Get Your Super Bowl 53 Prop Up in a Las Vegas Sportsbook

Get Your Super Bowl 53 Prop Up in a Las Vegas Sportsbook article feature image

Suchat Pederson/The News Journal via USA TODAY NETWORK, Pictured: Delaware sportsbook

  • The Get-Your-Prop-Up-In-Vegas Contest is back for Super Bowl 53 between the Patriots and Rams.
  • See the rules below for how to submit your entry.

One year, the winner combined multiplication, Matt Ryan and the Millennium Falcon.

Another year, an old-school (board) gamer found a way to turn Scrabble into a degenerate’s dream.

For 10 years, me and my Favorites podcast co-host, bookmaker Bob Scucci, have been running a contest for bettors, from the squares to the sharps, that has no parallel. It combines creativity and betting knowledge with the most popular wager in all of sports, the Super Bowl prop. It is, ta-da, the Get-Your-Prop-Up-in-Vegas Contest.

That’s right. Today you are nothing but a casual bettor, reading a gambling site on a Wednesday, 10 days out from the Super Bowl, looking for an edge in college hoops or hockey or the Aussie Open.

But by next week, you can have your name in lights. Literally.

If you submit a prop that is so much better than all the rest, then Scooch, head bookmaker for Boyd Gaming, will put your prop on the big board at The Orleans in Las Vegas. And he will send you a picture to prove it.

Here’s how you can achieve immortality:

1. Think of a prop that is creative and feels current. For example, on our podcast today, 2017 winner Evan Young told the story of how he thought of this prop involving Matt Ryan and Star Wars: “Will the product of Matt Ryan’s completions and pass attempts be greater than 1,000?” Get it? Millennium=1,000; Matt Ryan is a Falcon.

2. The results need to be verifiable by the NFL’s website. That means, props involving the National Anthem or Gatorade are no good, but if it is something that can be measured on the field, that works. Here’s an example from 2010: “How many Scrabble points will the last name of the first TD scorer be worth?”

3. Deadline is the afternoon of Sunday, Jan. 27. Scooch and I will choose the winner on Sunday night and announce it at the live podcast of The Favorites, on January 28 at 6 p.m. at Foley’s in Manhattan. Go sign up to attend.

4. Send your entries to

That’s it. Stop wasting your time looking for an edge and spend the next hour thinking of a prop that will give you something to brag about for the rest of your life.

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