Fantasy Football Draft Tips for League Type: Auction, SuperFlex, More

Fantasy Football Draft Tips for League Type: Auction, SuperFlex, More article feature image

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  • Fantasy football draft season is here. Are you ready for yours?
  • Our experts break down the best strategy for every league type.

What are the most important factors of fantasy draft prep: Studying rankingsSorting those into tiersPrinting out cheat sheets?

Those are all good answers. But having a (flexible) plan goes a long way.

Let our experts help you solidify yours with our best strategy advice. We’ll start with strategies for more niche league types, then dig into strategies applicable across various formats.

Auction Draft

Experience is everything when it comes to auction drafts. Luckily, Sean Koerner has a lot of it.

He summarizes that into his 10 Auction Draft Commandments, which include:

  1. Having Custom Auction Values
  2. Gauging How Much Players Could Go For
  3. Bidding up to at Least 60% of Players’ Pre-Draft Auction Values

See Commandments 4-10 and his full explanations here.

Dynasty Draft

It’s never not dynasty draft season. That’s what makes prep for it that much more critical.

If this is new territory for you, Ryan McDowell has you covered with his eight tips to crushing your startup draft, which include:

  1. Know Your League Settings
  2. Fully Understand Player Value

Get the remaining tips and his full takes on them here.

2 QB/Superflex Draft

Want to have even more fun playing fantasy football? Switch to a 2 QB or superflex format.

The increased demand for quarterbacks in these league types requires making even more interesting strategic decisions. See Chris Rayon’s comprehensive strategy breakdown for these formats.

Best Ball Draft

Best ball leagues require no in-season work — no setting your lineup, no claiming guys off waivers, no trades, nothing. That means nailing your draft is the only thing that really matters.

Luckily, our experts have your draft prep covered. See their full rundown of analysis here.

More Fantasy Draft Strategy

Late-Round Quarterback. Easiest way to maximize your draft? Wait until the final rounds to draft a QB. Chris Raybon makes the case for this strategy and how to implement it here.

Zero RB. This contrarian strategy has become quite trendy in recent seasons. Chris Raybon explains how to do it right in 2019.

Draft Position. What’re the best ones this season? Our experts reveal their favorites.

First Round. Running back or wide receiver? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but there are different strategies. Our panel of experts explain how they’re attacking Round 1 this season.

Fantasy Settings. They’re important. And you can use them to find an edge in your league. Chris Raybon explains how.

Kickers + Defenses. Sean Koerner says not to waste picks on either. Here’s how you can still find success at both positions without drafting them.

Fantasy Mock Draft

One of the best ways to prep for your draft? Get some experience in with mock drafts. Even experts do it. And luckily, you can see their results!

Our team got together with analysts from across the industry for a 12-team PPR mock draft. See their picks and their overall strategies here.

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