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NFL Futures Odds

NFL Futures Betting

An NFL "futures" bet is a wager on an event that will be determined later in the NFL season, beyond the current week's game. Often, NFL futures center around end-of-season results like a team to win a championship or a player to win an award. If the selected team or players wins the event on which the wager was placed, the bettor wins their bet.

Understanding NFL Futures Odds and Payouts

Futures odds are associated with larger payouts, which is why it is not uncommon to see high odds like +6000. The high odds ranges show just how difficult it is to predict an outcome far into the future, so that is why bettors who pick correctly are rewarded so well in futures wagers. Even the NFL teams that are seen as preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl will be "plus-money" that far in advance.

NFL futures odds are available prior to the season and will update throughout the year based on team and player performances. This gives bettors an opportunity to place a futures wager at almost any time during the season. Don't wait too long to bet, though. Payout odds are likely to shift as the outcomes become more clear throughout the season, meaning a smaller potential payout in the end.

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Super Bowl LVII logo

Super Bowl LVIII Odds

It's never too early to talk Super Bowl odds! As the NFL offseason ramps up, we take an early look at some of the favorites to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in 2024. The usual suspects from the past several seasons top the list, but the Buffalo Bills find themselves in the mix as serious preseason title contenders. The Buffalo Bills are noticeably absent from the top five. Will the draft and free agency shift teams odds significantly? Be sure to follow the Action Network's Super Bowl LVIII odds through the offseason and all the way through the regular season as well.

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Super Bowl 2024 Date

Super Bowl LVIII will be held on Sunday, February 11, 2024 at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

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NFL Playoff Odds

The expanded NFL playoff format, adopted for the 2021-22 season, will continue in 2023-24. This format will allow 14 teams to compete in the playoffs, seven from each conference. NFL fans were treated to some great Wild Card action this past year with the added game, and everyone looks forward to a similar outcome again in 2024. Here's a look at the current preseason NFL Playoff odds. Be sure to check back regularly to see where your team falls over the course of the season.

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NFL Win Total Odds

Odds to Win Super Bowl 2023-24 - Current Leaders

Team Odds
KC Chiefs +600
SF 49ers +700
BUF Bills +850
PHI Eagles +850
CIN Bengals +900

Updated March 20, 2023 12:30 a.m. EST - Odds provided by DraftKings and subject to change

Regular season win predictions are typically bet on during training camp and the preseason as bettors get a sense of what their favorite teams are looking like after the draft and free agency. Oddsmakers set a line at how many games they think teams will win, and then it is up to bettors to decide if they will go over or under that set mark. Check out the latest NFL win total lines and odds for each team.

afc logo

AFC Championship Odds

Odds to Win Super AFC Conference 2023/24 - Current Leaders

Team Odds
KC Chiefs +350
BUF Bills +475
CIN Bengals +475
NY Jets +800
LA Chargers +1300

Updated March 20, 2023 12:30 a.m. EST - Odds provided by DraftKings and subject to change

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It's no big surprise that the Bills and Chiefs lead the AFC as oddsmakers' top picks to win the conference, and neutral NFL fans will be chomping at the bit to see a rematch between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. But don't sleep on the rest of the AFC as teams like the Bengals will look to reload in the trenches and make another Super Bowl run in the coming year. Here is a look at the current AFC Championship odds heading into the new season.

Bengals logo

AFC North Division Winner Odds

Jump To: Baltimore Ravens | Cleveland Browns | Cincinnati Bengals | Pittsburgh Steelers

Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals took the AFC North by storm in 2021-22. Most presumed that the Baltimore Ravens would dominate the division, and they did at first. But an epic collapse by the Ravens, and consistent play by the Bengals, saw Cincinnati clinch the division on their way to a trip to Super Bowl LVI. Assuming that the Bengals sure up their line play on both sides of the ball, they're the likely favorites for the division, but the Ravens will be right there with them. Check out the latest AFC North odds.

Titans logo

AFC South Division Winner Odds

Jump To: Houston Texans | Indianapolis Colts | Jacksonville Jaguars | Tennessee Titans

There's no doubting that the AFC South currently runs through Tennessee. Even without Derrick Henry for a majority of the regular season, the Titans were able to hold off the Colts to claim a second consecutive divisional title. The Titans are the unquestioned favorite to win the South in 2022-23 as the Colts struggle to find an answer at quarterback and the Jaguars and Titans continue to rebuild their franchises. Evaluate the AFC South odds for yourself and make a bet on who you think will win the division.

Bills logo

AFC East Division Winner Odds

Jump To: Buffalo Bills | Miami Dolphins | New England Patriots | New York Jets

In a division that had long been dominated by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, it seems like the torch has finally been passed to the Buffalo Bills. Led by Josh Allen, the Bills made a solid playoff run before suffering a heartbreaking loss, yet again, to the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium. While the Bills are the presumptive favorites, the New England Patriots could be a dark horse team in the division led by Mac Jones, who had a stellar rookie season and led the team to a playoff berth in 2022. Will the Pats be able to find some of that old magic and win the East, or will Allen and the Bills establish their own divisional dynasty? Take a peak at the latest AFC East odds.

Chiefs logo

AFC West Division Winner Odds

Jump To: Denver Broncos | Kansas City Chiefs | Las Vegas Raiders | Los Angeles Chargers

Is there any stopping the Kansas City Chiefs? The Chiefs have won the AFC West for six straight seasons and are the heavy favorites to do so again in 2022-23. The Chargers and the Raiders are looking more formidable by the year, but they'll have a lot to prove before they'll be considered legitimate contenders to the Chiefs in the West. Here's a look at how the AFC West odds stack up so far.

NFC Logo

NFC Championship Odds

Odds to Win Super NFC Conference 2023/24 - Current Leaders

Team Odds
SF 49ers +330
PHI Eagles +400
DAL Cowboys +600
DET Lions +1000
NO Saints +1100

Updated March 20, 2023 12:30 a.m. EST - Odds provided by DraftKings and subject to change

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The Los Angeles Rams went all in this season with trades and free agency to ensure their team had a shot of winning Super Bowl in 2021-22. These moves paid off as they knocked off the San Francisco 49ers in a nail biter of a game on the way to Super Bowl LVI. Looking ahead to 2022-23, the Rams are the early preseason favorites to repeat as NFC Champions. A lot could change over the offseason, though, as the Packers await to see what Aaron Rodgers chooses to do or whether or not Jimmy G. will be shipped out of San Francisco. Be sure to track how the NFC Championship odds shift as players and teams make their moves ahead of the 2022 season.

Packers logo

NFC North Division Winner Odds

Jump To: Chicago Bears | Detroit Lions | Green Bay Packers | Minnesota Vikings

The Green Bay Packers rolled through the NFC North, and the NFC, during the regular season. They finished five games clear of the Minnesota Vikings to win the division, and ultimately, the Packers claimed the #1 seed in the NFC Playoffs. Barring some significant offseason movement by other teams, or the departure of Aaron Rodgers, the Packers will be favorites to repeat as NFC North champs for the fourth straight season. Track how the NFC North odds change over the course of the season and bet your favorite.

Buccaneers logo

NFC South Division Winner Odds

Jump To: Atlanta Falcons | Carolina Panthers | New Orleans Saints | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a NFC South crown in what was ultimately his final NFL season. Brady and the Bucs has aspirations of a second consecutive Super Bowl run, but their season was cut short by the eventual champions, Los Angeles Rams. With the departure of Tom Brady, the NFC South could be one of the most wide open divisions to predict. Each team has obvious and significant gaps to fill, so the team with the best offseason will likely find themselves on top of the NFC South odds come regular season kickoff. For now, though, the oddsmakers give the Bucs a slight edge despite losing Brady.

Cowboys logo

NFC East Division Winner Odds

Jump To: Dallas Cowboys | New York Giants | Philadelphia Eagles | Washington Commanders

Lauded as the weakest division in football for the past several years, the NFC East shocked the NFL by sending two teams to the playoffs in 2022-23. The Dallas Cowboys rounded into form like many have hoped and expected with their talent-stacked roster, successfully claiming their first NFC East title since 2018. Oddsmakers see the Cowboys as the team to beat, despite an early playoff exit, as seen by the first round of NFC East odds. The Eagles and Commanders seem to be the only teams with a potential to challenge the Cowboys, but as we've seen in the past, this is a division that is always hard to predict.

    Rams logo

    NFC West Division Winner Odds

    Jump To: Arizona Cardinals | Los Angeles Rams | San Francisco 49ers | Seattle Seahawks

    Between the Rams, Cardinals, and 49ers, the NFC West was one of the most entertaining divisional battles of the 2022-23 season. The Rams ultimately claimed the title on their way to winning Super Bowl LVI. Early NFC West odds have the Rams as favorites once again to win the division, but the 49ers and Cardinals are not far behind. A healthy and reloaded Seahawks team shouldn't be overlooked either. This should prove to be another highly competitive year out West.


    NFL MVP Odds

    Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers took home his fourth NFL MVP award in the 2022-23 season, edging out Tom Brady. It's no surprise looking at the 2022-23 Super Bowl favorites that Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are currently the frontrunners for next year's MVP title. As we all know, the MVP is typically a quarterback award, as seen with the preseason NFL MVP odds that feature all QBs in the top 10.

    NFL Player of the Year Odds 

    In addition to the NFL MVP award, there are a number of other individual awards that get are given to players each season. Considering the MVP award almost always goes to a quarterback (like the pro version of the Heisman Trophy), the NFL has other offensive and defensive awards for players to go after.

    Here's a look at NFL Player of the Year Odds:


    NFL Offensive Player of the Year (OPOY) Odds

    With the MVP trophy almost always going to a quarterback, this is the award for other offensive players to aim for. The NFL OPOY is typically given to either the running back or wide receivers with the best stats on the season. It's also possible that a player wins the OPOY and the MVP in the same season.

    NFL Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) Odds

    The NFL Defensive Player of the Year award can really go to any player around the defense on the field. Sometimes a defensive end or tackle gets it, and sometimes a linebacker or cornerback can get it. There isn't one specific stat that reigns supreme over others, but sacks, total tackles and interceptions can play a large part in claiming the DPOY award.


    NFL Comeback Player of the Year (CPOY) Odds

    Whether it's coming back from a season-ending injury, a suspension or just plain old bad play, the NFL CPOY award is given to a player that's overcome some type of adversity in the past and has returned to put together a strong, or even stellar, performance during the regular season.

    NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (OROY) Odds

    Since a rookie QB is unlikely to contend for the MVP, the OROY race has an extra position thrown into the mix. The award goes to the best offensive rookie on the season, and typically comes down to a two-man race to the finish between a quarterback and either a wide receiver or running back. Any offensive player is eligible, but "sexy" stats tend to be required to really be considered (sorry linemen).

    NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year (DROY) Odds

    Like the OROY, the DROY award goes to the top rookie on the year -- but on the defensive side of the ball. The best rookies come from somewhere around the top of the draft, so pay attention to those first few draft picks on either side of the ball that could compete for individual awards.

    Bet on NFL Futures

    After a long season and the NFL Playoffs eliminate teams from 14 to two for the Super Bowl, oddsmakers will set American Odds on the championship match-up. At this point, these are no longer future odds -- the main event is near! For an event this major, the odds have a name: the Super Bowl Odds Series Price, using American Odds.

    • Los Angeles Rams -200 (Bet $200; win $100 on the Rams)
    • Cincinnati Bengals +172 (Bet $100; win $172 on the Bengals)

    For additional resources, check out our betting calculators . But here are the fast facts on odd types and how to bet on the Super Bowl.

    What are American Odds?

    American Odds are the default odds at U.S. sportsbooks. The odds are based on winning $100 for a given bet on either the Favorite or the Underdog.  A Favorite will have a minus (-) sign next to the odds and represents the money you need to risk to win $100. An Underdog will have a plus (+) sign in front and represents the money you can win for every $100 risked. So, if you're betting on the Bucs at -140 against the Chiefs, that means Tampa Bay is a slight favorite. You need to risk $140 to win $100 on the Bucs. If they win, you profit $100 and get your original $140 back.

    What are Decimal Odds?

    Beyond the U.S., most of the world uses Decimal Odds, in part because it’s easier to convert them to implied probabilities. Decimal odds represent the amount you win for every $1 wagered. And the number represents the total return, not just the profit (this is different from American and fractional odds).

     What are Fractional Odds?

    Fractional Odds are used primarily in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Few bettors use fractional odds for betting sports other than horse racing, because the conversions to understand return are challenging. To calculate winnings on fractional odds, multiply your bet by the top number (the numerator), then divide the result by the bottom number (the denominator). 

    Where can I bet Super Bowl LVIII?

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