Buccaneers vs. Jaguars Betting Odds: Late Sharp Action Moves Over/Under

Buccaneers vs. Jaguars Betting Odds: Late Sharp Action Moves Over/Under article feature image

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  • Even with a full week of availability in the betting market, today's Bucs-Jags game is still offering value to sharp bettors.
  • See how they've played the over/under this morning and how oddsmakers have responded.

You’d think a full week of availability in the betting market would be enough for an NFL game to take shape before kickoff. Apparently, though, that hasn’t been the case for Sunday’s Bucs-Jaguars game in Jacksonville.

While pro bettors have been finding value on NFL games all week, they haven’t given up looking for edges this morning and have found a bit more on this over/under.

Buccaneers vs. Jaguars Betting Odds, Sharp Report

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This total opened at the even seven-touchdown score of 49 (not that oddsmakers were expecting exactly that form of scoring), and most bettors have found that number to be a bit low.

Even though it was the second-highest opener on the slate, 72% of bets have landed on the over since the line was released. The 28% of tickets that landed on the under, however, have accounted for 39% of actual money being wagered on the total.

While that doesn’t create a monetary liability, it does reveal how bigger bettors are seeing this over/under — and, in general, where there are bigger bettors, there are also sharper ones.

Sports Insights’ Bet Signals have confirmed that to be the case, as even before Sunday they had triggered three sharp moves on the under at lines of 48.5 and 48.

On Sunday morning, though, they came down even harder.

Entering today, this number sat at 47 or 47.5 depending on the sportsbook, and seeing no chance to get a better price, wiseguys triggered another three SI Bet Signals on the under, convincing oddsmakers to drop this number down to a consensus 46.5 — almost a field goal lower than their opening total.

It’s also worth noting that forecasts in Jacksonville are now calling for winds of 18 to 19 mph throughout the game, which could certainly be influencing sharp bettors’ opinions.

Sharp angle: Under (moved from 49 to 46.5) [In New Jersey? Bet now at PointsBet]

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