Trio of Bad Beats: All the Ways Eagles-Cowboys Tortured Bettors

Trio of Bad Beats: All the Ways Eagles-Cowboys Tortured Bettors article feature image
  • The Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 29-23, in overtime on Sunday.
  • The rollercoaster of a game swung three different bets in thrilling fashion.

Talk about a game that absolutely had it all!

For anyone who wagered money on Sunday’s Eagles-Cowboys game, the end of the first half, fourth quarter and overtime turned out to be an absolute circus.

Let us explain…

The Eagles (+3.5)

When the Eagles tied the game at 9 with just over 12 minutes remaining in the game, who would’ve thought it would end on a tipped pass in overtime with more than 50 points on the scoreboard.

After the Eagles tied it at 9, the Cowboys went up 16-9 behind a TD from Cooper (he had three on the day) … then Philly tied it at 16 four minutes later … then Dallas went up 23-16 … then the Eagles tied it at 23 to force overtime.

A rule new in 2018, overtime is now 10 minutes instead of 15, and the Cowboys used each and every second of it, never letting the Eagles touch the ball.

They ran 13 plays and gained 75 yards in eight minutes, before being confronted with a third-and-8 Eagles’ 15-yard line. All Philly needed was to force a field goal…

Dak Prescott threw an errant pass that was tipped and the rest is history:

The Under (45.5)

The Cowboys carried a 6-0 lead into halftime and were still up 9-6 heading into the final quarter.

And then … the two teams combined to score 31 points (!!!) in the fourth quarter, including three touchdowns over the final three minutes that forced overtime and pushed the total over.

The Eagles First-Half Spread (+3)

It was 3-0 Cowboys for what seemed like an eternity.

Dallas kicked the first field goal of the game with 2:27 left in the first quarter, then the Eagles and Cowboys went on to combine for two punts, a missed field goal, an interception and a fumble.

The Cowboys were positioned on their own 38-yard line with 52 seconds left in the half and moved all the way to the Philly 24 before Tyron Smith was called for holding.

The penalty appeared to negate any chance for points, but after an incomplete pass, Jason Garrett sent out Brett Maher for a 62-yard field goal attempt.

You know what happened next. RIP to Eagles first-half bettors.

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