Super Bowl 53 MVP Odds: Tom Brady, Jared Goff Lead the Way

Super Bowl 53 MVP Odds: Tom Brady, Jared Goff Lead the Way article feature image

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Tom Brady and Roger Goodell.

  • Super Bowl 53 MVP odds are out, with Tom Brady (+100) and Jared Goff (+205) leading the way by a large margin.
  • Todd Gurley has the next best odds at +1600, with Sony Michel right behind at +1800.
  • The odds go all the way to 400-1, with Matthew Slater and James Develin being the least likely players listed to win the award.

For all of you out there waiting to bet on James Develin to win an award, now’s your chance.

Super Bowl 53 MVP odds have reopened now that the matchup between the Patriots and Rams is set. And yes, there are some odd and farfetched choices to bet.

In recent years, quarterbacks have dominated this award, but they’ve historically won it less than they’ve won the regular season MVP. Wide receivers, defensive players and running backs all have a better shot considering it’s just one game.

This year, oddsmakers are daring bettors to take anyone other than Tom Brady and Jared Goff given the much higher payouts.

Super Bowl 53 MVP Odds

Of course, Brady is the favorite. At even odds, bettors can bet on him rather than bet the Pats on the moneyline if they assume he’ll win the award. He’s done it in four of his five Super Bowl victories, with Deion Branch winning the other in Super Bowl 39.

If you think the Pats won’t win, Goff is the safest choice at +205. In all three of the Super Bowl losses in the Brady-Belichick era, the opposing quarterback has won the MVP. His odds are definitely better than the Rams’ moneyline odds, which are currently around +115.

Each team’s top running back follows, with Todd Gurley at +1600 and Sony Michel at +1800. I imagine some folks will be scared of betting on either, though. Gurley played sparingly against the Saints and has been splitting time with C.J. Anderson.

Meanwhile, the Patriots’ running game is always unpredictable. Michel, James White and Rex Burkhead all get touches and scoring opportunities, but it’s tough to predict who will go off in any given week. I would guess the latter two might get more bets considering their higher payouts.

If, like Tony Romo, I could see the future, I would say that Julian Edelman’s odds are likely to move. At 40-1, I imagine a lot of folks will take a shot at him.

He’s had an excellent two games this postseason (forget about that whole punt turnover review situation) and is Brady’s favorite target these days. He also returns punts, giving him the potential to make an impact on plays that don’t involve Brady.

Oddsmakers have really covered their bases with this list, with 41 total players ranging all the way from Brady at +100 to Develin and Matthew Slater at +40000. In the past decade, the only real longshot to hit was linebacker Malcolm Smith in Super Bowl 48.

He was unlisted per, but may have been included in the “field” option at some books.

I’ll likely update this list next week, especially if odds change considerably.