Rovell: Julian Edelman’s ‘Bet Against Us’ Shirts Are a Bunch of Hot Air

Jan 16, 2019 06:57 PM EST

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Julian Edelman

  • On Wednesday, Julian Edelman started selling "Bet Against Us" t-shirts on his website.
  • The moniker rings a little hallow as the Patriots are just 3-point road underdogs, and the majority of the bets and money are on New England to pull the outright upset vs. the Chiefs.

As the world has become more aware of sports gambling in recent years, so too have the players.

And Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman isn’t shy about trying to make some money off gambling history.

On Wednesday, Edelman posted a shirt available for purchase on his website ($29.99), which featured the words “Bet Against Us” in the shape of the Patriots logo.

Edelman is technically right: Some folks are betting against New England on Sunday in the AFC Championship Game.

But there are multiple reasons why this commercialized version of Tom Brady’s “People think we suck” rant, is all a bunch of hot air.

For one, bookmakers have installed the Patriots as 3-point underdogs.

Closing as an underdog would break the Patriots streak of 67 consecutive games favored since Sept. 20, 2015 (vs. Bills). But remember: Bookmakers typically give the home team three extra points and the Patriots are playing on the road.

So oddsmakers are essentially saying the Chiefs and the Patriots are equals. Is that disrespect? Does it mean there’s a consensus “bet against them”?

No, not at all.

In fact, according to The Action Network’s data, there are more tickets — and more money — on the Patriots to win than on the Chiefs.

Let’s not forget: The Patriots are pretty much the most respected team in the NFL, so to see Edelman and Brady try to play the underdog role is one of the greatest reaches.

Variations of this “Bet Against Us” phrase have been uttered plenty of times throughout history, and a quick search proves it hasn’t turned out great for those who were bold enough to play that card.