Koerner, Raybon, Freedman: 5 Tips for Taking Home Your Fantasy Football Title in Week 16

Dec 23, 2018 07:43 AM EST

Robert Hanashiro, USA Today Sports. Pictured: Jared Goff

  • The good news: You've made it to your fantasy football championship matchup.
  • The bad news: You're petrified you might blow it.
  • The Action Network's trio of fantasy football experts -- Sean Koerner, Chris Raybon and Matthew Freedman -- gives you the tips and strategies to have a successful Week 16.

Week 16 of the NFL regular season is when most fantasy football leagues have their championship matchups. If you’re competing for a title this weekend, congratulations.

Now let’s get that victory.

Here are five championship-winning tips from Sean Koerner, Chris Raybon and Matthew Freedman.

1. Don’t Panic or Be Driven by Fear

Sean Koerner: The biggest mistake you can make is to panic. It’s OK to be nervous about your sit/start decisions, as one wrong move could cost you the title. But don’t overthink the situation. Your only goal is to set the lineup that increases your chances of winning. You’re not trying to start the “perfect lineup.” You’re not trying to score the most points possible.

Too often people set finals lineups out of fear. Example: There will be someone out there who says …

Jared Goff has been brutal the past few games, and Josh Allen has been the No. 1 fantasy quarterback over that time. Sean’s rankings say to start Goff, but I’m scared Allen will outscore him on my bench. What do I do? What do I do?! Screw it, I’m starting Allen.

Goff’s higher ranking doesn’t mean that he has a 100% chance of outscoring Allen. To be specific, I put Goff’s odds of outscoring Allen at roughly 55%.

My point is that I view this decision like every other decision: in terms of probability.