which cut the final margin to 33-10.

8. Northwestern/Nebraska Under 54.5

You almost can’t bet Northwestern unders, since their games are apparently all destined for overtime. Pat’s Cat’s are the first team in NCAA history to play in three consecutive overtime games – and they won all three!

Under backers knew they were cooked when Northwestern tied the game 24-24 late in the fourth quarter. Northwestern scored a touchdown in the first overtime on a fourth down and then stopped Nebraska on downs to hold on for a 31-24 victory.

Nothing better than college football overtime, unless you are holding an under ticket.

7. Notre Dame -14.5

Irish -14.5 backers had to feel good five minutes into the fourth quarter with a 48-23 lead over Wake Forest. Here is how the rest of the game played out from that point on:

  • Wake long TD drive, which included a fourth down conversion, to cut the lead to 48-30 with 8:45 left.
  • On the next possession, Notre Dame decided to punt on fourth and 1 from midfield with 6:30 left.
  • Wake fumbled the punt, but maintained possession. They took over with their backup QB at their own 10-yard line with 5:35 remaining.
  • Calling almost exclusively running plays, Wake Forest marched 90 yards down the field and punched it in the endzone with under a minute left to cut the final margin to 48-37.

Backdoor Betty.

6. Colorado +6.5

Colorado took a 27-17 lead into the fourth quarter over Arizona State in Tempe. After the Sun Devils scored 10 straight points to start the fourth quarter, Colorado answered with a short field goal to regain a 30-27 lead with seven minutes left in regulation.

Arizona State responded once again with a touchdown drive of their own, which gave them their first lead of the game with five minutes remaining. On the next possession, Colorado, now trailing 34-30, drove the ball to midfield. However, after a sack on third down, they punted with just three minutes to go.

Colorado bettors were still in great shape, as Arizona State took over at their own 15-yard line. Either a few first downs or a punt would keep the Buffs inside the number. However, just four running plays later, Arizona State had first and goal at the Colorado 3-yard line with under two minutes remaining. Here is how that sequence played out:

  • First and goal from the 3-yard line: 2-yard gain (Colorado uses final timeout)
  • Second and goal from the 1-yard line: no gain (now 50 seconds left)
  • Third and goal from the 1-yard line: touchdown (but wait…a review)

Call stands. Arizona State wins 41-30. Frontdoor Freddy.

5. Kentucky -3.5

After blowing a 10-point second-half lead, Kentucky recovered late in the fourth quarter on a 95-yard touchdown drive to take a 34-30 lead over Ole Miss.

On the ensuing possession, Ole Miss took over at their own 29-yard line with two minutes remaining needing a touchdown drive. The Rebels got down inside of the Kentucky 20-yard line with under 30 seconds to go, but Jordan Ta’amu fumbled after a 10-yard run. Kentucky recovers. Game over. Cash your -3.5 tickets!

Wait! He might have been down! They review it, and overturn the call.

Ole Miss is suddenly back out on the field facing a first and goal from the Kentucky 7-yard line with 20 seconds left. After incomplete passes on first and second down, D.K. Metcalf makes an unbelievable game-winning catch in the corner of the endzone. Ole Miss steals one in Lexington by a final score of 37-34.

Don’t worry, LexVegas… basketball starts on Friday.

4. Ravens/Titans Under 42

For the fourth straight week, a Ravens under makes the moose list!

Tennessee took a 16-6 lead into the fourth quarter. Under bettors had 20 points to work with in a game that only saw 22 total points through three quarters – including a scoreless third.

Neither team scored until six minutes into the fourth quarter, when Joe Flacco hit Buck Allen for a touchdown on third and goal. The Ravens only had to drive 42 yards for that score, as they were set up by Eric Weddle, who returned an interception into Titans’ territory.

On the next possession, Tennessee scored on a third down from the Ravens 11-yard line, capping off a nine-play, 75-yard drive over five minutes.

You know what happens next. Trailing 23-13 with under four minutes to go, Joe Flacco led the Ravens down the field, keeping the drive alive on a fourth down conversion at the two minute warning. On third and goal from the 1-yard line with under a minute to go, Flacco hit Mike Wallace for a touchdown, pushing the total over by a single point.

Baltimore’s offense can’t score unless they need to drive the length of the field to ruin your under.

3. South Florida -23

Connecticut scored a touchdown with six minutes left to cut the lead to 37-20, which couldn’t have pleased anybody backing the Bulls. However, on the very next drive, South Florida went down the field with ease. As South Florida was running into the endzone for the cover with just 30 seconds left, they fumbled it out of the back of the endzone for a touchback.

Instead of a 44-20 win and cover after the touchdown, the game ends 37-20 because of the touchback. Moose.

2. Texas A&M 1H +8

Trailing 13-7 with under two minutes left in the first half, Auburn had the ball at their own 47-yard line.

On the next play, Auburn completed a 53-yard touchdown pass to take a 14-13 lead with 1:35 left. Texas A&M first half +8 bettors still had to feel confident since the Aggies would get the ball back trailing by only one point – with just over a minute left.

Texas A&M did not pick up a first down, but they called three run plays, which caused Auburn to burn their remaining two timeouts. As a result, Texas A&M set up to punt from their own 26-yard line with 30 seconds remaining in the half. A successfully downed punt essentially locks up a first half cover, but they don’t get it off.

Auburn blocks the punt and returns it for a touchdown to take a 21-13 lead into the half. Texas A&M 1H at least pushed, but it was still brutal enough to make the list.

1. Florida Atlantic -6


If you haven’t read about this moose, check out the recap I wrote over the weekend.

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