25 Best Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts to Follow

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  • Fantasy football lives on Twitter, where experts post their up-to-the-minute analysis and NFL beat writers break relevant news.
  • If you don't have a curated fantasy football list on Twitter, you risk missing crucial information.
  • Here are the top 25 fantasy football accounts I follow on Twitter.

Some weeks ago, I told my excellent and loyal Twitter followers that if they asked me some fantasy football draft strategy questions, I would answer them.

Last week I talked about which round I’m drafting a fantasy quarterback.

Now, I’m breaking down the 25 best fantasy football accounts you should follow on Twitter. You can also subscribe to the list here.

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Who Do You Follow on Twitter?

This is a great question. It has almost nothing to do with fantasy football draft strategy, but I’m answering it anyway because . . .

  1. I’m both busy and lazy, so I have neither the time nor desire to answer a question that requires me to think.
  2. There are many great football analysts on Twitter. Some of them are in the fantasy and/or betting industry. I learn a lot from them, and you can, too.
  3. I know the guy who asked this question. He’s not a small man. This past weekend at a beer festival he made me drink a 12% ABV triple IPA literally named “F–k My Face.” He lives 10 houses down the street, so I wouldn’t call him a neighbor, but he’s a big guy who has forced poison down my throat and knows where I live. HE’S GETTING HIS QUESTION ANSWERED.

The 25 Best Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts

Are these actually the 25 “best” fantasy football Twitter accounts? Probably not. But these are 25 accounts I like, listed in no particular order.

I came up with an original list of 50, then I narrowed it down to 25, and now I’m just going to write about them in whatever order comes to me as I’m typing.

Side note: If you’re in the industry and not featured on this list, I’m sorry. Whenever you break down the 25 fantasy football Twitter accounts you can’t do without, feel free not to include me.

1. Matthew Freedman: @MattFtheOracle 

Com’on. I’m writing this piece. I could exclude myself, but that’s not m’style. Over the past three seasons, I’ve finished 12th, 16th and sixth in the FantasyPros in-season rankings. I suck at Twitter, but it’s bad karma not to follow me.

2. Sean Koerner: @The_Oddsmaker

Sean is the Director of Predictive Analytics at The Action Network. He is the brains behind the FantasyLabs NFL Models and has finished each of the last three seasons as the No. 1 in-season ranker at FantasyPros. No one in the industry is better at creating player projections.

3. Chris Raybon: @ChrisRaybon

Chris is a senior editor and analyst at The Action Network and a cohost of “I’ll Take That Bet” on ESPN+. A sharp dresser and smooth talker, Raybon is 100% Bronx. He, Sean and I collectively manage The Action Network NFL rankings.

4. Ian Hartitz: @IHartitz

Ian is a bona fide grinder and sure-shot up-and-comer. He contributes content to The Action Network and manages the daily operations of the NFL product at FantasyLabs. Over the past few months he’s done maybe 50 player-focused fantasy football articles. He’s also a vital contributor to …

5. FantasyLabs NFL: @FantasyLabsNFL

I have nothing to do with the FantasyLabs NFL News feed, so it’s not bragging for me to say that during the season, no one aggregates and disseminates fantasy-relevant information faster than our news team. To stay up to date on NFL happenings, follow our sport-specific account, which is managed by …

6. Adam Levitan: @AdamLevitan

Adam, more commonly known as “The Levitanimal,” wears many hats. (Literally and metaphorically.) He’s an analyst at DraftKings. He’s the manager of the FantasyLabs ownership projections. And he’s father to Gerri, the most beautiful beast in the world. But, most importantly, he thinks he’s good at Twitter. (He is.)

7. Peter Jennings: @CSURAM88

Peter is a co-founder of FantasyLabs, the Vice President of Business Development at The Action Network (I think?) and a two-time daily fantasy world champion with millions of dollars won. If for the past few years you’ve listened to “The Daily Fantasy Flex” (on The Action Network NFL Podcast), Pete’s probably the reason. 

8. Jonathan Bales: @BalesFootball

Like Jennings, Bales is a co-founder of FantasyLabs and now just a regular employee at The Action Network. When not publishing posts on his personal blog or writing more books in the Fantasy Sports for Smart People series, he spends most of his time working out, eating, reading, sleeping, pretending to be human and recording “The Three Donkeys Podcast” with Adam and Peter.

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9. Evan Silva: @EvanSilva

If this list were ordered according to merit or Twitter utility, Evan would probably be No. 1. He’s not only the senior football editor at Rotoworld, he’s also the only editor for whom I’ve ever written a fantasy piece for free: That’s how highly I think of him. (And myself.)

10. Rich Hribar: @LordReebs

Another Rotoworld hero, Rich is “Arbitrage Evan.” If anything, the unfortunate @RotoReebs mishap a couple of years ago has made him even more of a Twitter legend.

11. Graham Barfield: @GrahamBarfield

What Reebs is to Evan, Graham is to Reebs: “Mini Reebs.” The Senior Analyst at Fantasy Guru, Graham is a former FantasyLabs contributor and the originator of the Yards Created metric for running backs. He’s a constant source of next-level information.

12. Matt Harmon: @MattHarmon_BYB

Harmon is the creator of #ReceptionPerception, which he leveraged into a job at NFL.com a few years ago before making his way to Yahoo! Sports. One of the nicest guys in the biz, Harmon has a great personal story and often interacts with his followers.

13. Cynthia Frelund: @CFrelund

A one-time daily fantasy analyst at ESPN, Cynthia now works at the NFL Network as a data scientist. The star of the “Game Theory and Money” podcast, Cynthia runs 10,000 simulations for every NFL game each week.

14. Ed Feng: @ThePowerRank

Ed has a doctorate from Stanford in chemical engineering and in his spare time runs The Power Rank, a predictive analytics sports site. While Ed tends to focus more on teams and less on players, I still find his prognostications relevant to fantasy, and I enjoy his podcast, “The Football Analytics Show.”

15. Kevin Cole: @Cole_Kev

Kevin is the Director of Data & Analytics at RotoGrinders as well as an old-school RotoViz contributor and my former cohost on “The Numbers Game” podcast. In a world of fantasy #hottaeks, Kevin is an information-yielding wet blanket.

16. Josh Hermsmeyer: @FriscoJosh

When Kevin left “The Numbers Game,” he was replaced by Josh, another former RotoViz guy. Now a developer and data analyst at 4for4.com, Josh is perhaps best known for popularizing the use of air yards in football analysis.

17. Matt Kelley (The Podfather): @Fantasy_Mansion

The proprietor of PlayerProfiler.com, Kelley is my pretend nemesis and sworn frenemy. The would-be Howard Stern of fantasy football podcasts, The Podfather is a human flamethrower, and Twitter is his battlefield.

18. Brandon Marianne Lee: @BrandonHerFFB

Ever since Brandon and her sisters founded Her Fantasy Football five years ago, she’s been an effervescent presence in the industry, writing and podcasting for a number of sites. A host on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, Brandon now writes for The Athletic and SportsLine.

19. Emory Hunt: @FBallGameplan

Another writer for The Athletic, Emory is a former college running back (Louisiana-Lafayette) whose fantasy analysis is informed by his first-hand knowledge of the position. The Czar of the Playbook, Emory also runs his own site, Football Gameplan.

20. Scott Barrett: @ScottBarrettDFB

The Senior Fantasy Analyst at Pro Football Focus, Barrett uses PFF’s database to create metrics that matter, which he regularly highlights on Twitter. Formerly known as @DudeFantasyBro, Scott is one of the hardest-working DFBs in the industry.

21. Ryan McDowell: @RyanMc23

Ryan is such a force that over the years he’s contributed to almost every fantasy site imaginable, but he’s most closely associated with Dynasty League Football. The creator of the famous Kitchen Sink Leagues, Ryan is the person I’d rely on if I could have just one dynasty follow.

22. Mike Tagliere: @MikeTagliereNFL

Tags is the lead NFL writer and analyst for FantasyPros, where he’s been a top-six in-season ranker twice. A former PFF contributor, Tags is smart and often willing to engage with his followers.

23. JJ Zachariason: @LateRoundQB

About half a decade ago, JJ popularized the late-round quarterback strategy with his book of the same name. The Editor-in-Chief of content at numberFire (and FanDuel), JJ is a dad runner-in-training who hosts the longtime fantasy podcast Living the Stream with …

*24. C.D. (Denny) Carter: @CDCarter13

The owner of Draft Day Consultants and creator of fantasy equity scores, Denny is known for his kicker analysis, food opinions and boyish hair. Warning: If you don’t like politics mixed with sports, don’t follow Denny. To him, the two go together like chocolate and cheese. *In fact, pretend I never mentioned him.

24. Liz Loza: @LizLoza_FF

Years ago Liz was known as The Fantasy Football Girl who cohosted the popular “X’s & Y’s Podcast.” Now she’s an award-winning contributor at Yahoo! Sports. As friendly as she is funny, Liz goes the distance to help people out. When one woman went into labor shortly before her draft was scheduled to begin, Liz did the draft for her.

25. Dave Caban: @DaveCabanFF

The senior fantasy analyst at RotoViz and proprietor of FFDRAFTPREP, Caban has a modest audience, but he’s followed by many of the industry’s sharpest minds. The host of the RotoViz Radio podcast, Caban represents the next generation of RotoViz contributors who will move the fantasy industry forward. He’s basically the exact opposite of…

Bonus: Pete Manzinelli (The Manz): @PeteManzinelli

Manz is a gambling legend and physical cryptocurrency pioneer, but he knows nothing about sports. Sure, he invented the Broathalon, but he’s the stone-cold worst when it comes to fantasy football. If you ever see him pimping a player on his Twitter feed, fade that guy HARD.

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