Rams-Saints Live Betting: See How Our Experts Are Wagering on the NFC Championship

Rams-Saints Live Betting: See How Our Experts Are Wagering on the NFC Championship article feature image

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  • See how our NFL experts are wagering on the NFC Championship Game as the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints duel it out with our live betting tracker.

Championship Sunday is here. And what better way to celebrate this showcase of football than some live betting?

There’s plenty of reasons to get in on the live action, especially in games of this caliber. But we’ll let Collin Wilson take it from here: “In this day in age, it’s important to have a live betting account. Some offshore sites offer live betting during commercials, while others have lines available throughout each play.

“Limits will range anywhere from a couple of dimes to $500, but when using a combination of multiple books, live betting can be a great way to get key numbers in high profile games.”

So, let’s get this party started.

Below is a live tracker of what our NFL experts are betting as the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints duel it out in the Superdome. All times listed are MST.

Final Score: Rams 26, Saints 23

Stuckey [4:25 PM]: Game was destined to land on the king 3


Scott T. Miller [4:09 PM]: Rams +120, Saints -160

Collin Wilson [4:10 PM]: Losing Under 56 may go into the hall of fame

Evan Abrams [4:10 PM]: Speaking of storylines…2009 vs 2018 getting weird

Scott T. Miller [4:10 PM]: Lost in my anger: Over 45.5

Stuckey [4:12 PM]: Why I wanted Over 48.5 live

Fourth Quarter

Rams Driving, Down 20-17

Scott T. Miller [3:35 PM]: Rams score a TD here, what’s the Saints live line gonna be?

Collin Wilson [3:36 PM]: Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Saints -140

Collin Wilson [3:41 PM]: -130 right now

Connor Nolte [3:42 PM]: +120 is prime

Third Quarter

Rams Driving, Down 20-17

Collin Wilson [3:23 PM]: Who is ready to hammer the Saints when the Rams take the lead?

PJ Walsh [3:25 PM]: Definitely.

Chad Millman [3:25 PM]: I just bet saints -2.5, all in on Who Dat!!!!

John Ewing [2:53 PM]: Anyone have Kamara over 100 receiving yards?

Chad Millman [2:55 PM]: BlackJack has Kamara for more than 100 yards combined

BlackJack Fletcher [2:55 PM]: Sure do

John Ewing [2:55 PM]: Me too. Didn’t think it would come all by receptions

Stuckey [3:05 PM]: Basically just waiting for Rams double digits again and that’s it

Chad Millman [3:08 PM]: Remember when it was +11.5? Those were good times.

Second Quarter

Rams Punt, Still Trail 13-3

PJ Walsh [2:14 PM]: You guys buying back the over?

Collin Wilson [2:15 PM]: I am, half shot on 48.5 if I can get it, 44.5 hammered if we get a bunch of running here

PJ Walsh [2:16 PM]: 46.5 is a good spot, 47 a key number in O/U betting

PJ Walsh [2:18 PM]: Man, anything Rams live that’s decent right now could be a great bet. Get the ball back with little time left, then after half. Almost need Saints to get this third down, then hit Rams

Collin Wilson [2:18 PM]: Over 48.5 half unit, hitting now

Connor Nolte [2:19 PM]: 47.5 extra. 46.5 -110

PJ Walsh [2:19 PM]: Now hit it over Collin

Collin Wilson [2:19 PM]: Yep. 45.5, got it

Chad Millman [2:21 PM]: Just hit over 45.5 (-125)

Collin Wilson [2:22 PM]: Sit back and hopefully Rams put together some points for a Total middle and a Saints number better than -3

Rams’ Driving, Down 13-3

PJ Walsh [2:06 PM]: Does 52.5 seem high to anyone else?

Collin Wilson [2:07 PM]: 1H total live is 23.5, so yeah too high

PJ Walsh [2:08 PM]: Just played under 52.5 live. Need a long drive here ending in a field goal

Connor Nolte [2:10 PM]: Crowd noise huge for the under

Rams Cut Saints’ Lead to 13-3

Scott T. Miller [1:59 PM]: I have Rams +10.5 (-160)

Collin Wilson [2:00 PM]: This could be the Saints last possession for quite awhile

Stuckey [2:01 PM]: Will come back on Rams live to open a new position if Saints score here

Scott T. Miller [2:01 PM]: What number you looking for?

PJ Walsh [2:02 PM]: I like 10.5, just don’t want to lay that vig

Stuckey [2:02 PM]: Flat 10.5 or better

PJ Walsh [2:03 PM]: Still hoping the Saints can put together a good drive and score, then will sell them with the Rams getting it at halftime. I’ll take McVay to gameplan a great drive out of the half.

John Ewing [2:04 PM]: If saints score here I’ll take a little LA money, as Colin said this could be the last time NO touches the ball for a while

First Quarter

Saints Take 13-0 Lead

PJ Walsh [1:39 PM]: Looking for Rams live now

Scott T. Miller [1:39 PM]: Yup. Nice middle if you have Saints -3 too. I see +11.5

PJ Walsh [1:40 PM]: Jeez only see 9.5 myself

Stuckey [1:41 PM]: I want double digits now. Hunting

Scott T. Miller [1:41 PM]: +11.5 was gone in about 15 seconds

Stuckey [1:41 PM]: Game will settle and should be way worse than 13-0

PJ Walsh [1:41 PM]: Yup, saints needed a red zone turnover and fourth down penalty to manage 13

PJ Walsh [1:42 PM]: Gonna bet Rams live if they don’t score on this drive as soon as NO gets the ball back

Scott T. Miller [1:42 PM]: I think we’ll see rams double digits if they punt again

Scott T. Miller [1:45 PM]: Rams +11.5 (-130)

Stuckey [1:45 PM]: There’s our Rams double digits

Scott T. Miller [1:46 PM]: Yup, hit it as well

Stuckey [1:46 PM]: Just played +10.5 -109

John Ewing [1:47 PM]: Why not wait until punt, assuming they don’t get this 3rd down

PJ Walsh [1:47 PM]: Waiting for a punt and I’m right along with you. Should get off 11 with a punt

Stuckey [1:47 PM]: Will play Saints live Under 10 if Rams get first down that’s why

John Ewing [1:47 PM]: I’m with PJ, think you get a better number after one more play

Stuckey [1:47 PM]: I’d rather have Rams +10.5 while I can get it. Not like you’re going to get 14 with a punt

Rams run a fake punt and pick up the first down.

PJ Walsh [1:50 PM]: Haha, well there goes that idea. I was looking at the live betting and saw it move to 9.5 really quick, haha

Live Props Posted

Evan Abrams [1:31 PM]: 5d offers live yardage props for full game during commercial breaks

Evan Abrams [1:32 PM]: TDs too, CJ Anderson +150 doesn’t sound awful, wonder how much they change from pregame without looking it up

Scott Miller [1:34 PM]: Rams doing a decent job on Thomas so far

Ian Hartitz [1:35 PM]: doesn’t look like Talib is traveling either. just pretty constant double teams

Scott T. Miller [1:35 PM]: when peters is on him, that’s an auto-target

Jared Goff Interception

PJ Walsh [1:21 PM]: Rams live line will be interesting if saints punch it in. Fluky as hell turnover and field position.

Scott T. Miller [1:21 PM]: Saints -6.5 now

Now 7.5 (edited)

Collin Wilson [1:21 PM]: They quickly knocked it back down to 6.5 when I tried to get some down

Stuckey [1:22 PM]: Looking for Rams live if a TD here

Collin Wilson [1:23 PM]: Right back down to 3.5, congrats if you got the 7.5 on the Rams in the 4 second window

Before Kickoff

Collin Wilson: Pregame bet of Under 56

The Saints have been dreadful in the first quarter over their past six games (more on that below).

I’ll be looking for a Saints live and Over 45ish if this game starts really slow. That’d give me a nice 11-point middle on my pregame bet.

Wilson: I’ll be looking for the Saints at a pick’em or better

Upon release of the sides and totals for both conference championships, there were no initial leans. Both games are rematches, and the posted point spreads indicate these teams are close to a pk at neutral sites.

However, there’s one constant in the NFC Championship Game that we can exploit: The New Orleans Saints are slow starters.

I’ll be looking for a better Saints number live because of their sluggish starts. Since Thanksgiving, the Saints have scored a grand total of 10 points in the first quarter of games … 10 whole points in the first quarter of their past six games combined!

The Saints are second in points scored per opportunity (past the opponent’s 40-yard line) while the Rams defense ranks 17th. Furthermore, the Saints are 12th in passing downs explosiveness to the Rams’ defensive rank of 30th.

Once Drew Brees gets into passing down situations — possibly with the Rams in the lead — the Saints offense should start to click.

As with the Eagles getting out to a 14-0 lead over the Saints in the Divisional Round, look for the right time to get a Saints live wager placed and then recorded in the Action App.