NFL Bad Beats, Week 5: Thanks for Nothing, Dolphins

NFL Bad Beats, Week 5: Thanks for Nothing, Dolphins article feature image

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports. Ryan Tannehill

  • We're rounding up all the bad beats from NFL Week 5.
  • Dolphins +6 bettors were feeling pretty good when they held a 17-0 lead in the third quarter, and then it all fell apart.

It wouldn’t be an NFL Sunday without a few bad beats. We’re compiling some of the worst ones from the Week 5 slate here.

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Miami Dolphins Spread

  • The Line: +6
  • The Score: 17-0 Dolphins
  • Time Left: 9:30 in 3Q

At this point in the game, when the Dolphins kicked a field goal to take the 17-point lead, here’s how the Bengals’ drives had gone:

Missed FG
Punt (returned for TD)

Translation: Pretty awesome if you bet the Dolphins as 6-point road underdogs.

Even after the Bengals offense got rollin’ — 10 points on its next two drives to make it 17-10 Dolphins at the beginning of the fourth quarter — Miami bettors still had some cushion.

The fourth quarter is one anyone who took the points will not soon forget as Ryan Tannehill started doing Ryan Tannehill things.

A pick six evened the game, and with 2:37 remaining, this absurd play wrecked the hopes and dreams of Dolphins bettors everywhere:

Thanks to Carlos Dunlap, #Bengals rookie edge Sam Hubbard, a Cincinnati native and @LetsGoBigMoe alumnus, turns the Ryan Tannehill fumble into six points.

Well done,

— PFF CIN Bengals (@PFF_Bengals) October 7, 2018

(Not for nothin’, I sure hope you didn’t have the 2H Under, which was 24 and ended up at 30 after this TD.)

Bengals 27, Dolphins 17. Woof for everyone holding a +6 ticket. — Scott T. Miller

Cardinals-49ers Under

  • The Line: 40.5
  • The Score: 14-6 Cardinals (20 total points)
  • Time Left: 7:00 in 4Q

Entering Week 5, the under was 4-0 in Cardinals games this season. And for 53 minutes Sunday, Arizona was heading straight toward making it 5-0. After combining for 20 points in the game’s first 19 minutes, neither team scored for more than 30 minutes of game time.

Then chaos ensued … both teams combined to score 26 points in less than seven minutes to shred the hearts of full-game (40.5) and second-half (20) under bettors behind three C.J. Beathard touchdowns (passing, rushing and a fumble lost to Arizona). Evan Abrams

Falcons-Steelers Under

  • The Line: 57
  • The Score: 13-10 Steelers (23 total points)
  • Time Left: 4:00 in 3Q

This was highest over/under of the season, but through two-thirds of the game, only 23 points had been scored.

The first points of the second half weren’t scored until 3:42 was left in the third quarter … and then the floodgates opened. In nine minutes of game time, 28 points went on the board.

Nonetheless, with less than four minutes left, 51 total points had been scored and the Falcons had the ball on their own 2-yard line. Even a Matt Ryan interception 50 yards downfield was reversed by replay.

But two plays later, T.J. Watt stripped Ryan, and the Steelers recovered in the end zone. A Chris Boswell PAT cemented the over 57. Evan Abrams

Broncos-Jets 2H Over

  • The Line: 21
  • The Score: 13-6 Jets (19 2H points)
  • Time Left: 2:14 in 4Q

With 2:14 left in the game, the Broncos took over on their own 20-yard line, trailing the Jets by 18 points.

Perhaps they felt guilty for not converting a 2-point conversion on their previous drive that would have given second-half over bettors a push, but the Broncos proceeded to put together arguably their best drive of the day.

Against a seemingly disinterested Jets defense, quarterback Case Keenum completed seven straight passes, leading the Broncos down to New York’s 3-yard line with 11 seconds remaining.

Keenum then completed his eighth straight pass. Unfortunately for 2H over bettors, Jets DB Marcus Maye was the one who made the grab in the middle of the end zone.

Second-half under bettors who did not immediately turn off their TVs were in for a (cruel) treat.

Rather than taking a knee, Maye took off for the Broncos’ end zone, a mere 105 yards away. Once he hit the 50 yard line, Maye’s pace turned from a sprint into what can only be described as a nonchalant jog.

He easily juked out an offensive lineman, who appeared to be the Broncos’ last line of defense, at the 25.

Just 25 yards to paydirt.

But wait! Broncos rookie WR Courtland Sutton was taught to play until he hears a whistle and as Maye crossed the 10, Sutton hit the turbo button and caught Maye at the 1 yard-line.

103 yard INT return off of a Case Keenum pass that was returned…. to the 1-yard

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) October 7, 2018

According to this guy on Twitter, the play will go down as the second-longest non-touchdown IN NFL HISTORY.

Hands down one of the worst beats I’ve ever had. — Connor Nolte

Falcons-Steelers 1H Over

  • The Line: 28.5
  • The Score: 13-10 Steelers (23 1H points)
  • Time Left: 30 seconds left in 2Q

The Steelers struck first in this one, scoring a touchdown on their first drive. By the 11:21 mark in the second quarter, the two teams combined for 20 points.

Then it got interesting. The following four drives — punt, field goal, punt, punt — put the first-half total at 23 and the ball in the Steelers’ hands at the Atlanta 40-yard line.

Ben Roethlisberger moved the ball to the Atlanta 7-yard line in the half’s closing seconds before throwing a Chris Paul-esque lob off his back foot into the end zone for an interception.

Ben Roethlisberger throws an INT in the

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) October 7, 2018

Atlanta moved the ball to the Pittsburgh 36 on the following drive, but the half ended with over bettors in agony. Malik Smith

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