Public Bettors Crushing Sportsbooks in NFL Week 7

Oct 22, 2018 12:45 PM EDT
  • After a very profitable start to the NFL season, sportsbooks have taken a beating in Week 7 as NFL teams receiving 60% or more of spread tickets have gone 6-1 against the spread.
  • Sunday Night Football dealt a particularly brutal blow as the Chiefs not only covered the spread against the Bengals but also covered all teasers.

The 2018 NFL season had been a very profitable one for oddsmakers through six weeks. According to Bet Labs, teams receiving at least 60% of spread bets were 21-29-2 (42%) against the spread (ATS) during that span.

However, public bettors have rebounded in a big way so far in Week 7.

Teams closing with 60% or more of spread tickets are 6-1 ATS heading into tonight’s New York Giants-Atlanta Falcons matchup on Monday Night Football (8:15 p.m. ET on ESPN).

Oddsmakers have another lopsided affair on their hands with 73% of bettors taking the Falcons.

D.J. Fields, an odds consultant for, confirmed that his shop took a beating this week as well.

“Week 7 was fantastic for the public and torturous for the house,” Fields said. “The morning started poor with the Patriots, got worse with the Redskins and ended brutally with the Chiefs.”

Not only did BookMaker get burned by straight bets, but the Chiefs covering all teasers made Week 7 even more painful for the books.

Fields added that a bounce-back week for unders helped win back some of the losses, but not enough to offset an otherwise monster day for public bettors.


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports Pictured: Kansas City Chiefs fans

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