Mark Wahlberg Already Bet the Patriots, Eagles and Browns in 2018

Mark Wahlberg Already Bet the Patriots, Eagles and Browns in 2018 article feature image

Kevin Jahraj, USA Today Sports. Pictured: Mark Wahlberg

  • Mark Wahlberg was recently spotted making NFL bets in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • The film star admitted to placing three bets: New England to win the AFC, Philadelphia to win the NFC and Cleveland to go over 5.5 wins.
  • Wahlberg did not admit to how much money he placed on each ticket.

Usually when the paparazzi interview celebrities, they focus on romantic gossip or responses to Twitter beefs. The question “who are you wearing?” comes up an awful lot, too. It’s not something I find myself paying much attention to.

But NFL futures? I’ll listen to that.

Earlier this week, Mark Wahlberg spent some time in between doing whatever it is that celebrities do to answer questions from the throng of reporters waiting by his car. And the conversation centered on rumors that the former “Entourage” star had laid some serious cash on a few NFL futures.

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Wahlberg copped to placing three NFL future bets at the Ocean Resort Casino’s sportsbook in Atlantic City: the Patriots to win the AFC, the Eagles to win the NFC and the Browns to go over their 2018 win total (5.5).

Wahlberg balked when asked how much he’d laid down on the bets, and no one asked what odds he got — the conversation very quickly shifted to his watch and his upcoming movie (even degenerate paparazzi are still paparazzi). But we can make some educated guesses.

Early reviews from the new New Jersey sportsbook have one thing in common: the juice is on the higher side. Marky Mark isn’t shopping for the best lines here, so we can assume he’s getting a bit of a raw deal. I took a look at a few of the offshores that take my lunch money and plucked the worst odds for each bet.

The lines for these kind of futures can vary wildly from book to book — I found 100-point swings in the conference winner odds depending on the book. There’s a reason you should always shop for the best number.

The Boogie Nights star name-dropped Baker Mayfield when he mentioned his Browns over bet. But there’s no guarantee the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and No. 1 overall pick will even start, at least at the beginning of the season. Mayfield will almost certainly enter training camp behind free-agent signee Tyrod Taylor on the Browns’ depth chart. It might not make for a winning wager, but it will definitely make for fantastic television.

Wahlberg clearly likes the odds of a rematch in the Super Bowl — but if he think it’s so likely, why didn’t he pull the trigger on the exact matchup at 17-1? Is it possible that he did and is withholding that information? Is he waiting for the market to shift so he can get better odds? Is Mark Wahlberg a sharp?!?

Probably not. Either way, blindly tailing Mark Wahlberg’s NFL futures from mid-July will make a for a great story to tell your buddies in Week 15 when the Eagles are in the cellar of the NFC East, Tom Brady has suddenly retired and the Browns are still winless.