Las Vegas – What would you do if you won nearly a million dollars?

I think that is a daydream that a lot of us had when we entered the 2017 Westgate SuperContest this past August. For most of us, that’s a life changing amount of money. On top of the mountain of cash, winning the SuperContest comes with a ton of bragging rights for being the most accurate against the number for an entire season.

The person that earned the championship last year was Damon Graham, a former Starbucks barista and Vegas resident who won the 2016 Westgate SuperContest and nearly $1 million dollars by entering two teams that both did very well. Below, you can hear what his life has been like since winning the grand prize and Damon’s thoughts on Week 9 of the contest.

First, here are the five consensus picks for Week 9:


Listen to Matt Perrault and Damon Graham tell you if you should FADE the five consensus picks in Week 9, or should you FOLLOW them.

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