Super Bowl 53 Live Betting: See How Our Experts Are Wagering on Patriots-Rams

Super Bowl 53 Live Betting: See How Our Experts Are Wagering on Patriots-Rams article feature image

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Tom Brady

  • See how our NFL experts are wagering on Super Bowl 53 as the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams duel it out with our live betting tracker.

Super Bowl Sunday is here. And what better way to celebrate the big game than with live betting?

There’s plenty of reasons to get in on the live action, especially in a game of this caliber. But we’ll let Collin Wilson take it from here: “In this day and age, it’s important to have a live betting account. Some offshore sites offer live betting during commercials, while others have lines available throughout each play.

“Limits will range anywhere from a couple of dimes to $500, but when using a combination of multiple books, live betting can be a great way to get key numbers in high profile games.”

So, let’s get this party started.

Below is a live tracker of what our NFL experts are betting as the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams duel it out in Super Bowl 53.

*All times listed are EST

Third Quarter

BlackJack Fletcher [8:49 PM]: Just put three units on under 26.5

Matthew Freedman [8:45 PM]: Just took another nibble at the over, 26.5 -105. Trying to cover the loss I’m likely to get by investing in over 41.5 in the game.


Sean Koerner [8:15 PM]: One book is doing live MVP odds and I just bet a bit more on Robert Woods 50-1. Low-scoring game is helping his chances if the Rams end up winning.

Second Quarter

Stuckey [7:35 PM]: Rams +3.5. Bet it with the Patriots on third-and-7, so figured that was the time to get it with chances they wouldn’t convert

Scott Miller [7:44 PM]: Live over/under 36.5. Sheeeeesh

Matthew Freedman [7:46 PM]: I know see 35.5. I dislike myself greatly for grabbing over 41.5

Stephen Gostkowski FG: Patriots 3, Rams 0

Scott Miller [7:25 PM]: +3.5 (-140). Pretty surprised we’re not seeing flat +3.5

Matthew Freedman [7:27 PM]: Just grabbed over 41.5, going for that middle with the under at 56.5

Stuckey [7:19 PM]: We have arrived. Just bet over 41.5. Patience pays off people

First Quarter

Collin Wilson [7:10 PM]: Got Over 44

Chad Millman [7:06 PM]: Blackjack and I both just played the over 44.5

Stephen Gostkowski Misses FG

Collin Wilson [6:56 PM]: We may never get a flat 3

Scott Miller [6:56 PM]: Disaster

PJ Walsh [6:56 PM]: Time to look for a live “over”

Scott Miller [6:56 PM]: I see 48.5

PJ Walsh [6:56 PM]: No points scored is very fluky. Just played over 46.5

Matthew Freedman [6:53 PM]: Took a small nibble at +3.5 -125

Collin Wilson [6:53 PM]: Keeping an eye on that 50.5 also

Collin Wilson [6:48 PM]: Rams +2.5 +105, books don’t want to give it up

Scott Miller [6:48 PM]: They scared. +3.5 -150 at one book. We can do better

Tom Brady Throws INT on First Possession

Matthew Freedman [6:37 PM]: Oh my, the Rams might not ever get to +3 in game

PJ Walsh [6:35 PM]: I didn’t bet the spread or over/under, so hoping to get in on them live, if possible

Before Kickoff

Matthew Freedman [6:31 PM]: So shocked this spread never went to 3. During the game, if the Rams ever get +3, I’m on it.

Ian Hartitz [6:32 PM]: I’m 0-2 already and the game hasn’t started yet.

Collin Wilson [6:15 PM]: Tony Romo just stated the Rams should go vanilla for Goff to start.

1Q Under 10.5 pregame, but looking for an over at key numbers in 40s if this game starts slow.

Stuckey [5:30 PM]: All eight Patriots’ Super Bowls since 2000 have been decided by one possession. And I think we have a good shot of seeing a ninth, which is why I have been so adamant on getting a +3 or passing in what I think is ultimately a coin flip.

That means this is the perfect game to trade live.

Pats points on the first drive? I’ll take the Rams and vice versa. I’m ultimately just looking to get over as many key numbers with both as possible.

Rams go up 7-0? Give me Pats live. 14-0? Rinse and repeat.

The only scenario I can envision not doing that is if Jared Goff is visibly shaken by the stage and/or the pressure the Pats bring on defense, which they did with great effectiveness when they faced Goff in 2016.

That’s my pregame strategy, but live betting is all about feel and adjusting on the fly based on what you’re seeing, which is why we like to do exercises such as this to share our thoughts in real time.