Printable Props Sheet for NFL Draft Day 1

Printable Props Sheet for NFL Draft Day 1 article feature image

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Let’s face it: You’re gonna watch the NFL draft, if only for the awkward bro-hugs with Roger Goodell, all the Josh Allen drama and to see whether Mel Kiper finally has to take a bathroom break. And while you’re watching, you might as well sweat it, too, right?

We’ve put together this handy props sheet for you to do just that. Share your picks with us on Twitter (@ActionNetworkHQ), throw down a few bucks with your friends and good luck!

Download, print and enjoy!



Answers to NFL Draft Day 1 Prop Sheet:

Will Sam Darnold be selected with the first overall pick? No

Will the first overall pick in the draft hug his mom first? No

Will the top-3 picks all be QBs? No

Will there over or under 3.5 QBs taken in the top 10 picks in the draft? Over

Will Lamar Jackson’s (Louisville) draft position be over or under 16.5? Over

Will the Patriots make a trade in the first round? No

Will there be over or under 7.5 trades completed in Round 1? Over

Will there be over or under 7.5 SEC players drafted in Round 1? Over

Will Derrius Guice be the first RB selected? No

Will Odell Beckham Jr. be mentioned over or under 2.5 times in the first round? Under

Which round will Shaquem Griffin (Central Florida) be drafted in? N/A

Which NFL team will draft Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma)? Cleveland Browns

Who will be the second QB taken? Sam Darnold

Who will be the first non-QB/RB selected? Denzel Ward

Which two positions will the Browns take with the No. 1 and No. 4 picks? QB and CB

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